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Pete Salami
Pete Hardman
Peter Lee
Peter Fisher
Peter Morgan
Peter Brennan
Pete Lipinski
Peter O Connor
Pete Meyers
Peter Sol
Night club promotor looking for friends to come to my night club in west covina on saturday nights! no charge to all my fubar friends! CLUB "SPICE" IN WEST COVINA 2934 E.GARVEY AVE S. WEST COVINA! Night club promotor looking for friends to come to my night club in west covina on saturday nights! no charge to all my fubar friends! CLUB "SPICE" IN WEST COVINA 2934 E.GARVEY AVE S. WEST COVINA!
Pete Hill
Peter Owen
I use to be “Open Minded” but my brains kept falling out! Ok.. lil more bout me.. Let's see. I go to a lot of concerts .Do the movie thing , Nice dining .you know the Usual .I hit the gym 3-4 days a week. I play the guitar and enjoy making noize with them, at least that’s what my neighbors call it ! I'm self employed and can’t stand the boss..Keep getting into arguments with him. He’s such a “know it all”! I prefer “peeled” shrimp over “peel & eat” shrimp but always wonder who's got that job? and i hope he's wearing gloves! I enjoy hitting the town as well as blockbuster nights. I choose” Action Adventure” over “ Chick Flicks” but will sit thru the later as long as I know there's a payoff ! (OK REALLY kidding here) I'll put butterflies in your tummy or roofies in your drink (Dont have a cow..It's a JOKE) Have i Got your attention yet ? I hope u like music..Good music that is..Anything from Hendrix to Sinatra and alot in between...Classic rock ,alternative , acoustic Some good jazz/Blu
Pete B
Pete B
Peter Doherty
im a crazy guy love music only thing i dont like are queers so dont speak if you are x Music films and girls x
Peter Lashock
Peter Doherty
Peter Biggins
Peter Hamilton
Peter Smith
Pete Martinez
Peter Hardy
Pete Verret
Peter Norton
Petero Vereakula
Peter Tucci
I travel alot because of work.(I'm a carnie)So I don't stay in one place long 2weeks tops and don't have signal all the time so I'm not on line all the time I'd like to be,I looking to make some freinds but it's hard. I'm single,no girlfrend to speek of and bord out of my mind but hope full. Icolect dvd's and music from Itunes.My favorit stuff to watch is anime and hetia.
Peter Parker
I'm ex miliary,I'm here for fun and friends.
Peter Jackson
Peter Johnson
Peter Mullaney
Peter Moss
Pete Draper
Pete Gilbert
Peter Here
Peter Griffin
Pete Buffo
Peter Capachione
Pete Dahlberg
Pete Hoffman
Pete Fowler
Peter Kairu
Pete Estrada
Peter Chen
Peter Vicente
Peter Loper
Peter Howard
Peter Lopez
Peter Anderson
Pete Scotia
Pete R
I don’t read novels or bio’s, but I do enjoy reading factual stuff. I don‘t like to work anymore, tired of doing the same grind every day but these days jobs are hard to find. Sometimes I don‘t like computers as my IT job requires me to be signed on, but for social stuff , it's a new experience and so far most of the people I have communicated with have been great. I don‘t fit inside a box, I like all sort of people, I don‘t limit myself to one type of person, I like to look and find qualities in most people I meet. I have a good sixth sense of those types of people not to waste your breath with. Some folks are born miserable and can never be pleased. I'm not a prude, I love women , but I respect women. I’m not a monk, I enjoy sexy women but I also enjoy women who are friendly and just need to talk. I’ve always had a good ear, and better than average problem solver and sometimes we all just need someone to lean on. I like all types of Music mostly hard rock, Zepl
Peter Murray
Peter Lopez
Peterson Seide
Peter Shorten
Peter F
Pete R
