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AL X Your Favorite Mexican Nerd's Status
It's been awesome spending time with my family. Happy Friday BEARHUGZ to all!
6 dayscomment
Can't wait to see my family! 36 hours and counting!!!
Jun 18, 2016comment
Been a great week. But can't sleep now. Need BEARHUGZ and head scratches.
Jun 11, 2016comment
IT'S MY BIRFDAY!! Now who wants to spoil their favorite Mexican Nerd???
Jun 7, 2016comment
BIRFDAY on Tuesday! Gonna party this weekend tho! Who's gonna party with me???
Jun 2, 2016comment
May 31, 2016comment
Holy shit was a busy fuckin week. Glad its over. Cant wait for next payday! Im gonna make some fat cash for my bday next month! Who wants to celebrate with me?
May 15, 2016comment
Tired. Productive day. Feeling pretty awesome. Damn it feels good to he a hamsta!
May 1, 2016comment
Time to make this day our bitch friends! And make this night suck our collective dicks!
Apr 21, 2016comment
Happy Hump day and 4\20 everybody! Smile and have a great one! Maybe all get stoned good, or jumped good or even better, both!!!
Apr 20, 2016comment
Damn 11 days straight and now I finally have a day off. What to do today? Hmmm SMASH GYM!!!
Apr 16, 2016comment
Oh damn, it's gonna be a busy weekend! Yussss!!!
Apr 9, 2016comment
Borderlands 2 and Kevin Smith podcasts tonite. Life is good. I'm a happy Nerd.
Mar 29, 2016comment
Ooooh lots of extra work this week! Tired, but damn I sure do love making money!
Mar 23, 2016comment
Dear Insomnia, fuck you and everyone that lives in your house.
Mar 23, 2016comment
Follow the buzzards ..... RUN!!!
Mar 21, 2016comment
Happy St Patrick's Day friends! LUCKY BEARHUGZ TO ALL!!!
Mar 17, 2016comment
Happy Women's Day! Bearhugz to all the lovely ladies in the house!
Mar 8, 2016comment
It's gonna be a gawdammed good day today! Or else! lol BEARHUGZ my friends!
Mar 5, 2016comment
Bearhugz friends. As you were xD
Mar 1, 2016comment
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