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Charles Greene
Charles Poe
Charles Montoya
Char Myers
Attractive,fun, and exciting "swinger" couple looking to meet new like-minded friends and possible playmates to have wild nights out on the town dancing flirting and partying, and possibly more. Anything is possible and we are open for suggestions..."wink". We are a respectful couple and are not pushy and appreciate the same in return.There must be a mutual interest and attraction for us to participate in intimate play.We enjoy both full and soft swap encounters,as well as various fetishes and fantasies.So what are you waiting for,let's meet tonight...
Mind of scientist. Heart of poet. High on life. Interests include Philosophy, Science, Art, Stargazing, Variety of Music, Varitey of Movies, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Nanotechnology, Cryonics, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Collecting Beauty, Nude Photography, Body Painting, Massage, Kama Sutra, Extraordinary Fashion, Driving Late at Night, Staying up Late, Skinny Dipping, Slumber Parties, Games, Naked Twister, Showering Together, Libraries, Museums, Aqauriums, Ancient Cultures, Future Cultures, Magick Clark Kent, Superman, Neo, V, John Lennon, Ghandi, Dalai Lama Diverse including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Suspense, Hollywood, Independent, Foreign. Especially like sexy foreign romances.
Charles Garay
not really much about me im 6,3 like aways doing stuff muddin hangin with friends for wheelin workin on cars huntin fishin campin
Charles Gutierrez
Charles Massie
Charles Coleman
On here to meet cool people so if you like to B.S. dont even bother me music, playing guitar, fishing, hunting and just fun in general
Charles Thompson
Basically I'm me. Some people might think that's obvious but it takes alot of work just to be yourself. With T.V telling you what to say, movies telling you how to act, magazines telling you how to look, advertisers telling you what to think and complete strangers telling you what to feel before you know it, you don't even recognize the person in the mirror. I may be quirky and corny sometimes, and over confident at others, but at the end I know who I am and the face I see is my own. Who are you? Music, Movies, Drinking(Alcohol. lol.), Video Games, DnD, Computer stuff, weapons and Marksmanship, whatever is fun really... My only idol is Jesus Christ. Don't get me wrong, Im not a big Christianity nut or anything but I do my best to follow His way. I have lots of people I think are great but since I don't really know them it's hard to tell. I just try my best to be me, the way God would want(Although I am pretty indulgent). Lets say anything made by Kevin Smith(Clerks), Gene Roddenberry
Charles Jordan
Charles Martin
Charles Adamson
Just trying something new here and to chit chat and find out interesting things i guess. Pretty easy going and fun to talk to. Hit me up if you wanna chat.
Charley Anderson
Charles Durgin
Charlie Unangst
Charley Wagenblast
Charles F
Charles Valdez
Char Pett
Charles Greene
Charlie Garrison
i don't think it's any of anyone's business what i'm about. the only thing u really know about me is _____? and that's all you'll ever know
Charles Lacobee
Charles Ponticelli
Charles Nichols
I'm a Dom, don't know what that means,ask me looking for a submissive female or sub curious female. I'm 6' 3" 180 lbs blue eyes brown hair. I like heavy metal music the heavier the better
Charlie Gregg
Charlie James
Charles Watts
Charlie Baird
Charles Jextoban
Charlie Comeau
Charles Watson
Charles Smith
Charlie Brown
Charles Stancil
Charlie Davis 3
Charles Boone
Charles Toppins
Charles Kremer
I am 22 love to have fun in shape and plan to stay that way. I love fast cars sports and women. I'm always up for a good time and a good conversation.
Charles Blackett
Charbel Gheya
Charles Turner
Charles Keesee
Charles Lang
Charles Nantz
Charles Smith
Charles Murphy
Charles Cook
Just looking to find an interesting woman from the area who is looking to meet a good guy and enjoy paradise called Florida!
Charlene Dean
Charles Meuse
Asst Lounge Manager Evil Empire Metal Radio
Charles Moore
Get Your Own Scroller Myspace Countdown Clock Love the beach,Car shows camping,dancing,boardgames&pool.Some other things I enjoy are comedy, Cooking,Movies,Music, Shopping and photography.
