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AL X Your Favorite Mexican Nerd's Status
Happy Friday everyone!!! May the boobs be with you.!
18 hrscomment
Gonna go !make this day my bitch!
1 daycomment
What an odd night. Damn you insomnia.
3 dayscomment
Bearhugz and Happy TaTa Tuesday friends!!!
4 dayscomment
Women's hearts, much like their desires, remain a mystery to me. But the chase for discovery is always fun
May 15, 2015comment
Ok back at it in the morning. Alexxx Smash Gym. No more slacking, distractions, doubts or waiting around. Time to take back my strength. Carpe Noctem.
May 12, 2015comment
Need motivation. Don't want to lose anymore progress. Need to find motivation. Alexxx Smash dammit!
May 11, 2015comment
May 10, 2015comment
Down 24Lbs!!! Fuck yeah! Here's trying for another 16lbs by my birthday! I feel as good as if I'd seen some boobs!!!
May 6, 2015comment
Its my FRIDAY!!! Who wants to party tonite??? And by party I mean stay up and watch movies and veg out on videogames with me lol
May 2, 2015comment
Who's got Snapchat??? Happy Hump Day Friends!!
Apr 29, 2015comment
FU FRIENDS! Who has snapchat?
Apr 11, 2015comment
Had to cancel my Vegas trip. Fuckin bummer. Need hugs. For real. Fuck you misfortune.
Apr 6, 2015comment
Apr 1, 2015comment
BEARHUGZ friends! Miss so many of ye!
Apr 1, 2015comment
I wants hugz. Now. Lol
Mar 7, 2015comment
Nighty nite friends and family! Someone come have adventures with me in my dreams! BEARHUGZ!
Mar 4, 2015comment
Holy fuckballs its cold outside. Warm BEARHUGZ. Now who wants to help me cook and watch movies?
Feb 17, 2015comment
I needs some hugz and loves! Do it! Not moping or anythibg I just love hugz lol
Feb 15, 2015comment
Damn I have some awesome friends, thanks for all the love, here and off FU =D
Feb 11, 2015comment
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