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Amy David
i am a mother of one and we are going to have one more next year hope it is a girl. i like to sit back and relax and spend time with my family who means the world to me. i hang out with friends when i am at home and i like to play on the computer, and talk on msn messanger and yahoo mesanger alot and i like to meet new people for friends. i am currently going to college. music, my son, my fiance Chris, playing games and watching tv and movies, having a few drinks every now and then, playing basketball, reading, Heather Dalton Fianl Destination movies, White Chicks, What a Girl Wants, A Walk To Remember,
Amy D.
Amy Dozier
Amy Dechant
Amy Duncan
Amy Daniello
Amy Dodson
Amy Dilfer
Amy Dixon
Amy Diaz
26 love to party have fun n travel looking to meet new people make new friends if ur interested get at me.
Amy Divito
im average i love to have fun and always up to try something new... meeting new ppl. driving. laughing...having a good time..
Amy Denue
im 5 foot 4 in brown hair about 113 pounds ice blue eyes and a great body if i get to know you u just might c it work,sex, pics lots of them my man and spending time with my family
Amy Dingess
Amy Dieffenbacher
Hey there Cherries!! My name is Amy I am 22 goin on 45, 5'5" 1/2 and thick. yes, i said it- im a thick girl and pure beauty! Buried at I've been told several times that I'm "spicy" and so I think that is currently the best word to describe me. Buried at Buried at Buried at WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT ME? DONT BE SKEERED!! JUST ASK SILLY- IM NOT SHY, NOT EVEN A LITTLE ;o) /">ttp://">
Amy Decapo
Amy D
I am an easy going gal, who likes to make new friends. I believe that a person should not be judged by the way they appear but by the way they treat others. Send my pics and video to your cell phone!(Huh?) [Add to your page] table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:853548; background-image: url(; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: top right; background-repeat: no-repeat; border-color:ffffff; border-width:0px ; border-style: solid; scrollbar-face-color:aa727f; scrollbar-highlight-color:ffffff; scrollbar-3dlight-color:000000; scrollbar-shadow-color:000000; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:000000; scrollbar-arrow-color:ffffff; scrollbar-track-color:853548; } table table { border: 0px } table table table table{border:0px} table table table { border-style: solid; border-width:1px; border-color: ffffff; backgrou
Amy Donghia
Amy Davis
Amy Dorsey
Amy Doty
Amy Debolt
Amy D
Amy D
Amy Diaz
Amy D
Amy Davis
Amy D
Amy Dison
Amy Deshane
~amy Deeter
Amy Di Sarno
Amy Dyson
My name is Amy. I am a 27 year old single mother of two.I have a son that is 5 years old and a daughter that is almost 4 months old. My profession is commercial fishing. If you don't know what that is well i shrimp and oyster for a living...I work with my father and brother.Yes it's a family thing...That's how we roll. I really don't party too much anymore, but i guess having kids changes all of that. But i still like to go out with my friends and have crazy times. My best friend is Mandy and yeah she's on here too. We've been friends for years and she's more like a sister than a friend. Ok i guess that's about it atleast 4 now.
Amy Davis
if you wanna know something about me just ask and you will get i like going fishing.i like doing differnt thing like camping, travel, riding 4-weeler,i like doing thing with my two kids.
Amy D
I'm big I'm beautiful and i'm fun- not much more you could ask for!! ::thats all confident not ego:: i swear O_- wanna know something dont be affraid to ask!! check out my other profile ::this bitch bangs:: email: i love to rave and i love drugs **P.L.U.R** CHECK OUT MY OTHER PROFILE: ::this bitch bangs::
Amy Dryna
Amy Dingwall
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Amy Deibel
Amy Davis
Amy Doe
Eclipsed Cherry@ fubar
Amy Devon
find and share recovery images at
Amy Darst
well i have 3 kids i am in college and i work at aeropostle thats the basics so ask if u wanna kno anymore..mwah.. well lets c just about anything fun and that can entertain any other questions ask and i will tell im not shy at all..
