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Chad Moore
Chadden Johnson
Grad. of 2008 at Elizabethton Highschool, I need to get my ass back into school. Love cars. The music has to be loud in them. I drive an '01 Civic With complete MTX Audio System. I am single not exactly looking, In my eyes she will come when the times is match. To many, To tired. Dont think anyone really cares. If you want to know you can ask.
Chad Simmons
Chad Gleason
lookin for a good time. love to party and kick it with friends. i have 2 kids, 8 year old daughter and 1 year and 3 month old son. curently going through crazy divorce since 7/13/09. i dont want her or the house just my son. mom and dad are the Idols are number one 2PAC. greatest ever, tells it like it is. if you really listen he has great advice on life. im not much into rap, i like emenim and tupac. i like lots of movies. the bourne movies are great. i also love the pirates of the caribean movies. anything that is action packed or funny as hell. i like a good chick flick also, as long a chick is watching it with me lol.
Chad Wilson
I love art.......... all kinds
im a 28 year old single father in virginia very open and honest,easy going and easy to get along with.i have a great since of humor will try anything very outgoing and try to stay active as much as possible. pretty much anything outdoors and stuff that keeps me active.longboarding,surfin,paintball,bike ridin on the boardwalk,beer pong,i love to watch college footbal,im a huge florida gators fan. horror movies are my favorite by far.but i like action,suspence,thrillers,and the occasional comedy.
Chad Hilton
Chad Evearitt
Chad Kneubehl
Chad Crawford
Chad Hayes
Chad Kennedy
well. im a small town guy and im very easy to get along with.. go ahead ask me anything. im looking for a good time so if u can help hit me up. holla anything.. im very outgoing and up for anything an will try pretty much anything
Chad Tavenner
i'm an ex sons of slince member.s.f.fs. i like to hang with my friends. and family.i like to party work on cars and bikes. i dont take no shit.i dont play games.i say whats on my mind and if u dont like it then fuck off..i'm easy to get along with, but dont piss me off or i'll rip ur fuckin head off. iftheres anything u want to know just ask. i do have a cam but i use that for friends only. no cam sex not my thing.IF U DONT LIKE WHATS ON MY PHOTES DONT LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i love to ride my bike hang with friends, drink beer and kick ass.
Hi, I am a laid back person who loves to have good times...If you like good times, holler at me, we may have alot in common. Love muscle cars and car shows. Love all kinds of music, except for that Opera stuff. I love the outdoors and I am very patriotic...Army Veteran during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. HOORAH!!! Love war movies Stephen King books Muscle cars Car shows Drag Racing Airplanes and helicopters Alabama Crimson Tide Football Minnesota Vikings Fan Minnesota Twins Fan Love watching the Dallas Stars...Formally knows as Minnesota North Stars. Fishing And much much more!!
Chad Wasmoen
Chad Betts
Chadwick Pervis
Chad Bright
Chad Shaw
Chad Schwitz
well im looking for the right woman to sped my time with. i ride a crich rocket 07 gsxr 750 and travel allover michigan looking at the light houses. its a passon for me well i like to shoot pool have done that for a long time long time. my mom of 25 years is getting divorsed dad cheeted so im helping her cuz he left her to hang out to dry well i work in a weld shop and have been there for 3 years if you would like to know more hit me up ttyl peps
Chad Rodriguez
Chadwick Clark
Chad Garrett
Chad Beard
Chad Your Face
Im Chad, AND THIS IS A BETTER WAY TO SAY WE TRUST IN YOU!!!(KILL THE HORIZON).... I am always wishing, I am always wishing too late For things to come my way It always ends up the same Count your blessings I must be missing the point Your signal fades away and all I am left with is noise So wait up I am not sleeping alone tonight There is so much to dream about, there must be more to my life lost in the sound of separation every day My soul is drawing pictures Of innocent times Can you add color inside these lines I want you to lead me Take me somewhere Dont want to live in a dream one more day, So hold your head up high and know itís not the end of the road Walk down this beaten path before you pack your things and head home At the end of the road youíll find what youíve been longing for I know Ďcause my feet have the scars to show I was lost with vague direction and no place to call home Itís time for you to press on This is not your war Set your si
Chad Galindo