Charlie Shanks
Hello, I am married, my husband is in the army. I have 4 girls, 23,20,16,14. I am pretty much stay at home mom. Love working with my horses, hanging with good friends. I am here for friends and friends only. I am easy to get along with. If you want to know anything else, just ask...
Charles Strickland
Charles Tolbert
here to just have fun flirt and get virtually shit faced!!!! lol ask i might be into it
Charles Weathersbee
Charles Carlo
Charles Dennis
Charles Baxter
Charles Anderson
Charles Weaver
Charles Clark
Charlene Lavare
Charles Halvorsen
well lets see where to start i guess i will start by saying that i am curenty enrolled in collaage in the criminal justice program.i would like to work in the internal affairs dept.i also enjoy meeting new people and having fun.i also love to spent time with my best friend,jennifer.i also have three grown children.if you would like to know anything else about me hit me up and ask away! my interests would include anything to do with the outdoors.such as four buying,hiking,and extreme adventures.
Charles Walz
Charles Crane
Charles Pierce
Charles Woods
Well im me in 21 and i stay in south carolina! im an all around guy! i love all types of music. I write poetry, i also record my own music with a music group im in> I have been threw so much i the past two years that i feel so blessed to be where i am today! I love the outdoors and i love animals! if thee is anything else u want to know then ask Click For Myspace Comments Click For Myspace Comments Click For Myspace Comments Click For Myspace Comments
Charles D.
reading, designing / art, music, shooting / target shooting, swimming, nature / wildlife
Charley Ater
Charlie Lundstrom
Charles Lofton
Charles Mattingly
Charles Goodloe
Charles Guess
Charlie M
Hello everyone. I have many intrest but the favorite is IMSA racing and European Lemans. 17 Year veteran @ the 12 HOURS OF SEABRING( camp beertown). Also love the beach and outdoors. I work in the food industry, Just finished 4 years at SMITHFIELD FOODS and am currently going to SWEETBAY/HANNIFORD SUPERMARKETS. I am a MY SPACE JUNKY and a friend told me of this site . So I thought I would give it a try. I have many intrest here are a few MOVIES RACING, FOOTBALL (Raiders fan),BEACH, FISHING, SATRBUCKS, BONEFIRES, FINE DINING, VOLLYBALL, CONCERTS, and can't forget SHOPPING!!
Charron Mikel
Charles Tesseyman
Charles Neal
Charlcie Coldiron
I'm a easy person to get along with. I listen to all kinds of music, just whatever I'm in the mood to listen to....most of the time I'm a happy person. I'm a very good listener, and I'll be your friend no matter what your past may be....I don't judge you by your past...or what you look like! I also give very good if you need help just send me a message, I'll be more than happy to talk. Ummm....when I'm with my friends I like to have fun and be cazy!!! I am very open minded person to new things and im always open to anyone who wants to talk about anything that they want to talk about. if you come to me with a problem i be more than happy to help you if i you can tell im a very sweet and loving girl if you take the time to get to know me you will fine that out for yourself.
Charles Plummar
Hi i'm 24 and a pilot in the U.S.Navy..I'm 6 Ft. and about 180 with light to darkbrown and blue/green eyes..I do work with high Security aircraft so theres some things i can't do..I have a band and we play for the dances music helps with all the stress..I have been told i sound older then i am but years of singing can do that to your voice..If you want to know anything more about me just ask..I am looking meet a woman that to love and that loves me back..I won't always be here this is going to be my last time away from the states...My home is in Hawaii..I have no family anymore so i am alone in life...All the men in my family have been pilots and were KIA...some where....They say love is not love till you give it away...And i think i have alot of it for the right woman..Yours always icey.. height="207">
Charles Pernol
Charles Lightfoot
Charles Mcmanus
I am a laid back 32 year old guy from Denver Colorado. Just looking for some new friends, and see where that leads. I've been told I have a great sense of humor, and am very easy to talk to and sweet. I like people who like to laugh and have a good time. I also like people who believe like me that giving back is a great way to spend a weekend. I like to Hike, Fish and sometimes camp. But I also like to stay in with that special woman and cuddle the night away.