Well i guess i might say thing if anyone wants to read something about me. I live in Florida in jax., its an ok town but the main thing here is the water and beaches. I have lived most of my adult life in an around jax while at times living in other states. I am easy going not much really gets me pissed off except people who want to fuck with my ability to have fun. I have been divorced three yeasrs have two kids 11 and 13 that live with IT. So i see them as much as i can. We love to go boating and jetsking, the kids love the tubing. Go wave jumping trail riding, its a blast and the sun is bearing down the whole time. We like camping at a place caled Gennie Springs, it is one of the best underwater cave sites in the world and its a blast. Well i am single looking for true other half of me and just hope i find her before i die. I enjoy the outdoors, jetsking, boating, swimming, camping going to resorts and the Keys. Like the beach alot hanging out with the kids watching them surf. Anyt
Peter Curigliano
Peter Dibiasie
Peter Barre
Peter Oveson
Pete Larichiuta
Peter Guastella
Peter Gomes
Peter Hugeotool
Peter Buna
Peter Pauli
Peter Maginn
Peter Mallas
Peter Cila
Peter Mattson
Peter Brigden
Peter Janmaat
i'm into history, philosophy, the occult, vampires (not the Twilight saga variety), sport, music, movies, pubs and clubs, making friends and of course, beer. Idols are: anybody who ever gave a damn about anybody but themselves fave movies include, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, Power of one, from dust til dawn, pitch black, clockwork orange, watership down, shrek, dead poet's society, awakenings, LOTR trilogy, Underworld/2/3, blade get the idea
Peter Sauer
Peter Capone
Peter Barrett
I like to travel and meet new people, want to see the world and experience lots of different things. Canada, England, Italy and maybe Mexico one day are all my list. How to describe me: fun, energetic, surfer, sweet, funny, different, taken I am in love with the most amazing person in the world Maradie, she completes me in ever way and i cannot wait to share our lives together
Peter Long
Peter Smyth
Pete Harrold
Peter Wilson
Peter Corby
Heavy metal, writeing song lyrics and singing. I try to draw but I'm not great at it. I like to go out with mates and have some good times, with and without beer.
Peter 'phoenix' Yarham
Peter Lord
Pete Bickmore
Peter White
Peter Kapenga
Peter Ross
Pete Von Holle
Pete Sellers
Peter Mcdonald
Hi I am Peter - 37. I am easy and outgoing guy with a laid back nature with no ties.
Peter Henderson
Pete Guzman
Peter Zalewski
Names Pete. From West Allis. Looking for someone to talk to/hang out. See where it goes from there. If there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask. Hanging out with friends. Drawing. Reading. Listening to music. Playing trading card games. And watching tv/movies.
Peter St
Pete Wertz
Pete Rego
Pete Tey
Peter Kimani
Peter Kaschak
Peter Senteu
Peter De Vries
Peter Kaily
Peter Sondergaard
Peter Park
Peter Heel
Pete Viesca
Pete Mangum
Peter England
Peter Kenner
Peter Humphreys
Pete Cruz
Peterjune Pardillo
Peter Tenorio
Pete Ellefson
Peter Agbo
Peter Powers
Peter De Fontenay
Peter Morcinczyk
Peter Jacobs
Peter Bez
Peter Ibrahim
Peter Mathews
Peter Sealy
Peter Papas
Peter-anthony Bara
just a california bay area dude thats been locked up wayyyyy too long and im trying to have fun with this thing. im into tattooing,music,and having a grand ass time....! im easy going and drama free...! i hate liars.
Peter Altschuler
Pete Trish
Peter Rameriz
I love the outdoors and enjoy being outside all day. Im a laid back guy that just likes to enjoy fishing, going on my boat, camping, 4 wheeling, muddin, working on my truck. anything you wanna know just ask cars, trucks, boating, fishing, camping, 4 wheeling, wrenching on vehicles, welding, computers, baseball, football, nascar My Grandpa, always there, always by mine and my brothers side, strict but caring and new how to run a family well Fast and Furious movies, jim carry movies, adam sandler movies, the shwshank redemtion, the rainmaker, iron eagle, iron eagle II, expendables, expendables 2, and the list goes on and on.