eh... Hey, I'm Chad. I'm real laid back and in love with getting ink... wanna know anymore then talk to me 36 crazyfists, A perfect circle, acid bath, adema, all shall perish, all that remains, american head charge, amon amarth, as blood runs black, as i lay dying, atreyu, black sabbath, bloodhound gang, bob marley, born of osiris, bullet for my valentine, cannibal corpse, chimaira, deadstar assembly, devildriver, disturbed, dope,dog fashion disco, dry kill logic, evergreen terrace, eyehategod, haste the day, hatebreed, heaven shall burn, hed pe, hellyeah, god forbid, gucci mane, himsa, ICP, incubus, in flames, jimi hendrix, job for a cowboy, killswitch engage, kingdom of sorrow, kottonmouth kings, korn, lamb of god, led zeppelin, lil, lords of acid,malene and the sons of disaster, makeshift romeo, meshuggah, metallica, mnemic, modest mouse, MSI, mudvayne, mushroomhead, neaera, nevermore, nothingface, notorious b.i.g., orgy, ozzy osbourne, pantera, pastor troy, pink floyd, plies, psych
Chad Skidmore
Chad Pipkin
Chad Schaefer
Chad Spence
Chad Gireth
Southern California boy! I guess you could say Im very down to earth. I am a Fire Artist,one who creates visuals with fire to entertain those around me while I perform. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those watching is well worth it and creating a memory that will last forever! To me Image means nothing! Attitude is everything! And remember this...... Hate IS The Sand In The Machinery Of Life, Love Is The Oil........... Im also a drummer who goes to drum circles whenever I can and also Like going to feel the Vibe at the fullmoon gatherings
Chad Marling
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Chad Reisinger
Chad James
Chad Leavell
Chad Inman
Chad Buckner
Chad Combs
Chadd W
Chad Harrison
Chad Shannon
I'm a pretty easy going person. Recently out of a long relationship and just looking to meet people. If you want to know more just ask. I love music. Listening, playing, going to concerts i doing it. Unfortunately I don't go to concerts very. My love of the outdoors causes that. I love to camp and hike. Enjoy hunting and fishing. I play guitar when ever i can. I'm not the best in the world but I guess I can play a tune. I just like to sit and jam come up with little stuff. Had a band when I was a teenager then. We sucked bad but had fun. I like to watch and play several sport. Not too much of the playing nowadays but of well.
Chad Sharp
Chad Reynonds
Well I am southern boy originally from Texas but live in Tennesse now I am a male dancer I love my job. My best friend got me to join this site she is the sexiest sweetest woman I know, I guess I have a crush on her I always have but she only see's me as a friend, So go show her some love she goes by Tearz on here. I am here to make friend's and have some fun. Robert Kennedy & Alexander Graham Bell My favorite movie's are Baby Blue Marine, Platoon, Deer Hunter, Saving Private Ryan.
Chad Rodriguez
Chad Harris
Chad Terry
Chad Ferguson
Chad Ellis
Chad Haftorson
Chad Powell
Chad Troglin
Chad Pitre
Chad Booth
Chad Stanley
Chad Hayes
Chad Camper
Chad Mansfield
Chad Holloway
Chad Furman
Chad Taylor
Chad Escher
Chad Smith
Chadd Cortez
Chad Lenhart
Chadd Mitchell
Chad Cierlik
Chad Hughes
Chad Beckett
Chad Pattelli
Chad Stacer
Chad Cook
Chad Hutchens
Chad Mclein
Chad Garland
Chad Cone
Chad Akins
Chad Lennox
Chad Mckenzie
Chad Blackwelder
Chad Powell
Chad Reasons
Chad Stephens
Chadd Smith
Chad Schwartz
Chad Micheal Desso
Chad Gamer
Chad Boling
Chad Sickles
Chad Howard
25, I've lived in Palm Beach Fl since '05, was born and raised in Rochester Ny. I've recently Lost everything I owned because i couldn't stand to stay in my engagement any longer. i Couldnt stand the lies she told and she wouldn't admit anything even when caught. So i took my cloths and left her with our business the vehicle and our apartment. Right now im enjoying myself, and looking to continue doing so. always feel free to hit me up, if i dont get back right away its cause im busy but give me some time and i will do so. while growning up i was thrown out of my home @13 so i had to grow up quick, made it through hs and graduated, and a technical program, i enjoy working, as long as i can learn something new daily. ive done my far share of partying and will do so once in a while when i need to, but for the most part im more mature than people my own age, most ppl my own age i dont care for because it seems like theres no work ethic, respect for others, and no one knows how to earn wh
Chad Miller
Chad Loyd
Chad Bush
Chad Stradling
Chad Culbertson
Chad Mitchell
Chad Hopewell
Chad Waters
Chad Michaud
Chad Burchfield
Chad Briscoe
Chad Lewis
Chad Mahon
Chad Kendall
Chad Stott
Chad Hickmon
Chad Thompson
Chad Kreager
Chad Stubblefield
Chad Bulle
Chad Wilcox
Chad Lingueno-baker
Chadwick Davis
Chadwick Bullock
Chad Gillett
Chad Whitt
I am 36 year old married father of two. I am in a swinger relationship with my beautiful, sexy bi-woman wife. I would love to have some good open minded friends. I am on here because I enjoy chatting with fun people, making new friends and who knows maybe something more. I like computers, parties, women My drink of choice is Southern Comfort. I like to flirt alot... A whole lot! I like to read and hang-out with friends. And a lot of "play time" with the wife and friends. =p~ Get Your Sexy Name Lost Girl, Hackers, Season of the witch.