Charles Clark
Charles Mcilveen
well im 6 feet tall i have long brown hair and hazel eyes my bodys type is avrage im the sweetiest guy ull ever meet i never hurt girls i always protect them well interests are i like looking for girls with awsome personalitys with big boobs that i can get to know and who will like me for who i am and wont be scared away from my tourettes symdrome and maybe oneday ill get to meat them face to face and about the looks im not really picky on wat they look like just i just dont want to be single anymore ive been this way for to long 23 years is to long to be single and i love playing video games i have an xbox i play all the time if u want to get to know me add me and message me i like horrors comedys and action movies
Charlie Cahoon
Work hard and play hard is my motto, follow it and you shall succeed in life. try to work out daily if possible. gym, movies, dinning, beach, travel, mountains ( ski, snowboarding), camping, women!!haha, surfing the net movies are on the #1 list of things to do when I'm bored.
Charlie Bradford
Charles Hamby
Charlie Tilden
Charly Demmons
Charles Stegmeir
Charlie Warner
Charmie Caroline
Charles Holmes
Charlie Harris
Not sure how all of this works on Fubar! I guess since it says to put about me here I will. I'm a mother of two, a boy that is 9 months old, an a girl that is 4 yrs. old. I live in eastern kentucky but was born in Lima, OH. I'm a reborn hillbilly, a country girl. I live a simple life although I do have an want things in my life. To accomplish something for myself an my children. I love the outdoors. Anything like fishing, swimming, camping, boating, laying out in the sun. I also like riding motorcycles, horses, and 4 wheelers. Anything exciting an adventurous. Anything else you want to know about, ask.
Charles Bennett
Charles M
Charles Odom
Charlie Watson
Charlie Giarratana
Charity Potter
Charlie Saucedo
Charlene Parry
Charles Glavan
Charles Walstrum
well i like to go for walks, fishing, going to the gym, im a down to earth kind of guy. im a little redneckish in a way. im usually happy all the time and i enjoy having fun. ask me and ill tell you. anyway im interesting in music, food, family, life in general.
Charles Bridges
Charlie Nevels
Charles Gabriel Soriano
Charles Mccurter
Charlie Stenger
Charles Holcomb
I'm single and I'm looking for that one. Are you her? Stop by and find out. I like to go horse back riding and read books. But if you really want to know more about me then chat with me. If I'm not your flavor or your type or heck even your age then please either be a friend or just keep on moving. By the way I will not put up with drama. Chuck Norris
Charles Stokes
Hi everyone.My name is Jerry.I can go into the dark as well as the light.I am looking for friends and more.I am easy going.Low drama non-judgemental.There is a reason for everything.I like to be around positive people.I enjoy humor.I also enjoy great intelligence and conversation.I am searching for my soulmate.I will look high and low until I find you.Its very important at this stage of my life.I am a deep person most of the time so I am not into alot of game playing.I treat everyone with respect at all times for I expect it in return.I am also honest with all.Ladies I am the real deal.But you will have to decide that for yourself.I am looking forward to making new friends here.So if your interested give me a shout.I would enjoy the company.Anything else you would like to know just ask.I signed up tp this site last year around this time.I haven't been here much so I have decided to put the time in to learn this sight.So......don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.I am a little shy
Charlie Beasley
Charlene Shorter
Charmaine Andrada
Simple person, an extraordinary girl living in the extraordinary world, loves to explore things that beyond from my comprehension, I'm not a materialistic type of woman. Love to earn and meet new people with different social views and cultures.
I'm Charlie I'm 53 I'm out going,single.I've been almost everywhere you can think of.I'll add more later
Charles Fowler
Charles Ward
Charles Raines
Charlene Davila
Charity Frese
Charles Haze
Charlie Shipman
Charlottte Walker
Charles Donahue
Charles Benslay
Charles Schreck
Charles Kuhnert
I'm charles, AKA Buthcer P. AKA DJ Phoenix depending on who you are I'm A Juggalo... Get over it i say what i want and do what i want and fuck anyone who don't like it. there is no one like me, i am one of a kind and part of the whole we call the family my homeies will tell you that i'm an easy going guy that don't let shit get to me and it's true but i would also fight to the death to protect any one of 'em they are my brothers and sisters and nothing will change that. if you're a lette or lo then you're already my homeie so hit me up I am me and i am poud of who i am much love to the lettes and los out there, Peace Ask and i will tell
Charles Laird
Charles Thompson
Charles French
Charles Alexander
Charles Gibbs
Charles Hisle
Charles Kline
Charles Burke
Charles Ruth
The name is charles and am a single 32yr old guy School, bowling, UFC, football, movies. I like spending time with family and friends.
