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AL X Your Favorite Mexican Nerd's Status
Bearhugz and Big Jugz for all!
1 daycomment
Smile, youre beautiful. Bearhugz and Big Jugz not drugs yo!
Oct 9, 2014comment
Fuckin insomnia. Can't sleep, nightmares will eat my brain. I needs hugz.
Sep 6, 2014comment
Just stoppin by to say BEARHUGZ miss many of you! HAve a great night all
Sep 4, 2014comment
Been busy with work and real life stuff ugh. Message me to find me on El Facebook, Im on there a lot if you wish to chat
Aug 7, 2014comment
Back home. Pics of CA to come soon. So who missed me???
Jul 15, 2014comment
Having the time of my fuckin life!!!!
Jul 9, 2014comment
Oh California, how I love you so much!!!! Best trip ever so far!!!
Jul 7, 2014comment
Whoooooo! Almost to California baby!!! Im so fuckin stoked!!!
Jul 1, 2014comment
Well in less than two hours, 30 has turned out better then 20. Heres hoping in a year, 31 is better then 21!!!
Jun 7, 2014comment
HOLY SHIT! IM GONNA BE 30 ON SATURDAY!!! Who feels like spoiling me???
Jun 4, 2014comment
And besides missing several of you and being all moneysaver, HOLY SHIT IM TURNIN 30 ON SATURDAY!!!
Jun 4, 2014comment
Miss a lot of you like crazy! But gawddamm it feels so good saving money lol
Jun 4, 2014comment
Holy shit is it exhausting saving up a lot of money. But man this trip will be phenomenal!
May 28, 2014comment
Busy as hell! Miss many of you!! Bearhugz!
May 14, 2014comment
This summer will be legendary! Need to buy a new laptop. Also Seeking a cuddle buddy! Apply within, need qualifications lol.
Apr 26, 2014comment
Sorry Im not on much lately. Work and saving up for big trips kinda top Fubar. I miss amy of my lovelies here though ....
Apr 23, 2014comment
So excited for the summer. Its gonna be the best trip ever.
Apr 20, 2014comment
Bearhugz! Miss many of you. Been busy planning the best trip evarrrr in July!!!
Apr 16, 2014comment
Stupid insomnia. I needs a hug .....
Apr 12, 2014comment
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