Amy Denny
Amy Deuce
Amy Davis
Amy Davison
Amy Dolan
Amy Davis
Amy Delvis
Amy Diaz
Amy Dawson
Amy D
i am a single mother of 3 children, they are ages 10, 8 and 5, i live in rumford maine, i like to hang out with friends, have a good time, like to play in the mudd on a wheeler RIDIN DIRTY!!! anything else you wanna know about me just ask ill answer just about anything
Amy Donghia
Amy Dalomba
Amy Davis
Amy Davis
Amy Douglas
Amy Dunathan
Amy Delarm
Amy Durant
Amy Davis
Amy Doll
Amy Di Luca
Amy Danowski
Amy Duran
Amy Dixon
Amy Dach Harper
Amy Dawn
Amy Dyfhaza
Amy Divine
Amy Dromey-blodgett
Amy Donovan
Used Office Furniture Florida
Amy Durkee Bradford
Amy Davis
Amy Devil
I have no credits to give out any bling! and can't buy any so, can someone please send me some and i will return the favour,with drinks, likes, fans, comments, etc, PLEASE!! ( . )( . ) thanx xox
Amy Dunn
Amy Estes
Amy Ellars
Amy Ellis
Amy Elaine
Amy Estepp
Amye Rider
Amy Erickson
Amy Edwards
Amy Eisbrenner
Amy Estepp
I'm just a person who looks for the fun in life,and i NEVER let stupid people get me down...Buried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at Buried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at Buried at Buried at
Amy Elliott
Hey I am Amy Elliott.. I am a sweet. kind, and outgoing girl, I am in a relationship with a guy named Samuel, We have been together for 3 months now.. and I am sooo happy.. I like to play sports, read books, talk on the phone, and all kinds of good stuff.. Anything else u wanna know just ask.. I like to play basketball, and work out, and do alot of fun things, and I like to talk on the phone, and just have a good time, and listen to music, and just do some awesome things.. haha..
Amy Erwin
Amy Ellis
I'm very outgoing and loud. I'm VERY honest. I'm not like most girls, I like to get dressed up and what not but I am just like one of the guys. I play beer pong and I'm lots of fun. I'm really easy to get along with, til you screw over me or my friends. I'm not just another pretty face, I'm 100% real. I have a mind and I use it. Want to talk? Stop on by! Luv ya! *~AMY~* I love to party and be with my friends. I love to play beer pong. It's lots of fun. I love acting like a little kid sometimes, everyones gotta let loose sometimes. I love to laugh and have fun. I love taking pictures, my friends call me the paparatzzi (or however you spell it! I dunno). I love gettin dressed up, I love make up, I want to be a make up artist. But I also like just lounging around in pj's all day with a ponytail, eating some icecream while watching movies all day and just do nothing. I love goin out all the time, but it's nice to stay in sometimes and just chill. Wanna know more? Talk
Amy Evers
Amy Elliott
Hey I am Amy, I am from Woodbine, KY, I am currently in a relationship with a guy named Ethan Alexander Carson, me and him has been datin for a while, and yes I had a lil baby, but she dont live with me, I adopted her to some sweet couple, and she was very beautiful, so yeah.. and I am a good country girl, I love to have fun, I am very outgoing, funny, and sweet.. I love the way I am.. I am a sporty girl.. and I like to go partying, and just go out and have the best fun of my life.. I am just that way.. I am just that girl that will always cheer a guy up when there down, and I will just be the best there is.. but yeah enough of that.. but yeah anything else u wanna know holla!! body { background-color: ffffff; background-position: left top; background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(; } span.blacktext12 { visibility:visible; ba
Amy Ernesti
I'm a nature kind of girl. You can't keep me inside no matter how hard you tried, well except in the winter then i'll stay inside a lot. I'm graduated from high school. I have a daughter named skyli. She is the love of my life. I'm outgoing, run alot. Don't know what else to put.
Amy Eaton
Amy Eggert
Amy Elliott
Amy Everhart
Amy Erb
Amy Estevess
Amy Elliott
Amy Esco
Well my name is Amy and I have a 2 year old lil boy named Davis Lee. He is my world. Dont really get to go out much, Im either working or at home taking care of my lil one. But when I do get a chance to go hang out I normally end up at the lake or a off road ranch. Im not a girly girl and Im not materlistic its the little things that mean the most to me. I love all sports exspecially anything to do with racing. I love to listen to music and dance its kinda my thereapy helps me relax. Grew up in the country so Im pretty much a country girl. My family is important to me and and my friends mean alot to me! I love meeting new people and just hangin out. Wanna know anything else just ask!
Amy Eroh
Amy E
AHHH......I LOVE THIS PART,,,this is where I get to tell you about ME ,,,,Lets first start out with this thought ??? I Belive that "everyone" has multipule personalities,,we all act differently around different people,,and befor you start shaking your head,,,just think for a moment about the last time you went out with your good friends,went to a reunion,went to a toy party,or that night that you were unstopable,,yeah,you remember now dont you??? Mii NAME iS AMY. i TRy TO LiVE LiFE TO DA FULLEST! Mii FAMiLy COMES FiRST iN My LiFE. i Have 3 wOnderfUl KiDs iM 33 yEARS OLD! i RaIsEd In KeNtUcKy Mii FAVORiTE COLOR iS PiNK. I go To ScHoOl FuLl TiMe i'M A Real Women."Ride or Die" I SpEeK My MiNd. I Like 4 wheeling,Camping,Fishing,Beer,Football,Motorcross,Cooking and TaKiNg CaRe Of mY MaN " If I had one " I also getting pretty and clothes and shoes I'm still a Women. I like to keep things REAL so if your on some lieing shit keep on moving..You Must live close to me as well. So If that fits
Amy Ellert
Amy Elliott
Amy Eismann
Amyel Fitzgerald
Just a normal female, trying to earn a living through Target now >_> -Cough-. I live in Waynesboro PA.I enjoy just hanging out, roleplaying, watching movies and playing Video Games. I am down to earth, and just out looking for a good time. I am a poet, Singer, and writer. I enjoy talks that stimulate my mind and whatnot. Okay...This is gonna make me sound like a Geek. I love. Tabletop Rolplaying, Roleplaying in general. Card Game and Video fanatic including...MTG and yes. Gasp and die. Yugioh. I also like Horror and action flicks. Of course my favorite pastime would be sex, but then again that would be bad right? My Idols may freak you out just a bit. Jack The Ripper, Sun Tzu, Confucius, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Einstein. Favorite Movie of all time hands down....300. However I have other favorites. The Crow. Constantine. Anything with Donnie Yen. I adore Ip Man, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two smokin Barrels. Chronicles of Riddick, Doom, Fight Club
Amy Epley
I am 31, and single! and I like to have fun and I am a drinker I hit the bars every chance I get on the weekends I love me some Rum!! I love life and enjoy being with my friends and family. I love talking to and meeting new people. Im not a shy person and I take no shit from anybody I live life to the fullest and party hard!