Charlene Serafin
Charles Marquez
Charles Rice
Charles Youngs
Charles Seagraves
Charntell Williams
Charles Jones
Charles Washington
Charlotte Hood
Charlie Criscola
Charles Johnson
Charles Alltop
Charles Deter
Charles Barrier
I live life to the fullest. One day at a time. I am true and honest. Want to know more just ask.
Charles Thiesen
Charbel Chalhoub
Charlotte Ottinger
Charles Tipton
i love playin sports like baseball,football,basketball an workin out when i have time like goin hutin,fishin with my uncle scary,funny ones ,just stuff that r fun to watch
i am 49 years young 5'11 blue eyes and gray hair i just like to have fun life is to short not to have fun so live love and be happy
Charlene Cotrone
I'm just the girl next door type.Love to have little gatherings,love to cook and love being outside enjoying life.My feeling on life is don't sweat the small stuff life gives you that already so take what you can handle and try to make it better!Deep breaths always work!!I workout and do some sports like softball and volley Love to take walks and love to walk on the beaches its so peaceful!I also love to work out everyday or most everyday, gets out all the wasted energy! I Love to garden and always have enough flowers to fill every room in my house all spring and summer long,Love my dogs ,and love my kids all grwon and on thier own now goes by too fast just like you were told in a blink of an eye they are all grown up so if you have little ones get as much as you can now because its gone before you know it.Love family and friends True friends not the bull@#%# type .I tell it like it is straight up don't have time to lie and make believe. My older brother Frank!! The wizard of
Charles Hankins
Charles E Blevins Jr
I know there's a lot of thing you want to know about me right will first of all I like 4:20 let's get that out of the way first lol If every body was like that we would all get alone on this planet I hate mean people and there is no room on this planet for then I love all shapes and sizes of women I have a good jobs and I love my job I work at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix and studying to get my Investment License so I can better my self.
I am a down to earth country boy from oklahoma. i love the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and anything thats fun to do I'll try anything once if it was fun or good I'll do it again lol if you wanna really ge tto knwo me jsut say hi to me
Charles Carroll
Charles Harrell
Charles Greenlee
Charles Hill
Charlotte Hunt
Charles Cavalone
Charles Thornhill
Charlie Rhode
I am a 22 year old female. I love life. I am pregnant with my first son. His name is Micah Anthony David Beatty. I am so excited to be a mother for the first time in my life. He is going to be spoiled. I love to hang out and just chat with friends. I am in love with a wonderful man. We are going to be together forever. I love him so much. He is going to make a great dad
Charlene B
Well I'm a 5' even juggalette. I do play xbox360. Used to have eyebrow, nose and lip pierced but had to remove the lip ring. I'm pretty easy to get along with just don't piss me off, and maybe we'll be friends. Anything else message me
Charles Myers
Charlie B.
Charlie Stevenson
Charles Ford
Charles Scott
Charles Carter
Charles Walters
Your Sex Sign is... You're fierce, forceful, and dominant. Lovers leave your bedroom with a few scratches and bites - if they're lucky! You're a born performer and totally hot. Everyone begs to be your slave. Leo, many people are attracted to your dazzling style. You are always at the center of attention. Heads turn when you enter a room. You are flamboyant, glamourous, and spectacularly attractive. You are known and sought after for her fiecy, forceful lovemaking. You're totally abandoned (and noisy!) in bed. You kick, bite, scratch, and scream with pleasure. You like rough, heavy foreplay - and hot pounding intercourse. You like to play the dominant role in S & M games. One of your strongest sexual traits is your exhibitionism. You adored being watched during sex. (Have a cam in your bedroom yet?) First, you do a slow, sexy strip tease for your lover. You become aroused yourself as you peel off your sparkly thong. You especially like to hav
Charlie Fulton
Charlie Napier
i'm 100% me at all times. And you will never have a dull moment around me
I'm Charles. You may also call me Chuck. Im one of the coolest men you meet. Atleast that's what I've been told... But I'm an all around cool and laid back type of guy... Dont worry!! I take charge when needed. I believe you can learn something from every situation aswell as every person. Describing myself I would say I'm a creative man who likes to entertain people. I have a sense of humor and probably thinks I'm a little more funnier than what I really am. I just like to see people smile. Life is too short to worry and frown.. Ya know!?!?
