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Lygia Ferra's Status
Been waaaay too long:) Under the weather ATM...please stop by!
Dec 15, 2015comment
Stoppin' by on Fu, Have a great week everyone:)
Jan 31, 2015comment
Stop by and say hi, though while your at it, listen to my tunes too!
Jan 16, 2015comment
todays my birthday!
Jan 4, 2015comment
Happy New Year!!! still away on vacay..but wanted to wish everyone a fantastic 2015;)
Jan 3, 2015comment
Merry Christmas Happy Holidays everyone! Stop by, say hi, spin my tunes, chat, jingle my page
Dec 24, 2014comment
Please don't forget to listen, vote for my tunes, & stop by say hi! Always happy to help someone level up, and make new friends too:)
Dec 13, 2014comment
I need a shit face...oh and 4 more likes on my FB band page so I can upload a new track onto fubar!
Dec 2, 2014comment
You need to go directly to my facebook band page and "like" me (not from fubar) Hint: I need at least 8 more likes before I can upload a new track.
Nov 19, 2014comment
I've been away I know...but I'll pop in more often to say hi!!! BTW, you'll find me on facebook, LygiaFerra, a like is only a click away, at least 10 more likes...and I'll upload a new track! A song is long overdue I know;)
Nov 11, 2014comment
I'll upload a tune at long last...
Oct 12, 2013comment
5 months later...snuck back for a look see:) Don't think I've been in a battle for awhile! xoxo
Aug 25, 2013comment
Just passing through...eventually I'll get back to making music, promise!
Mar 18, 2013comment
WTH, just found one gal on Fu impersonating the identity of an underage girl. That's just not right.
Mar 14, 2013comment
Missed the battle did I? Let's see...cover song vrs. original, synths vrs. cellos, tons of loopy affects on vox vrs. natural. Kind of amusing! lol
Mar 11, 2013comment
Passin' through wishing everyone well;)
Feb 9, 2013comment
It's my birthday today, who wants to vote, comment, love on me?
Jan 4, 2013comment
Happy New year! Let's make it a kick ass year:)
Jan 1, 2013comment
I'm baaaaaack;)
Nov 10, 2012comment
Who's gonna fu-own me? *muahh!*
Nov 10, 2012comment
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