Amy Ennis
Amy Eaton
Amy Escalante
Amy Eide Steinfeldt
Amy Edgerly
Amy Evans
I love trivia, computers and the internet. Mythology, especially the phoenix. Also, I like to participate in LARPs (Live Action Role-Playing Games). Apollo 13, Ghost Ship, Backdraft, Finding Nemo, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Abyss, The Spongebob Movie, Inside Man and Cars.
Amy Ecklund Stamm
Amy Eastman
'amy Elrod Yeager
Amy Emerson
Amy Evans
im 28 with 3 handsome boys. i like to cuddle and party. transformers, 5th element, iron man, hulk, captain america, thor, sorcers aprentice,
Amye Wilson
Amy Erickson
Amy Feathersmith
Amy Fisher
Amy Fifita
I'm fun, outgoing, and love people. I hate drama and especially arguing with anyone. I end up winning anyway!
Amy Feaster
they call me kitty, i am 5'3" 119 pounds (size 4 jeans).usaf wife/slave to my master.mother of a 3 year old little girl, i love animals of all kinds, magic spells, the supernatural and all things natural.(yes im a dirty foot tree hugger).im very open and honest,love my friends and family.and have a really soft heart. Hobbies: Preforming Arts,Drama,Romance,Concerts,Musicals,Outdoor Activities,Photo Shoots,Acting,Internet,Web Design,Crafts,Techno,Dancing,Movies,Bis,Gays,Lesbians,And Mind Blowing Sex! Latest News: Ive Been A Bad Kitty =^.^= Meow Favorite Quote: ღits always better to fail while trying to achieve something then excel at doing nothingღ anything thats going to scare the life out of me.
Amy Freitag
I am a mother of two beautiful girls and they are just like two angels coming right out of the sky. No joke. My daughters are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. They are 12and14. So they may be a lot to deal with as far as boys but that is okay my wonderful boyfriend would love to keep them away if they caused problems. My x husband would even take care of them. I like to watch Nascar racing and Football. I love to go horseback riding just don't have the horse to go and do it anymore. I love to go sleding and I can't wait to do that soon. Love to cook and play with my boxer knikita and my cat Salem. MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more!
Amy Faucheaux
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Amy Fallon
Amy Foster
Amy Franklin
Amy F
I'm a very simple laid back kinda girl. I am a hopeless romantic, that just got out of a 2 year relationship. So I'm still healing from a broken heart, but only time will heal the pain. So right now, I'm just lookin for cool people to talk to and possibly hang out with (if you are around my area!) I'm currently in school for nursing and I graduate in December! I'm really excited to be done! If ya wanna know anything else, hit me up! :)
Amy F
Amy Fisher
Amy Fawcett
Hiya am Amy , am 18 an cum frm manchester waahay!! Am in college doin hairdressin am also doin ma dance medals n hip hop an street. U can say am as ard as metal coz am alwayz falli an bangin ma head no wonder am brain dead hehehe only jokin am einstien a genius lol.1 of ma m8tes says am a dare devil coz a dont let any of ma injuries stop me frm doin da sameting agen even if am still in agony hehe. A luv agin wid ma m8tes an 2 ave a drink not 2 muc doh oh yea lets not 4get da footie coz lyk 2 play it Ma interests A lyk playin footie and dancin mainly hip hop an street an a lyk avin da tym of ma lyf
Amy Farrell
I like to have fun and make men happy.My interests are playing video games,swimming,cooking,going to the beach,going shopping.
