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AL X Your Favorite Mexican Nerd's Status
Bearhugz! Miss many of you. Been busy planning the best trip evarrrr in July!!!
2 dayscomment
Stupid insomnia. I needs a hug .....
Apr 12, 2014comment
Gawdammit I need to sleep. Stupid over active brain
Apr 10, 2014comment
Hahahaha no offense, but you are a stupid asshole!
Apr 7, 2014comment
Fuck you insomnia!!! I'm really tired ...
Apr 3, 2014comment
Give one a mask, and they will reveal their true face .....
Mar 29, 2014comment
Happiness, Metal and Boobs to you all!!!
Mar 28, 2014comment
BEARHUGZ its humpday!!!!
Mar 26, 2014comment
Whooooo!!! Who wants to party??? It's my Friday!!!
Mar 23, 2014comment
It's such a lovely day. Why must I waste it working and being responsible and shit??? Now somebody save me from this fate!!!
Mar 20, 2014comment
I need you so much closer .....
Mar 19, 2014comment
Mar 12, 2014comment
Sleeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyy who wants to scratch my head?
Mar 11, 2014comment
Thanks for all the love today friends, family, fans and fake profiles lol keep it kickass and metal!!
Mar 7, 2014comment
Bury Your Dead, Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Battlecross, Slayer and Black Label Society. Fuck yrah my day is awesome sick or not lol
Mar 2, 2014comment
Store bought attitude and spit/ a sugar-coated piece of shit/ an instant rebel just add greed/ another useless commodity
Feb 27, 2014comment
Silence ..... the only promise ever kept
Feb 26, 2014comment
Shhhh, wait, I hear people wanting something ....... ME!!!!
Feb 23, 2014comment
Awwww I love spreading smiles :)
Feb 21, 2014comment
Sleepy ..... somebody kidnap me and take me to the most comfortable matress store evarrrrr!
Feb 21, 2014comment
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