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BiTTeRsW33t's Status
6 dayscomment
Feb 13, 2014comment
lil tired zzzzzzz
Nov 17, 2013comment
my tea brewing smells bomb!!! mmmm gm!
Nov 16, 2013comment
wessss up???
Oct 30, 2013comment
tired.. need a cuddle buddy lol
Jul 26, 2013comment
can i get some fubucks plzzzz mwahz
Jul 19, 2013comment
ladies right now you can join my cloud 9 romance parties business for free! message me for more details. you dont want to sleep on this. we have tons of specials right now. work from home and earn 40 percent plus other perks and bonuses.
Jun 20, 2013comment
could use some new bling :)
Apr 2, 2013comment
bomb me that would be nice as well smooooochez
Mar 25, 2013comment
I need fubuckzzz plzzzz
Mar 25, 2013comment
hes my love drug
Mar 23, 2013comment
anyone read 50 shades?
Mar 18, 2013comment
What's ask me how to get a free silver bullet.on your mind?
Mar 16, 2013comment
first three ladies to message me right now and book a romance party will recive a extra free toyyyyyyyyy hmu
Jan 11, 2013comment
Hello All do me a flavor and go like my facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/Cloud9PartiesByMisse
Jan 2, 2013comment
merry christmas
Dec 24, 2012comment
where all my money making ladies at? i have a opportunity for you sb me
Dec 19, 2012comment
just got booted up with cloud9.. gett ittt. lol
Dec 14, 2012comment
Do you like drugs? Have you ever felt alone? Do you still believe in love? do you miguel... i gotta get that album
Nov 21, 2012comment
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