Amy Fitzgerald
Amy Fields
Amy Force
Amy Freeman
Amy Fuller
tired of the games. Please dont bother if you are after one thing. Thats not what im about. I want to meet someone who is looking for friendship that could turn into something more. MyHotComments MyHotComments Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics MyHotComments MyHotComments
Amy Fairley
Amy Figar
Amy Franklin
Amy Fraddosio
Amy Fuller
Amy Funderburgh
Amy French
Amy Fubared
Amy Flike
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Amy Freeman
Amy Funderburgh
Amy Fortier
Amy Fox
Amy Farrell
Amy Ferrell
Amy Frohnheiser
Amy Fry
Amy Frickey
Amy Flint Ricke
Amy Falance
Amy Fisher
Amy Fain
Amy Fredendall
Amy Foreman
Amy Faircloth
Amy Feazel
Well iam a single mom I have one daughter, I enjoy making friends and chatting with them. I am a cowgirl and I enjoy listening to country music. I am a nice person easy to get along with I enjoy fishing, horseback riding, rodeos, gators fan I enjoy being outdoors. And enjoy listening to music, my favorite is country but I listen to classic country oldies, but no rap.
Amy Flestado
Amy Ferguson
Amy Frances
Amy Forsworth
Amy Forcia
Amy Fann
Amy Farrell
Amy Farrow
Amy Grimm
some as before.i do like listen to music playing basell and footballi like to watch it all on t.v.i like to fish and hunt.just a little tomboy here boys.hope to hear from you well lets fun,outgoing,love the outdoors,dancing,walking and hanging out with my friends.did i say i like having 5'3 with big green eyes and dark brown hair.and i smile everyone loves.i weight 115 lbs and i have 3 tats and a tongue
Amy Gates
i am a 25 yr old looking for friends and people to chat with
Amy Gray
Amy Guzman
well, im a cool chick. i play some instruments, sing, n help out where ever i can. i am very freindly n love 2 make ppl feel better n stuff. im a kool friend. but dont mess w/ me. seriousely. im pretty strong. i used 2 box n wrestle. so watch out. but still. im kool n dont hurt n-e 1, unless they did it 1st, n thats m/b. i dont like 2 hurt ppl. i also like 2 spoil ppl n buy them things, especially my friends. i looove horror movies then theres comedy n romance
Amy Glass
Amy Graham
Amy Garcia
Amy Gomez
Amy Garrison
Amy Gore
Amy Gabriel
Amy G
Amy Gorski
Amy Guys?
Amy Geronimi
Amy Greenwood
i am currently a freshman at waynesburg central high school. and i am 14. I have hazel eyes. and idk i like short sentences. I love everyone except an unfortunate soul named Courtni Riley.bu ti'll survive somehow. idk....just ask
Amy Grenfell
Amy Good
There really isn't much to tell. I am 36 been married for 6 yrs. will be 7yrs July 8. We will have been together 13 yrs on July 7. My 2 cats are my kids. We have 9 neices and nephews and a great nephew on the way. They range in age from 2 to 21. - September 11 - 5 Year Tribute I am interested in Tattoos, Fantasy art esp faeries, lots of different types of music. I also like to do crafts, woodwork and cook I don't really have an idol. I have always respected my grandmothers and my mom.
Amy Green
Amy Gutierrez
Amy Graham
35 divorced female i have a 7yr old daughter and a 5 yr old son looking to meet new friends to chat and have fun with i like to shoot pool hang out with my friends throw darts play cards take my kids to the park
Amy Gross
Amy Gregor
Amy Gordon
Amy Goff
Amy G.
Amy Gallagher
Amy Gibbons
Amy Green
Amy Garthee
Amy Gilmer
Amy Griner
Amy Guess
Amy Gillespie
Amy Grogan
My toenails are hot pink. My fingernails are bare (because my boyfriend likes them that way, and I like to do little things to make him happy). My current obsession is Vivian Green (thank you, Russell). I have seven younger siblings. We're all girls (except Trent, but he screams like one). I want a baby more than anything in the world, but I also do not want to give up my freedom (hence, no baby). Captain Morgan and I are close, personal friends. I have a big, dumb dog and a little, slightly more intelligent pussy (cat, that is). I'm a night owl (it's 434am as I type this). I still own coloring books and crayons. I hate snow. My birthday is in January. Sunshine is awesome. I haven't ridden a bike in 10 years. I met my boyfriend on myspace in 2004. We lost touch and re-met this year. He is teh awesome (usually). I am a music fiend. I love to kiss girls (and do other naughty things to them). I've probably had sex with more people than you. That doesn't make me a slut. It makes me horny.