Chad Lancaster
Chad Weisbrod
Chad Lewis
Chad Zueger
Chad Portie
Chad Gautier
Chad Trotter
Chad Conley
Chad Kelemen
Chad Huffman
Chad Michael Sebring Arnold
Chad Davis
Chad Mc Swain
I'm from San Diego California, currently living in Vancouver, WA. I've played the drums for 23 years. I love black lab puppies. I'm so stuck on 80's hair metal. chocolate ice cream with whipped cream is one of my passions. I paint as well on the side and I'm a roadie for concerts in the Portland/Seattle Area
Chadwick Rickey
Chad Bedward
drive a tow...on call 24/ huh
Chad Esposito
Chad Kennedy
Chad Dill
Chad Bayless
Chad Michael
Chad Cheek
Chad Hagerman
Chad Myers
Chad Stearns
Chad Babcock
Chadd Skinner
Chad Cory
Chad Hunter
Chad Mchorse
Chad Pittman
Chad Koenig
Chad Stephens
Chad Lee
Chad Keeling
Chad Littlejohn
Chad Thomas
Chad Crowder
Chad Robertson
Chad Queen
Chad Palmer
Chad Pexton
Chad Buckley
Chad Wright
Howdy. I'm Chad. New here. Totally clueless how this works. Single. 26. I work way too much. I make unnatural noise with a guitar. I live in a damn nice apartment in a depressing coal mining town. Now you go!
Chad Regan
Chad Zuehlke
Chad Wall
Chad Simmons
Chad Monk
Chad Middleton
Chad Virostek
Chad Swaringam
Im Deaf myself and I do like to joke some times and I do like friends maybe even more some day.. For my Girl I do wanna her to be nice and sweet and be honest no cheating on me and I do same way to her be nice and be sweet and I do not smoke or drink either would my girl do that smoke or drink alchol, I do not want pets in my house...
Chad Copeland
Chad Roth
Chad Fitzgerald
Chadwick Popillion
Chad Wickwire
Chad Mangum
Chad Dickerson
Chad Rice
Chad Crumpler
Chadwick J. Cargo
Chad Wickwire
Chad Gnor
Chad Wilson
wuts good fubar my name is chad but my friends call me cheesey cause i like to smile alot i am not lookin for no female i have the one for me she is all i need i am here for my family jhood an shawty ive known them all my life an they say this is the place to be so here i am if u wanna know me then come holla at me
Chad Haugh
Chad Conine
Chad Golan
Chad Iriel
Chad Woodward
Chad Underwood
Chad Farmer
Chad Stang
Chad Bruce
Chad Price
Chad Derrick
Chad Turner
Chad Thomas
Chad Cappers
Chad Godeaux
Chad Cavanaugh
Chad Nayr
Chad Cambre
Chad Fourtunia
Chad Borne
Chad Lane
I'm a bit of sarcastic ass who's a game nerd and kind of shy. I'm a little rough around the edges but I stand by my friends and I'm not afraid to do something stupid. Nobody ever got anywhere by just sitting quietly and hoping something good came around. Books(Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, Terry Goodkind, etc), swords and sword fighting, martial arts, tabletop role playing, Warhammer 40k, guitar, writing.
