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It's a bad week for music... Today David Cassidy died today, 67 years old, he died of organ failure from a lifetime of heavy drinking. Rest in Peace Keith Partridge!
13 hrscomment
Thank you everyone for making my birthday today the very best birthday ever! To my fu fiancÚ, my owner, my best friend, lover, teacher, my everything...thank you for giving me a wonderful and memorable day. I love you, hugs, snuggles and kisses!
5 dayscomment
Weekend is over, a brand new week is here! It's my birthday week so please someone sweep up for me? Riddles posted as soon as I get two or three chosen, time depends on doctors and nurses here. Love you all, hugs!
Nov 13, 2017comment
I had my dates wrong...so I missed my nieces birthday and Veterans day. I love each and every one of our Veterans, men and women. Because of you we Americans have the right to be stupid and we all thank you for that. We are free to make mistakes, be unique that's a great thing! So thank you for unselfishly caring about all of us even those of us that didn't deserve your sacrifices. I for one love you. I have two winners, new riddle tomorrow...winnings sent out then. Hugs!
Nov 10, 2017comment
Here we go! These are easy so just have fun! PM me the answers, first three winners earn $5 million fubux per riddle! (1).....The more you take the more you leave behind what am I? ....................(2).....The more there is the less you see. what is it? .....................hugs and kisses!
Nov 5, 2017comment
All winners have their winnings! Did you get the answers? Number one was Lead or graphite and two is that the camel's were facing each other! Congrats to the winners! New riddles in the morning, for tonight, party! Hugs and kisses!
Nov 4, 2017comment
We have three winners and they each earned $5 million fu bux! