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AL X Your Favorite Mexican Nerd's Status
I wants hugz. Now. Lol
Mar 7, 2015comment
Nighty nite friends and family! Someone come have adventures with me in my dreams! BEARHUGZ!
Mar 4, 2015comment
Holy fuckballs its cold outside. Warm BEARHUGZ. Now who wants to help me cook and watch movies?
Feb 17, 2015comment
I needs some hugz and loves! Do it! Not moping or anythibg I just love hugz lol
Feb 15, 2015comment
Damn I have some awesome friends, thanks for all the love, here and off FU =D
Feb 11, 2015comment
Feb 4, 2015comment
A good fuckin night with friends! BEARHUGZ to all!
Jan 26, 2015comment
Ugh I hate being sick. Triple fuck!
Jan 24, 2015comment
Have a kickass day everyone! Metal Bearhugz! May it be awesome and you get to kick some badguys right in the dick!!!!
Jan 13, 2015comment
Oh shit, goin to Las Vegas in April! Can we say "FUCK YEAH!!!"??? I believe we just did!
Jan 12, 2015comment
Happy Friday Bearhugz!!! Be kickass in all your endeavors today! And somebody hug me!!!
Jan 9, 2015comment
Happy New Years Friends! Now who's kissing me???
Jan 1, 2015comment
Bearhugz to all! My jobs Xmas party today! Gonna party it up! Who's joining me???
Dec 29, 2014comment
Merry Christmas/Kwanzah/Hannukah everybody. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Dec 24, 2014comment
Dec 21, 2014comment
Happy Friday BEARHUGZ! HOLY SHIT ITS ALMOST XMAS! Its been awesome playing Santa! Hope everyone has a kickass weekend filled with boobs, bling and laughter!
Dec 19, 2014comment
That accomplished feeling you get when you complete all your Xmas shopping done at the beginning of the month! Yussss! Bearhugz!
Dec 8, 2014comment
So who wants to spoil their Favorite Mexican Nerd???? Bling pack, Blings, photo comments, salutes? C'mon you know you wanna! Bearhugz!!!
Dec 1, 2014comment
Gonna spread some cheer :D its nice to make smiles. Bearhugz! May the boobs be with you!
Nov 28, 2014comment
Ooof. Food coma. Had a great Turkey Day I hope you all did too. Ooooh a bling pack sale! Who wants to spoil their Favorite Mexican Nerd????
Nov 28, 2014comment
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