Peter Villanueva
Pete Hilton
Peteyy Nonchalont
Peter Deif
Pete Flo
Peter Okpala
Peter Yohana
I'm single & looking, I'm open to any race, and I prefer someone younger then me, 18 & up. I do prefer little or no tattoos & hair to the shoulders or longer though. Also a non-smoker or drug users (just my preferance). I'm a single dad, I'm 48, 6'0 tall, currently about 370 pounds, and I am loosing (I lost 50 pounds since Thanksgiving 2011). I drive dump truck locally. I been a driver for 31 years now. I never had a normal relationship (and technically never a real girlfriend ever), and always seem to find women that only want me for money and material things only. I become very a private person over the years cause of things I been through. I'm laid back, easy going. I'm a simple person, and it's the little things in life that make me the happiest. I have a very good sense of humor, and like to joke around alot. Im quite witty & full of puns and one-liners. But I am very serious when need be & will stand up behind things I believe in. I'm honest, realistic, have morals & a little old
Peter Peterson
I consider myself as being someone of good character, a fun loving and lively guy. And as with must folks, I have my bad moments. But all in all my good moments far exceed the bad one. I really don't like filling these things out, because there will be so things that you may like and not like about me. Which is cool cause everyone ain't going to like everyone. But wouldn't be great if we all did? Well, Any-Whooo! Let's see! If you have any questions, just feel free to ask, and if it's not too personal...well guess what? I just may give you an answer. But rest assured my answer will always be an honest answer. See you in the bar!
Peter Joseph Sta. Rita
Peter Kane
Peter London
Peter Kamal
Peter Grillo
Peter Jackart
Peter Kabaka
Peter Hopper
Peter Lee
Peter Areola
Pete Bolinsky
Peter Caira
Peter Kerandi
Pete Kramer
Peter Parker
Peter Stokes
Pete Halfpenny
Pete Younge
Peter Colin
Peter Brytan
Peter Gamble
Peter Bez
Peter Mosh
Petee Webb
Peter Gebhardt
Petey Rivera
Peter Westerling
Peter Ashton
Peter Gonzales
Peter Diaz
Peter No
Peter Simpson
Pete Grubb
Petey Dadog
Peter Lansang
Pete Tiedman
video games,self mind fuck,pool,beer,darts,sleeping,smoking,
Petey Pete
Peter Frei
Can you handle a guy in the entertainment biz ? classic movies ! Howard Stern Cary Grant and Clark Gable
Ok where to start here , I'm a very eclectic individual , Born & raised in this so called wonderful country I call home. I've been around Fu to long too be treated as a New person wandering lost, So please do not assume so, I know my way around & appreciate the friends & family I have here whom have helped me through stage in life I just can't explain. Plain & simple is only here for the friendship & company off other's , Nothing more so if you do wish to Sb me & ask any questions at all I will try to answer them , Racism , Sexuality & General simple mind's I do not wish to converse with. Aside from that please feel free to enjoy the image's , Take whatever you so wish aside from photo's I have taken, I'll be hopping around place's , Viewing & rating whatever I wish , When I wish , You don't like it you only have to ask me to leave & I'll hop off. May you leave with an open mind , accept peace & blessings for that which surround you & light shine in your soul always
Peter Murphy
Peter Yablochnikov
Pete Devine
Pete Tavarez
Pete Rizzo
Pete Perez
Peter Daramola
easy going and caring..
