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sh*t faced! by 
Female 58
 I am in awe of those that give the ultimate sacrifice unconditionally in order to benefit you, me, everyone for all time...thank you, a grateful and heartfelt wish for a Happy Memorial Day to every soldier and family's of the soldiers that have fallen. Hugs! There has been a change. My family has thrown a tantrum and made me promise to not delete myself but to take a fu-vacation until I get through this life bullsh*t right now. So I won't be working my page like normal, I will, however, answer messages on a weekly to monthly basis and for those few that have my cell number, just text me. I will, however, be weeding out those "friends" that I have never spoken to. So to my good friends, until I have my brain surgery, I won't be here but will check messages each week. I might even post a few riddles sometimes! If you need my cell number, just ask me. I love you all, Hugs and kisses.
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