Amy G
Amy Gordon
First off, yes I am real. LOL! I got a lot of questions right out of the gate concerning if I'm real. LOL! Yes, I am. I can understand the question and the reasoning behind it, but it's okay. I'm very real. =) Secondly, yes I'm sure I want girls only. I've been burned by way too many guys, so I'm pretty damn sure. Any guys sending rude, lewd or unacceptable messages, comments or add requests will be blocked. Period. Girlies, on the other hand, are MORE than welcome to fire off anything they want. Hehe. And by the way, I REALLY need a girl to be my Dom. So if You're interested, own me, baby. ;)~
Amy Goodwill
Amy Groh
Amy Grafton
Amy Greer
Amy Gouin
Amy Gardner
Amy Giumarelli
Amy Groves
Amy Gates
I would really like people to like me but its not mandatory lol
Amy Graham
I'm a single HOTBBWQUEEN, that means I know I am sexy I am a plus size woman and I am a Queen. Queen? That means you betta treat me right ALL the time if you plan on being anything to me at all! I don't do drama and if you do or you have it around you, fukk off! I'm not up for it. Don't hate bishes, APPRECIATE all that I am! Love me hard, cause that's the only way I go! Show me love and I do my best to show it back. I'm pretty much an open book. Yes at this time I am 100% single. No I do not have children. What else would you want to know??? Don't let the innocent look fool you, there's a freak behind that mask! LOL Come find out. Or is that find out and Kum? Hmmm, :D OH AND IF YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND BUY ME A DRINK. IF YOU WANT TO BE IN MY FAMILY BUY ME A BLING or give me some major fubucks a gurls gotta get her bucks somehow!!! But for sho you best come to THE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB LOUNGE join up and play with me and my friends... it's flaming hot up in there!!!
Amy Garcia
Amy Grogan
my name is amy. i'm in my mid-twenties, work two jobs, will be graduating from college in 2013, have two cats, no kids, great friends, an amazing family, and a knack for sticking my foot in my mouth. i'm shy, awkward, outgoing, and graceful. i curse like a sailor, i'm not afraid of sex, i don't believe in organized religion, and i literally cried tears of joy when obama won the white house. i tell things as i see them. i don't sugar-coat things. this leads to hurt feelings more often than i'd like, but i don't believe in lying, so if you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask me. if you don't like "party girls", i am not your type. i bust ass during the week and deserve to get wild sans judgment on the weekends. nature photography, candid photography, animal rescue, theater, foreign film, indie film, music of all genres, beautiful people (inside & out), technology, the interwebz, my jobs, getting an education, drinking with my friends until eight am on the weekends, naked parties, cu
Amy Green
Hi my name is amy. I'm a very good person, a wonderful friend to have. I'm very outgoing, down to earth. I got a big heart and I would do anything for anyone. I'm a very good listener. With a wonderful personality.Who likes to have fun in life. Long walks on the beach, swimming, tubing, car races, shopping,hockey, camping, fishing. Anything that is fun!
Amy Graham
Amy Graham
Amy Goodwin
i am a student at bevill state and looking for friends dating whatever lol
Amy Grizzard
Amy Gentile
Amy Grant
Amy Goodin
Amy Goode
Amy Gagnon
Amy Goodman
Amy Groff Emken
Amy Griffin
Amy Grabeel
Amy Goodwin
Amy Gonzalez
Amy Giles
Amy Glazer
Amy George
Amy Gunn
Amy Glazer
Amy Gibson Wise
Amy Gillis
Amy Glover
Single mom of an almost 2 yr old little girl I work full time, plan on going back to school in a few months. Busy busy Love to be outside, at the lake, camping etc........ Being from the mountains I love drinking beer and hanging out with good friends!!
Amy Gallagher
Amy Goldberg
Amy Green
Amy Griesbach
Amy Gonzalez
Hey am Amy a American latin woman . hablo espanol tambien .... I am a downearth , cool easy going person .sweet of personality... With strong character at the same time . Outgoing , fun, and mature once u get to know me . Am a college student., I study music , singing and piano... Music has been a passion all of my life . And study it to get better at it for me . Not to go career wise . Just to do it for the fun of it and express my passion . I am just here looking to.make new interesting friends . Honest, respectful mature people , outgoing , open-minded . And we will see where it goes from.there . If there anybody interested . Just leave me a message . And we will take it from there . Take care everyone . Hope to hear from u guys . Rock n roll . See ya....... !!! Karaoke , bars , clubs , restaurants , beach at night , bowling , movies , etc ......
Amy Gesin
Amy Gratton
Amy Horne
Amy Holcomb
Amy Hill
Amy Hanley
What do you want to know? I am a divorced mom of four great kids. I have three daughters and one son. I currently go to school for Business Administration. I am looking for people to chat with. Have no idea what I want in a relationship. I was recently in one for the last eight months and well obviously that turned out to be crap. I am me, I do not like to try to change people. If people can't accept me for me then they need to drive on thru. I would like to say that I am very outgoing, fun to be around, love the movies and actually the dating scene. I was married for five years, all for the wrong reasons. I would eventually like to be married again. But with marriage comes responsibilities, and accepting my kids cause they are a part of me. But mostly right now just looking for people to meet.