Peter Short
Pete Neff
Pete Johnson
Peter Gates
Me Pulp Fiction
Pete Rodriguez
Peter Tremblay
Peterh Neonzin
Peter Elak
Peter Gechev
Peter Speliotis
I am peter you can call me Pete Im 22*I am single and miserable hoping that a girl will steal my heart* I live in Tewksbury MA I love listening to Gothic metal heavy metal, Gothic Indstrial,Trance, EBM, Techno, I play guitar and sing In a gothic metal band which is Crimson nightmare, I am a really knowledgable,nice, and fun to be around type of guy for a goth, I love music all kinds xcept for country classical and blues or pop. I'm desperately trying to get my life in order get a job, As well as already attending Middlesex community college and enjoying it if u want know more message me or feel free to ask, I also love talking to knew pple/* V:2 */ #userpagecontentstyle a:link { color: yellow; } #userpagecontentstyle a:visited { color: yellow; } #userpagecontentstyle a:active { color: yellow; } #userpagecontentstyle a:hover { color: orange; cursor: url(; background: url(
Peter Mumford
Peter Hough
Peter Colussi
Petee Edge
Peter Albaugh
Pete Rask
Pete Ringgold
Peter Cockerham
Pete Martin
Peter Mike
Peter Klein
Peter Burke
Peter Nedela
Pete Landowski
Peter Wong
Peter A.miranda
Peter Segxy
I'm a cool guy,easy going nd responsible,i'm very communicative nd love chilling with frnds/family...i live my life in d way of christ nd i'm God fearing nd v lots of attractive personalities that makes peepz get closer to nd stay for life time.....if u wanna knw more abt me,hala @t me i'l al here 4 u all. I love sport nd catching fun wit my frnds nd family,i'm a good listener nd love listen to world news,dance to music nd so on.
Peter Glaeser
Peter Del'aguila
Peter Ackling
Peter Dee
Peter Charlie
Peter Vennerbeck
Peter Bissonette
I'm an honest, caring, fun loving person. I love to laugh, smile and have a good time. I have a great sense of humor. I'm a good listener and I'm a great friend. I love music and tattoos. I play bass guitar. I also like camping and the outdoors. I like to play pool and darts. I like hanging out with friends and having a few drinks and a laugh. I like watching movies and playing guitar hero on xbox 360. I like to read fantasy novels and biographies. Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio (RIP), Rob Halford, Vince Niel, Nikki Sixx, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Blackie Lawless and many more... I like action, horror and comedies the most. Some of my fave movies are: Tombstone, Beyond the Law, Rocky and Rambo series, Alien and Predator series, Back to the Future trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy, just to name a few.
Peter Hayden
Pete Flores
Peter Flannigan
Peter Davidge
Peter Fernandes
Peter Dragon
Peter Martin
Pete Gonzalez
Pete Story
Peter Voetmann
hi,,im peter,,45,,single,,no kids,,thou i always wanted a family,, thou,,i have got a stone deaf cat called deafdude,,who is my baby,,lol,,hes like my shadow,,follows me everywhere,,im a recovering alcoholic,,nearly 7 yrs dry now,,apart from a couple very minor relapses,,now i jus wanna enjoy my life,,no dramas,,i wish!!!!lol hate arrogant people an people who think the world is all about them!!! the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live by the coast in essex,,love the sun,,,hate the cold!!!, i draw pictures,,so i guess im an artist,,i love my car,,only learned to drive 4 yrs ago,,love my music,,movies,did i mention the beach,,lol,,will try anything i guess,,well,,almost,, before i die,,wanna go to the top of the empire state building,,see the grand canyon an drive thru route 66,,thou ive only been abroad once to greece,,4 yrs ago,,so i better start saving up ;-) quentin tarantino films,,they are the tops,,but like all movies from disney to horror!!!
Pete Dockal
Peter Young
Peter Clark
Pete Caldwell
Peter Currier
Peter Leško
Peter Kaufman
Peter Lewis
Peters Dotune
Peter Whittaker
Pete Ludlum
Peter Scar
Peter Ward
Peter Andersen
Peter Bankole
Peter Sadlon
Peter Cheffa
Peter Twigt
Peter Key
Pete The Pipe Layer
Pete Philia
Pete Moron
Peter Llamas
Peter Griff
Peter Oconnell
Peter Rico
Peter Verdier
Pete Smith
Peter Avila
Peter Dlugoborski
Peter Viviani
Peter Adolphus
Peter Riler
Peter Roah
Peter Houston
Peter Brown Jr
Pete Doughty
Peter Tigerseye
Peter Riedijk
Pete Marriott
Pete Ainley
Peter Luttrell
Peter Lui
Peter Pang
Pete Contreras
Peternil Omay
I'm single .. girls are my weakness ...I don't like to commit my to heaven or hell ,cos u see I have friend both sides .. When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. girl , guitar ,dirty dancing .... akon ,lil wayne , my self ,slopshock ..