Char Carlos
Charlie Phipps
Charles Wright
Charles Langley
Charles Jones
Charlie Magiera
You wanna know ask Hey, I've got a lot of interests. From philosophy to metaphysical, religion to automotive, music to mad monkey sex, and from being lazy to borderline ADHD.
Charles Jones
Charlotte Mcclain
I am 38. I have a serious side of me and then there is the wild and playful side of me. That is why I ended up here! I love kids, have 3 of my own. And yes, I am married in the real world, for now anyway!Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Charles Weldon
races camping working on cars sammi curr.....gene simmons,paul Stanley,,,ace freely action,,,
Charity Moyer
Charles Almarode
Charles Gervais
Charlie Garrett
Charles Mcgovern
Charlie Martin
I perfer to be called Charlie. I am Twenty-One. I married my Hubby ((Jacob)) on 7/8/06. Jacob is the best hubby ever! He has my ♥! We have two furry babies, Cotton & Scout. My parents are the Best! My Mom is my HERO! I have 5 brothers. They are Awesome! My cousin Ashley is my BESTIE! ((Partners in Crime,We rock)) My in-laws are Great! My niece is my world, shes the greatest! I ♥ kids & want some SOON... I am a Correctional Officer. ((I ♥ it & Hate it the same)) My car is P I M P! My house is adorable. My life is a Roller Coaster. I am terribly blessed! God is my Savior! I am a Christian! My Faith will NEVER Fail! Music is my ADDICTION Photography is my PASSION Traveling is my ESCAPE My life is ever changing & yet I love every minute of it!
Charles Wood
you see fubar didnt give me the option for the actualy relationship status im in. Yes i am married but i am also single because we are swingers. Also for those who want to know yes i do have nsfw pics poasted. Anyway moving on, i work at a call center for at&t uverse. Love this job it pays well and i get to deal with funny ppl all day. My weekends are usually wild or adventurous. I dont spend alot of time on the computer anymore, If im not at work or out at a friends house partying. I'm at home on my 360 or watching tv. I Love to cook. (look in my pics at stoner food) I cook lots of things not just things that would give a cow a heart attack. But i also cook healthy food aswell. I almost went into the chef career, but then i realized cooking was a hobby. You dont want to do your hobbies as a job. SO now as i said i work at a call center, and i am saving up to go to school for networking and computer programming. my intrest video games computers my future my
Charles Graham
im 25 and on parole. im looking for people to hangout and drink with. relationships are never good to me so if your looking for a relationship, you're gonna have to prove you are worth the pain involved. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight,300, X-Men series,Transformer series,Spin,ALL CLINT EASTWOOD WESTERNS,Gran Torino,The Other Guys,The Hangover I and II,
Charlene Bledsoe§ion=&combo2=&text1=&text2=&SocNetUsername=&SocNetPassword=&authCode=&
Charles Johnson
Charles Wooten
Charles L
i'm crazy, but i love my kids at home, n parties n just about anything else away... fuck-it, i may b crazy, but i'd get bored bien' lazy, this whole life i been on 1, i drink, smoke, n let loose er kick back just like u. i like people, mostly women, sports, guns, clubs n guns. i like nature n the city at the same time. i got 2 baby-girlz that interest me the most tho... 11 n 6 yrs old
Just here to have fun and meet lots of new friends,,,Naked ppls ROCK! had to start a new acc on fubar can't open my old one..37 year old man Just here to have some fun and make new frinds..Naked people ROCK! My Cat just became my Idol She is 17 years and just had a stroke a few months ago,, and today she is compleetly recovered!!! Great job Henry!! don't realy have a favorit Movie,,kinda like all kinds..Porn movies rock!
