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DJ Joe's Status
I see it's all still about the same. Although, I do see some minor changes, but mostly the same. I just don't have time anymore.
Aug 15, 2015comment
I am back on Fubar. How's about that!
Mar 19, 2015comment
A new arrival of a familiar person with a different outlook on life.
Jun 29, 2014comment
Good morning fubarians!
Mar 16, 2014comment
I'm back! \m/
Mar 15, 2014comment
Talked to my baby on FaceTime tonight for 3 and a half hours! I love you Mande!
Jan 9, 2014comment
Completed 2 achievements: 2 years on fu and mobile login! :)
Jan 5, 2014comment
Checking things out on my new iPhone 5! Thank you baby!
Jan 5, 2014comment
Back home now... Dinner was great at mom's house!
Jan 28, 2013comment
I shall BRB... will return all when I get back!
Jan 28, 2013comment
Will give 60 million fubucks for a VIP... SB me if interested!
Jan 28, 2013comment
Just when everybody thought I'd never return! I'm back! :D
Jan 28, 2013comment
Well, this gets boring too quickly for me now. Later folks!
Jan 23, 2013comment
Who's got a VIP to trade for 50 million fubucks? Let me know!
Jan 23, 2013comment
If anyone is interested in trading me a VIP for 50 Mil Let me know!
Jan 23, 2013comment
I am back it seems!! (for now)
Jan 23, 2013comment
Well, it has been a few months since I was here. Got bored and well, here I am!
Jan 23, 2013comment
Been almost a month since I last signed in once again....
Oct 24, 2012comment
Good night to all you good fufolks!
Oct 10, 2012comment
Just watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 of The Walking Dead on Netflix. I'm addicted!
Oct 9, 2012comment
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