Amy Harrington
Amy Hill
Amy Haskins
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Amy Hannigan
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Amy Hulbert
Courtesy of
Amy Harshaw
Amy Hunter
Im amy! Im a 20 year old wife and mother! I have one little boy who just turned two! Im kinda lazy and I like to smoke alot! I work at a daycare with my kid....not too much fun! I love family and Im addicted to the internet. I like to go out and have a good time! I like going tubing and recently tried wake boarding and think its alot of fun! Any thing else u need to know just ask~ /"> Image" border="0" alt="I'm Rick James" />PimpMySpace PimpMySpace I like alot of movies! Anything with adam sandler, chris farley,or will ferrel! those guys are amazing actors! I like Van wilder, waiting, harold and kumar go to white castle.....anything funny!
Amy Hancock
Amy Huff
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Amy Header
Amy Holden
Amy Harper
Well i am the type of girl that really loves to sit back and veg out i like to go out and just walk in the woods and get lost so to speak in my thoughts. I am into martial arts and have been since i was 6 yo. I am also a Naturalist Christian. This meaning that i do not believe in the Church (*building) i believe in the Holy Trinity (*the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost) and that i do not need to goto church to be saved and that those that judge others are those that are sinning. If you want to get in this argument then think again cause it will get you ignored and really on my list of hated people. Also for the guys and gals i do not have to prove anything to anyone but whom i love in my life. So that means if you dont beleive what my photos say then so be it if you dont beleive me cause i dont have a cam so be it. Well for fun i usually am riding my motorcycle or playing video games I am not your basic girl meaning that if i get dirty then i dont have that uncontrolable urge to tak
Amy Hufstedler
Amy Hemlow
Amy Hoffman
I'm me. End of story. Don't stereotype me till you've been me. I'm goth, I'm punk, I'm emo. I'm a little of a lot of things, so its easier to say I'm just me. I'm an ameteur model and soon i'll be an ametuer stripper as well, at least for one night. Hosted by Sparkle Tags I love modeling, its a lot of fun. I like reading, getting piercings and tattoos, I'm up to 5 piercings NOT including my ears, and 7 tattoos, with plans to get more. Myself and my lil sister Toshkah. Horror and suspense movies, movies with Johnny Depp in them, or fantasy movies. I also like Anime and Hentai.
Amy Hawkins
Hi my name is Love My Words and I am a 23 year old mother of 3. I am a down to earth girl who loves trying new things out. I love tons of movies! Basic, Missing, In her shoes, Sweethome Alabama, Crash, King Arthur, Into the Blue, The Ringer, Saw 1 & 2. Like I said I love everything from chick flicks to scary movies!
Amy Hann
Amy Hill
Amy H
Amy Holderfield
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Amy Hare
Amy Hesson
Amy Hagan
Amy Hare
Fun,outgoing,loud,nice,caring I wan't to be a preschool teacher. MY GRANDPA
Amy Hughes
Amy Hague
About me, huh, Well i am a single mother of three little girls, they are 8,7,and 3. So i have my hands pretty full. But besides that i am a loving person and get along with about anyone, as long as you are cool with me i am cool with you. I am really interested in meeting some new people and hopefully making some friends on this site. Talk at ya'll later, bye
Amy Howe
I am a 20 year old single mother of a beautiful little boy and a beautiful little girl.They are everything to me. I love to write. I guess you would call me an aspiring writer. I also enjoy art and music. You pop in a CD and I will jam along to it. It doesn't matter what type of music it is, I love it all. My favorite band is Anchors for Reality. They are awesome. I love movies of all sorts. My favorite are scary movies though. I love to take walks on the beach, usually at sunset. The water is what you would call my comfort object. During the summer you will probably find me in the lake. From dawn until after dusk. I love to meet new people. I also love intelligent conversations, so send me a message and I would love to talk. I don't really idolize anyone...I appreciate my mother and my father a whole bunch. I guess if I idolize anyone it would be my brother. He has been there when I needed him most and he never gives up. Silent Hill! I loved that movie. But I guess it would have to be
Amy H
Amy H
Amy Hill
Amy Hutch
Hey, the name is amy, welcome to my cherrytap site adopt your own virtual pet! Girly Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts
Amy Helms
Amy Hein
Amy Hainta
ok let's see i have two great children of my own but step mom to so many by saying that i love kid's and wanted ton's of my own i would give my live to save just one.ok just because i said that am far from soft am that ride or die chick but can't find that man who is too.i'am bi i love the touch of female's but can't stand being around them when they get on the dum shit and drama.i'am the best of friend's to people as i i hope every one reading this has a better pictrue of me and want's to know more just ask.....