Char W
Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining!!! If you are looking for a piece of ass, I'm sure there's a bar near by. If you want to talk, sure, just buzz me and just a hint, DON"T LIE TO ME, you won't like the what it does. I love tons of different thing! I love my friends, I'm loyal to a fault, but when I've been burned. I'm done. I will tell you just about anything, but be sure you want to hear it before you ask.
Char Smith
Charlotte Gross
Charles Matthews
Charles Hayden
Charles Noble
Charles Reimers
i'm married to lady wicked and i have a wonderful family they mean the world to me with out them i'm not on here looking for anything but freinds so if that is what you want than we can talk if you want some thing else go fuck off whoop whoop being with my family and wife of course duh lol i'm also a juggalo so ya know whoop whoop
Charis Taylor
Charlotte Urban
Charteyl Benson
Charles Shearman
Charles Wilder
a href="" style="border:0px solid blue; "> Lets101 Quizzes - Blog Quiz oh i have so many from fishing and hunting to photography and i love to read and camping i like anything outdoors i have to many to list just ask if you want to know more
Charles Schilling
Charles Lyte
Charles Rosell
Charles Dobson
Charlas Dameron
Charles Risley
Charles Smith
I currently live in Crawford, Georgia where I am a volunteer fireifghter with Devil's Pond Fire Department. I also attend college at Athens Technical College majoring ni Emergency Medical Technology. I grew up mostly in Sumter, South Carolina, but have alsolived in California and Japan. Iwas formerly a member of the South Carolina Army National Guard.
Char Mills
Hot Hearts Graphics!
Charlie Hankins
Charlie Medlin
Charles Hudson
This is chaz3. I'm single, 41, 6'1", 260 lbs., shaved head, goatee, glasses, with a medium build. I enjoy pool, reading, music, movies, football, basketball, and I do some occasional poetry and short stories. The type of woman I'd like to meet is attractive, has a good sense of humor, smart, head is on straight, works, has no self esteem issues, certain amount of sex appeal about them, and likes football. Kids are cool, but NO BABY DADDY DRAMA AND I'M NOT A BABYSITTER. Been there done that, not doing it again unless its my kid. Pictures of me will be coming soon. Promise.
Charlie Conley
Charlene House
i'm a happily married female.looking to make friends mom invited me here so i figured i'd check it out.
Charlie Smith
Charles Brentz
Charlie Denney
Charles Wizzy
Charlie Agnew
hunting,fishing,middn,anything outdoors,anything crazy dangerous and fun
Charly Luciano
Charles Holladay
Charles P
Charles Burns
Charles Unkel
There are no idols in my life.
Charity Rasmussen
Charles Johnson
just ask any thing u want ill answer it honestly no joke
Charles Knapp
Charlene Delaney
my name is charlene i am 19 years old i love to have fun and get to know people any thing else just ask i am usually pretty open playing with kids chatting on the computer hanging out with friends talking on the phone and of course my cell phone
Charlotte Brown
Wide-eyed and innocent, but with a sharp little switch-blade hidden in my black leather purse just in case. Mostly though I'm here to relax and have fun. By the way, if you message or write me and I don't answer right away it either means I'm busy doing something {have patience people} or it means I'm not at my computer at all. If this shows me as being online I may be wandering aimlessly, hiding somewhere in the closet to escape from reality or performing some menial task for someone. If you know me already you can skip passed this. If you don't, my name is Charlotte but most people call me Starr. I was born in Kentucky. I have lived in Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and a few other cities and states. I just moved again. To Lexington,Ky. Being a gypsy is not all its cut out to be. Main reason being....Ive had to walk away from people I love in the places and states Ive lived. So here it is. Ive been married two times. I have three sons that I love with all my heart. My ol
Charles Smith
Charlie Hawkinsjr
Im not on here as much anymore feel free to look me up on myspace please include how you found me and also keep in touch i delete ppl who dont.