Chad Stassi
Chad Wiford
well i new to this i like to walks on the beach fishing camping hang out with friends work on cars go to movies lisen to music im a laid back kinda guy up for what ever i dont drink but love coffee i do smoke cigg trying to quit if u want to know more just ask me lie to fish camp lisen to music moves hang with friends work on cars o ya an of corse work lol if u want to more ask 3z
Chad Shelby
Chad Ruff
Chad Fellers
I'm the type of guy you either love or hate, I have a bit of a promblem speaking my mind too much. But hey I'm good guy just a bit a bad boy but I try to be good but being bad is so much fun and Im soooo good at it. Let's be freinds and you can find out for yourself if im really all I say I am, because I could write a thousand words here and it would still just be words, Its actions that count for something!!! I'm intrested in a girl who knows how to take of herself and likes to look good ,but isn't afaid to get dirty ever now and then. I like slim and athletic girls but they have to have some curves too. But I enjoy talking to all types of women so send me a message if you think I'm the type of gut you like to know me better, I could always use a new freind
Chad Fayerweather
Chad Lindholm
Chad Martin
y=Yes n=No m=Maybe Would you? Will you? [_] give me your number? (_ _ _) _ _ _- _ _ _ _ [_] kiss me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] take me out to dinner? [_] let me drive you somewhere? [_] take a shower with me? [_] buy me a drink? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? [_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] stick up for me if i was being put down? [_] get wasted with me? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me around your friends? [_] make out with me? [_] in public? [_] fuck me or get fucked by me? [_] in public? D0 Y0U... [_] think im cute? [_] think im hott? [_] want to kiss me? [_] want to cuddle with me? [_] want to
Chad Andrews
Chad Weber
Chad Sarver
Chad Weiler
Chad Lawrence
Chad Phillips
Chad Swift
Chad Buettner
Chad Huntor
Chad Hopkins
Chad Bonfield
Chad Arlian
Chad Wam
Chad Mcmullin
Chad Suggs
Chad Armstrong
Chad Williamson
Chad Moris
Chad Alden
Chad Frazee
Chad Armstrong
Chad Martin
Hmmm What can i say about me that no one has said b4? everything but I'll keep it short. I'm better then hardcore Birthday sex. just hangin with friends and exploring the great adventure of life with a buzz
Chad Simmons
Chad Kelems
Chad Hoffman
Chad Wright
Chad R
Chad Johnson
Chad Edward
Chad Ramold
Chad Nelson
Chad Crumm
Chad Borg
Chad Tucker
Chad Kosecki
Not a lot to say, my names Chad and I have a lot of great friends who I tend to get into trouble with. I graduated May 22, 2008 and since ive just been coasting not really sure what i want to do in life, just that its more than this little town I live in has to offer. Hanging out with friends, Going to parties, Video games, Music, Talking to pretty girls ;] The Hangover, Role Models, Super Troopers, Comedy and Action.