Amy Hilton
Hi there u ppl that take time to read profiles lol well im 19 and a single mom to a gorgeous baby boy who is my life. i wake up in the morning to see his face and the last face i see b4 i go to bed is his beautifull face. im only on this site to shut "dolly " up lol cos shes a pain in the ass and made me join lol but i hope to make some good friends on here soon a few pics of my gorgeous son jamie x x
Amy Haggerty
-Hello Everyone, My name is Amy, I live in Seguin,Texas. I just moved back here from Converse, Tx. Im not good at typing stuff about me, so if you want to know anything let me know.- -Well, Im in LOVE with Mustangs first of all. I have a 2003 mach 1. That is my baby! I love to go bowling, RACING, hang out with friends, go to Car shows. I love horses, I really wish I owned one HA! Kinda goes together dont it, horses and mustangs. I like going to conserts, there the best. I dont really drink alot and I do not smoke. Im new to this so im getting use to all of this.-
Amy Hawkins
Amy H
Amy Hudnall
Amy Hyatt
Amy Hrabak
Amy Hughes
Ok here's what you need to know I have a disabity but I don't let it get me down I live in the country I used to be a pushover until I got tired of it and stared fighting back you may think I'm weak but , please don't misjudge me I'm alot strounger than I look been hurt by love one to many times and so now I have major trust issus I love long walks on the beach and going camping and fishing I used to love having mud fights cause they were fun well that's all you need to know ......
Amy Hughes
Amy Hghes
Here's what you need t know about me I'm 22 I have four sisters I may look weak but don't be fooled cause my Bestfriend was a guy so I grew up as one of the guys and yet I can still be a little girlie at times I have my tounge peirced I had it done for almost two years now I think I'd go crazy without it I lost one of my bestfriend's in a drunk driving accident so I don't drink Playing pool , riding four weelers , getting into mud fights with family and friends writing stories want to be a writer going to the movies hanging wih my friends going to the mall when I have time going outdoors cause it's so much fun to be outside ....
Amy Hebert
Amy Hall
hey everyone im amy im 20yrs old im single have no kids and im considered one of the guys lol basically all my friends are males i can be stubborn obnoxious at times im very outgoing a party girl at heart love the alcohol but im not an alcoholic im a drunk cuz alcoholics go to meetings lol but i am hard headed independent and a flirt thats just who i am other then that my family is number one in my life i dont vote not because i dont think my vote doesnt matter cuz i know it does but my own personal reasons ne way if you want to get to know hit me up im down here in Maryville TN for 3more weeks dont know ne one or my way around would like some one to keep me company i enjoy basketball, football (cowboys rule), volleyball, softball, camping, fishing ne thing really
Amy Harris
Amy Hobbs
Amy Harvey NuttinButtSexxy NuttinButtSexxy i lov 2 shop haha wot girl doesnt its wot were gud at lol i lov 2 watch films lol goin cinema is kool. NuttinButtSexxy
Amy Hogsten
Amy Hare
Amy Hughes
I'm a single mom to a wonderful little boy I like playing darts , writing stories, going to the mall , and hanging out with friends. Playing with my little boy cooking writing stories going camping at the river
Amy Hudson
Amy Hinkle
I'm a lyracist, drummer, and full-time student in college. I'm currently working on a degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Information Technology. Get your player at
Amy Hand
Amy Hackl
Amy Hawkins
Very Sexy Comments & GraphicsVery Sexy Comments & Graphics
Amy Holt
Amy Hughes
Lets see here...Im pretty much a down to earth country girl. I love playing outdoors...muddin, riding horses, riding 4 wheelers, or just sittin at the river drinking some beer. I also like to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town. I love simple things like a good conversation and a glass of wine, I love bubble baths at the end of a long day, I love jamming out in the car with everyone staring, I love laughing until I cry, and I love to have random conversations about anything and everything. There is just a little about myself. I will work on getting my page set up so check back for updates. XoXo
Amy Hughes
Amy Heath
Amy Hicks
Secrets About Me SurveyWhat does your profile name mean?: Not a whole hell of alotElaborate on your default photo: Have no new pics to put upDo you drink?: AbsolutelyWhat is your current mood?: mellow for the time beingWhat exactly are you wearing right now?: clothingWhat is your current problem?: joblessWhat do you love most?: musicDo you smoke?: absolutelyAre you musically talented?: YesIf you could go back in time and change something, what would you change?: my entire life....If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what would you be?: a catEver had a near death experience?: YesHave you ever been in love?: AbsolutelyWhat is the name of the song that is stuck in your head?: leeding Love by Leona LewisName someone with the same birthday as you: Can't think of anyone at the momentHave you ever vandalized someones private property?: nopeHave you ever been in a fight?: Yes severalHave you ever sung in front of a large audience?: YesWhat is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Amy Haworth
Amy Hickman
Amy Hurst
Amy Henson
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Amy Harper
Amy Hays
Amy Haygood
Amy Haskins
Amy Hargis
Amy Hagans
Amy Holloway
Amy H
Amy Howard
Amy Hi
Amy Heisey
Hey my name is Amy, I am a manager with the MR/DD. I am currently in a relationship. I have six kids, and no I didnt birth them all. I have two biologically kids and the rest I have collected along the way. All six of my kids are my life though.