Charles Morrison
Charles Perez
im about 5 7 im reeally big into motorcycles. i am from Texas im in arizona for motorcycle mechanics institute. i have a dirt bike that i ride. im also very fast paced and mostly freindly things i like are dirt bikes football crotchrockets and having a good time with friends. i came here to find some girls who arent too shy to hang out with me when my friends are around.
Charles Orf
I'm a volunteer firefighter. I liker to cook and wicth nascar football hockey.I like to go fishing camping hunting.I play volleyball basketball and hang out with my frinds.
Charinna Stewart
Excited about life and the possibilities that are out there. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and see many of the world's wonders. I would love to meet a guy to share those experiences with and hopefully live some more of those wonders with. I've experienced Egypt, Greece, and most of Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, Australia, the South Pacific and many of the Caribbean Islands. I've yet to travel to South America, perhaps we can go there together. Would love to meet a guy for mutually satisfying experiences.
Charles Baker
I'm an RN at NHCL. My husband is currently in Kuwait. I hate Deploymemts. We only have 2 months left! WOO HOO!!!!!!! Anything else just ask Movies, reading, spending time with loved ones.
Charles Wolfe
Charlie Harris
Charlotte Taylor
Charles Yelton
i'm charles yelton,i'm 27,i have brown hair,sky blue eye's,i'm 5'9'.i have disablite.
Charles Jackson
Charles Baggese
Charlene Funes
Charles Rhoads
Charles Cooper
Charles Douglas
Charles Bush
Charles Owens Jr.
Charles Frew
Charles Murphy
Charles Hedgepath
What's up fubar??? This is Playboy coming at you out of Nashville, Tennessee. I am 19 years old, but don't allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that I am by any means immature. I graduated from Lebanon High School in the top half of my class with a 3.0 GPA. I am currently a server at Cracker Barrel, and go home every night to my, though not legal, self proclaimed husband AJ. I am only on here for networking and making new friends. If you like what you just read then fan, rate, add me. If not don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Spending time with my B-Loved significant other, AJ!!! ROSEANNE!!! HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, CANDYMAN, SCREAM, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, SAW, SILENT HILL, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, HOUSE OF WAX, ETC...
Charles Samain
Charm Mitchell
Charles Magee
I Figure it is time for me to write something about me. LEt me start off my say iam a man.Mean iam on my on i have my own place, my own car amd i handle my busniess, Iam a father and i dad if u dont want i mean i tell you iam a father because i take care of my daughter iam a dad because i see my daughter i hear guys say all the time i take care of my kid iam on child support iam to but it not about the money it about been there for your child see them spend time with help them with homework been there whenever possible.... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,second,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Female is u are confused got drma in your life dont know were to go get off my page i don t have for your drama or games if your a lady your alwys welcome to hit me up u will be surprise how wondeful iam lol naw iam a nice guy check me out ..well that all for now write more later San Francisco 49ers Graphic Comments
Charles Lewis
Charles Whitmer
Im gay but if i look at you dont mean im hitting on u .unless u like that sorta thing ,. yes im looking for love or just a hook up just remember i like hot guys hope hot guys like me ,i like musles fit guys
Charles Richard Ii
I'm a professional tattoo artist... So yeah, I stab people for a living. Been doing it for over 10 years now. I'm also a huge comic book fan, I read damn near everything that hits the shelves. I'm pretty easy going, have a sarcastic streak a mile long and am just looking to have fun in this life. Wanna know anything else? Just ask... "Nothing in life comes without some kind of price, you gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight" -Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Bruce Coburn
Charlie Winslow
Charles Whitmer
Charity Wrather
Charles Greening
Charles Steward
What Iím doing with my life : I have 5 years left in the Corps. I still don't know what I want to do yet. why should I. just trying to be happy with the little things. don't sweat the small stuff. I have been with out the little things. it sucks. running water,TP hot food, TV. love what you got. Iím really good at: watching movies, playing with my dogs I love trivia game. I just full of info that no one cares about. I like video games. when I do make beer it's GREAT. talking to others, I can talk to just about anyone
