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"In order to deviate from the norm, one must have at least a passing acquaintance with the norm that one want's to deviate from!" Frank Zappa from, The Real Frank Zappa Book as taken from my own memory banks, lol. Hugs and Kisses everyone.
4 dayscomment
I'm lost and I've gone to look for myself. If I should show up before I return, tie me up and hold me down until I return. Remember...maturity is for those to young to know better! (hey, Evil, that was for you, hehehe!) Hugs y'all, have a great Sunday!
Sep 11, 2016comment
WOW...leveled again and had a blast doing it! Thank you to all of my matches as well as those who gave me the freedom to polish bling and rate pictures...onwards and upwards! hugs and loves everyone!
Sep 8, 2016comment
**THANK YOU**THANK YOU**THANK YOU** To the group of you that quietly and quickly leveled me to 34 without me asking and without you saying a word, not wanting anything in return. You warmed my heart and reminded me as to why I love this place. HUGE HUG'S dear friends!
Sep 6, 2016comment
Oh my gosh, I've just had a horrible nightmare! I was having a baby!!! Now, I love. babies but I'm closing in on 60 and unless it was immaculate conception, it would be impossible for me to have a baby! Now I'm not sure if I should try going back to sleep! It figures though.... dream of the harvest. ...why can't I dream of the planting? lol,. Hugs and luvs to you all!
Sep 6, 2016comment
I first joined when we were "Lost Cherry", this week in 2006. This is my second profile so I'm not looking at my 10 year anniversary. In ten years a lot has happened here and more changes than I care to remember. Still, even though I have never been fu-married or even had a fu-date, I wouldn't trade my time here for anything else online. To all my friends, hugs and love, have a great Labor Day week!
Sep 4, 2016comment
RIP Gene Wilder ... One of entertainments greatest will be very missed. Finally reunited with Gilda, the silver lining in this very dark cloud. Hugs!
Aug 31, 2016comment
The puppies chewed up my phone that I've been using as my computer since the computer died. So now I can do fubar only at odd times when the family cell is available. Just gotta break down and get a new computer, or laptop, or tablet, or something! Isn't life just a bowl of cherries!? Hugs to all my special friends. Luv you all. ;D
Aug 30, 2016comment
Hello everybody! I missed you and am so happy to be home! Please, if you can, I need 3 more people to fu-own me today and I can level. Thanks bunches, Special today..I'm tax free!
Aug 27, 2016comment
Children with special needs aren't sick, gross or stupid and their handicap isn't contagious. They want what we all want...to be accepted
Aug 11, 2016comment
I am the richest lady on the Fu. My friends are so special, just priceless. I had an unscheduled hospital stay and surgery. Not important why but only a couple people knew. I got home last night and when I logged in a little while ago, what do you think I found? I found that I had been gifted with Bling's of encouragement and ability points spent on me and many likes, rates and visits as well as assorted drinks and gifts. I know...many of you get that and more on a daily basis. The thing is this... All of this love was given freely and with no expectations of anything in return. To my friends I give you my heart and soul and my love. Want to know the best? One of these friends that gave unselfishly while I was gone is my real life son. He never said a word. Guess I didn't fail to badly as a Mom after all. Silly...you all made this old lady cry! lol. Hugs...
Aug 3, 2016comment
So I go away for a few years and what happens? you get better looking! The women are like models and the men...oh, boy, makes me wish I was young and pretty again. You all just stay beautiful and have fun, Momma Tammie will sit back and watch the fun while sipping my drinks! Hugs and luvs my friends!
Jul 26, 2016comment
Marley is still missing. Now it's time to find homes for his puppies. Do you want one? I promise a big hug and kiss to anyone that takes a puppy!
Jul 22, 2016comment
Sad tonight...my dog is still missing. I need him home with me.
Jul 11, 2016comment
I wish you all good health, success in your endeavours, love and joy in your personal lives and may you get to the next level quickly and easily! Love and Hugs from Tammie
Jun 10, 2016comment
No matter where you are,the color of your skin,who or what you worship,if you do or not. Just remember that this season means so much for so many. Merry Christmas and feel free to change my wish to you into Happy-whatever-you are-celebrating-at-this-time! Love-n-hugs to all and be good to one another!
Dec 25, 2015comment
My almost 15 year old grandson has decided to steal a donut truck. That way on the news it will show a high speed chase with the police speeding after him down the freeway to get the donuts! That's my boy! We are so proud, who has the coffee?
Aug 24, 2015comment
"Only in the midst of the deepest darkness can you shine with the brightest stars" Cradle of Filth...The Death Of Love
Aug 24, 2015comment
God promised men that good and obedient wifes would be found in all corners of the world, then he made the world round and laughed. :D
Aug 23, 2015comment
Don't mix your meds! Getting old sucks. Yesterday I got Preparation"H" mixed up with Poli-Grip. Now I talk like an asshole but my gums don't itch..............
Aug 23, 2015comment
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