Amy Haughn
Amy Hodge
Amy Hodge
Amy H
Amy Howie
Amy Hauler
Amy Hagans
Amy Higgins Schroeckenthaler
Amy Henry
Amy H
I will fill this out when I have more time. I will also upload some pictures in a few. Down for maintenance right now
Amy Hiam
Amy Hood
Amy Howley-hayes
Amy H
Amy Hollister
Amy Houston
Amy Hensel
Amy Hyatt
Um Well my name is Amy, I am always really energetic, and fun to be around. I am really touchie feely, as in i am all down for hugs, kisses, bla bla bla, I don't get embarrassed because shit just happens to everyone, life's too short to not just smile, laugh, forgive, and forget. I am overly outgoing and constantly meet amazing, inspirational human beings. Ummm.... I am really open minded to everything, what is life if you don't pull down your pants and slide on the ice? It seems like crap is easier to read when you break it up in lil "semi paragraphs" so thats what I will do. Um I am an adrenaline junkie. I am really sociable. I am down to earth and humble. Although, I get frustrated when i make mistakes I embrace them, learn from them and keep on going. I used to constantly strive for perfection, but now i just enjoy striving to be myself. I think the best aspect about me is the fact that I really don't care what people think about me, I get really frustrated when people "handicap"
Amy Hall
Amy Hamlin-johnson
Amy Hammond Rock
Amy Hunter
Amy Havens
Amy Herron
Amy Hasty
Amy Hackman
Amy Honeyman
Amy Huggins
Amy Hodge
Amy Hockemeier-mckee
Amy Hughes
Amy Hendrickson
Amy Hanas
Amy Hoehn
Amy Hoty
Amy Howell
Amy Herera
Amy Hill
Amy Henderson
Amy Holloway
Amy Horner
I'm bisexual I've been in a relationship since January 4th 2013 (with a girl) I love her to death I'm emo/scene I love to party and go out with my friends
Amy Hickle
Amy Hartman
Amy Hopkins
Amy Huskey
very into tattoos and piercings !!! love outdoors and singin and dancing love any movie with john travolta and nicholas cage
Amy Hunt
well lets see. im at mom of 2 beautiful children.. i have a 2003 chevy suburban 4x4 lt daughter is 6 and my son is 3.5. i have 2 dogs, i do live with my parents. anything outdoors, 4wheelin, hanging with friends
Amy Hillriegel
Amy Hall
Amy Hawes
Amy Hurlburt
Amy House
Amy Hoffman
Amy Hillman
Amy Harris
Amy Hall Harden
Amy Hayes
Boxing's most successful female ring announcer was born on a chilly November morning on the Detroit River at Wyandotte General hospital. only a few short miles from the Motor City, pre-mature and as stubborn as I am now I battled the croup and jaundice. From the beginning I was more than a hand-full! Mom says I wouldn't eat which is not a problem now. I weighed in at a scrappy 5 lbs. I was so little my dad put me in a shoe box. I love my parents and I would be lying if I said their lives didn't influence me. My dad taught me to be strong and get back up. Mom taught me to have guts. I don't think two people worked harder in their lives. They worked hard so I wouldn't have to. I'm so proud of what they did and where they came from. You see my entire family is from Eastern Kentucky where I had the absolute delight of spending most of my childhood years growing up there. I couldn't wait to get in the creek bed, lug coal into one of the coal burning stoves, or hear my dad tell me stories
Amy Harris
Amy Huskey
I'm a 33yr old single mother of four who loves to go out and have fun but also loves to stay in and cuddle while watchin a good movie I love music of all kinds and love to sing i also enjoy watchin college football. and reading and watchin movies I'm a fan of all movies but i love horror films and action the most
Amy Isaman
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Amy )i(
Amy Janel
I'll be the first to admit, I'm spoiled rotten You need twenty G's just to take me shoe shoppin' I only fuck with real niggas and heavy hitters That'll fly me to Nassau just for conch fritters If you want me, you gotta show me!!!!!!!!!!!!If you want me, you gotta wine and dine me And cop me the biggest diamond you can find me Some Liberace shit that'll blind me, real shiny Ten karats or better, nigga!!!!!!!! HAHA, okay just kidding, ya'll!!!!!! Thats sum shit off the "Diamond Princess" hit "do you want me"!!! If you really wanna get to know me just hit me up, I promise Im really not like that!! Im a sweet-southern-bell!!LOL!!!!!!!
Amy Johnson
I'm 25, single mother of 2 little boys. I'm currently seperated, and looking to have a good time. My kids are my world. They take up all my time. Except when I'm working. I love watching movies, going bowling, TRYING to play pool. I'm not good at it, but it's still fun. I don't smoke. I think it's gross. I rarely drink. Only when I'm out, and not around my kids.
Amy J.
um lets see im 18 i start college this month. im easy to get along with. i like to hang out with friends, party, watch movies, just miss round when there isnt nothin to do.,partyin,hangin out, cruisin

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