Charly K
Charlie Cole
Charles Carmen
Charles Mccabe
looking for some freinds and good times. I am single for all those attractive ladies out there
Charles Bush
My name is Charles i"am a very nice person to get to know. I have alot of love in my heart to give to anyone that want it. I"am love for that special person to fill the empty spot in my life ,Ihope one day i find that certainperson so that i can enjoy the rest of my life that god have left for me. I love to help other that are up in age and need help doing special thing. I help out my church family with alot of thing that may be going on at the church.I"am very closet to my on private family.I like to share a special bond with people
Charlie Graham
Charles Cross
Charles Miller
Charles Ritchie
Charles Hernandez
Charles Kilgore
Charles Johnson
Charles Statler
Charles Rodarte
just ask me cars,videogames,metal,rock,classic rock
Charles Morris
Charles Spadafore
Charles Joy
Charles White
Charlie Longshore
Charles Lopez
Charles Brown
live in Las Vegas very col guy youv just have to get to no
Charlie Oberg
Charlene Smith
Charles Knuckles
Charles Holladay
Charles Burrell
My name is Charlie, I like meeting new people and hope to find some people to show me aroun down here. Hit me up, love talkin to people. I love sports cuz I am athletic and active. Partying or relxaing is great as long as its interesting. Meeting new people and trying new things. Sports and being active. But also relaxing and kickin back.
Charles Holman
Charlie Hitt
Charles Reed
Charles Stewart
Charlie Farris
What's up, I'm Charlie. But you can call me Bullzeye. I was born in Missouri. I'm a Cardinals fan. I'm currently in love with my first love, and if that upsets anyone then I'm Sorry. She's my fallen angel. I would do anything for her. I just broke up with my second love. But we're still great friends. Almost just like my first i would almost do anything for her. I love to play videogames. My favorite videogames are anything violent. I'm in THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD. I leave for basic soon, but I'll be back this summer. I have some of the coolest friends ever. But if you fuck with them, you're going to get fucked up.
Charles Hanyzewski - Fubar Layouts
Charles Brown
well the physical specs are: im 6 foot 2, a fit 190lbs, long blonde hair and blue eyes. i have a daughter (Freja Rose) and i love every day i get to spend with her. i usually have my little one three to four days a week. when im not hanging out with my little miss i generally just roam around hangin out with my friends. i am 420 friendly and i like getting tattoo work done, ive got a few differant themes arranged around my arms so far and am in process of drawing up the tat i want on my back. Get Your Own Free Playlist. i enjoy good food, movies, great friends and just bein able to go out and shoot pool or roam around town.
Charles Fuller
Charles Gill
im all that i can be ,so take me as i am. im into good women that do not need a bage over her head to go out.
Charles Stockmyer
I am a 32 year old guy from Denver, looking for the love of my life. Have you seen her? She is an amazing young women who likes to laugh and have fun. She knows I am not perfect and helps me learn from my mistakes. She knows I won't cheat, won't lie or anything.Most of all she likes to laugh. Have you seen her? Please let me know!!
Charlie Bocian
Charles Henders0n
Charles Kelley
Charles Wolfe
Charles Kokemor
Charity Wallace
Charles Downen
Charles Borges
Charles Baumgartner
Char Kemp
Charles Simms
Charlotte Lashay
Charles Shands
Charles Bishop
Charlie Hart
Charles Coleman
Charles Gray
Charlotte Wyatt
Charles Baggese
Charley Lane
Charronn Smith
Charisse Anne Madula
Charles Redmon
Anyone hanging out with me should hold on tight for two very good reasons. For one, you need to be smart enough and quick enough to keep up, or you're gonna be left behind. For another, I like it when girls hold on tight. Who doesn't? I'm a laid back, intellectual kind of guy. Writer by night, and vampire by day (cause I am most likely sleepin's), I usually keep myself hidden from the general public. Only in small displays like this do I make myself known. Perhaps I have some evil plot in mind for the world, and only those who can spy the clues in my profiles will know the truth? Then again, evil geniuses get lonely, too...
Charlie Parker
Charles Larriba
Charlotte Barnes
Charles Parnell Iv
Charmaine Elizondo
Charles Kelley

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