Peter Angelo Villanueva
Peter Julie Kirong
Peter Bouterse
Peter West
Peter John Cacayan
Peter Chain
Pete D
Peter Van Dam
Peter Koulermos
Peter Boy Maglasang
Peter Decaprio
Peter Wayn
Peter White
Peter Khang Nguyen
Peterjohn Delagao
Peter Forshay
Peter Siddons
Peter Bentson
Pete Klane
Pete Lossing
Peter Fabros
Peter Courtney
Peter Vardžík
Peter Dibbs
Im athletic, I got to the University of Texas studying finance, I love to party, and looking for someone to have a great time with all summer. Partying, sports, hanging out with friends.
Peter Mott
Pete Genevie
Peter Schnick
Peter Wyss
Peter Parks
Peter Puchalski
Peter Akpeji
Peter Damilola
Peter Searle
Peter Parker
Peter Goerz
Peter Erio
Pete Maddocks
Peter Sanders
Pete Calucci
Peter Garcia
Peter Fry
Peter Hakan
Pete Vali
Peter Bulloch
Peter Newman
Pete Gilbreth
Peterson Dorisca
Peter Wolfe
Peter Onaji
Peter Rose
Peter Treskunov
Peter James
Peter Klimek
Peter Godwin
Peter Smith
Peter Onuorah
Peter Schilling
Peter Hamblin
Peter Mcdermott
Peter Rabitt
Peter Hott
Peter Heb Ik
Peter Forsyth
Pete Houston
Peter Patel
Peter Chan
Peter Parker
x HotSuz x Love her up! Sensual/Naughty/Strict - however you like it. No job too small but big is better! Please vote for Sonia for the face of 2012 - Thank you Firstly thank you for clicking on this tab, I don't expect many people if any ever reads this bit... Basically I'm interested in science especially space & astronomy, technology/computers, music, history, the esoteric, psychotropics, and having a good time. I also enjoy the countryside, nature and wildlife. I have a background in conservation. Currently I work as a Linkline Officer for a local authority 24hr emergency response service. This involves working strange hours, so if I don't respond to you straight away it
Pete Lagaves
Peter Ellsworth
Pete Guldin
im just a normal guy out here for whatever... i like hanging out,playing pool and drinking with friends and family
Pete Charles Dyer
Peter Cooper
Well im 25 was born in salisbury(wiltshire) then moved to wrexham in north wales, Im 6ft and say average build. Chilling with friends, going out once in a while, watching films, cooking i like alot of other things but if i put it all in here it would make convo boring haha. Well gotta say family lol, dont really look at anyone as an idol lol Well most favourite film would have to be Bad Boys 2, most funniest and action packed film i can think of , as for in general i will watch most films as long as its got a good story line, in example i really dont like paranormal activity as its just a load of random things happening. makes no sense to me lol, though will happily sit there and watch it with the right company with a drink lol
Peter Langi
Pete Morauski
Peter Ward
Pete Little
Peter Yashicht
Peter Tieu
Peter Yemen
Pete Casias
Peter Edgar
Peter Kraus Hooge
I'm 64 years old, marriede to Marie and living in a small town called Svenstrup near Kalundborg. I'm from Denmark. I got 3 boys, two of them married, the 3rd one engaged to Anita. Have 4 grandchildren and one to come in december. Marie got 2 boys, both married and both of them having 2 children. We are living on the country side. Having 2 dogs, 4 cats and 7 hens. Our garden is "huge" I think, about 5000 squaremeter. I'm a kindergartenteacher working at a local school.
Peter Martinez
Peter Smith
Peter Kunz
Pete Zettel
Peter Samiagio
Peter Sh
Peter Bingham
Pete Just'pete
Pete Gonzalez
Peter Blue
Peter Mvcchampion
Peter Hughes
Pete Colon
Peter Vella
Peter Med
Peter Salgado

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