Chad Hardzog
Chad Kosteroski
Chad Vanvickle
Chad Wampole
Chad Enns
Chad Woods
Chad Hall
Chad Mcduffee
Chad Mason
Chadwick Atkins
Chadi Kassem
Chad Abbott
Chad Pryatel
Chad Preuc-ortiz
Chad Morrison
Chad Gredig
Chadi Fadel
Chad Barbishe
Chad Smith
Chad Thacker
I am 39 yrs old i was born and raise on the Central Coast of California! I am a out going person that loves to do new things and meet new people! I am new here to the area of L.A. and am looking for some people to Socialize with and meet a women out there with common interests! Action Suspense Thiller Some Drama Mystery
Chad Van Wyck
Chad Lacer
Chadd Watson
ummm idk, i am too tired to think....i will write this later lol
Chad Naranjo
Chad Burnett
Chad Huthnance
Chad Nelson
Chad Beres
Chad Coursey
Chad Adkins
Chad Price
Chad Hart
Chad Osborn
Chad Heyd
Chad Mcwilliams
well im a country boy i live in the sticks and i like to watch movies fishin huntin muddin and camping and doing a all night fish well im alot of fun anything u wanna know just ask
Chad Grover
Chad Pillatzki
i like camping , biking, hang w friends, playing pool , playing xbox 360 i love action movies : matriix 1,2,3 blade 1,2,3 tears of the sun the professional crank 1,2 resident evil 1,2,3,4 transportor 1,2,3 shooter virtuosity glaadiator half past dead
Chad Glerum
Chad Bonfield
Chadwick Frye
Chad Haney
OK, me well I am 40 yrs. old , 1 son , I shred guitar, & I AM VERY HAPPY IN A LOVING RELATIONSHIP, any thing else just ask, Music,,,,,,,all music,,,,and,,,,,
Chad Fink
Chad Christensen
Chad Glover
Chad Barbishe
Chad Baker
Chad Griffin
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Chad Anderson
Chad Combs
Chad Mancini
Chadrick Andal
Chad Christenson
ok i am an easy going guy with a bad boy attitude.i have a five year old son whom i am dedicated too very much. i am about six months in to my seperation from his mother and my life is slowly begining to make since.i choose this website because facebook is just so dam boring,what i am looking for from fubar is making cyber friends to chat with and sometimes work out this crazy thing called life.what most intrigues me is the free drinks. so if you feel like we are compatible and you have some common sense than chat me and we will see what happens. but please remember i am new to this and still trying to figure the ends and outs. and any help that is offered would be worth a few free drinks, so to all the members i say to you lets get fd up!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 i enjoy sitting down to a nice book occasionally, i enjoy art,sports and singing karoke.i am fixing to begin a journey into the tattoo world. and one day would love to open up my own restaraunt!
Chad Wilkinson
thanks for visiting, please remember to rate and like and all that meaningless crap. im not here for drama or bullshit so if youre not trying to start shit or spam me with your lounges or begging me to rate your pictures, ill return the favor. XBOX!!!!! and fishing and camping sci fi, thriller, and comedies
Chad Fehr
Chad Bauer
Chad Hooker
Chad Sherwood
Chad Akers
Chad Thorley
Chad Neal
Chad Jones
Chad Konetsky
Chad May
Chad Lindner
Chad Comas
Chad Kinney
Chad Miller
Chad Thoms
Chad Bolt
Chad Woods
Chad Wooten
single 35 year old male who works for Napa Auto Parts. I have no kids but maybe someday....
Chad Baker
Chad Stilwell
Chad Klotz
About me... Name's Chad. Married to a wonderful woman, have 2 greyhound dogs and one cat. I am in the Army. Working, sleeping, hanging out with friends and family. God Anything the wife puts on
Chad Harp
Chad Buhl
Chad Knott
Chad Wenzlick
Chad Linton
Chad Kingston
Chad Carlson
Chad Day
Chad Allain
Chad Debloois
i love playin bass an partying i am loving caring passionate an just try my best to b a good guy im 6'2 225 music weed drinkin partyin music women jimmi hendrix doom
Chada Chadya
My name is Chad. I'm a 36 year simple kinda guy. I have two kids, a twelve year old son and an eighteen year old daughter. I'm a hapily married man of seventeen years to the beautiful, still sexy as ever mother of my children. My wife and I have an open relationship, I'm OPEN for whatever she wants to do, and she tells me not to OPEN my mouth. I have traveled the world and seen lots of amazing places, but these Carolina mountains call me back. I'm currently a self employed contractor in my local area. I don't bullshit, I call it just the way I see it. Don't tolerate bullshit. Not interested in hooking up on this website, I'm here just for fun. I enjoy meeting new people of any kind, I'm not a hater. Thanks for me or not...I am who I am. Catch ya out there. Love my kids, my wife, my family, my pets, music, fishing, football, golf, festivals, life in general.
Chad Bender
Chadwick Nelson
Chad Grimm
Chad Kuhn
Chad Webster
Chad Wilson
Chad Huyck
Chad Fourtwenty
Chad Wells
Chad Turner
Chad Bogle
Chad Sears
Chad Huckabee
Chad Peterson
Chad Roland
Chad Monteverde
Chad Mejica
Chad Hershberger
Chad Zavolosieck
Chadie Herrera
Chad Bennington
Chad Culp
'chad Garner
Chad Holstein
Chad T
Chad Fowers
Chad Penrod
Chadrick Andal
Chad Guidry

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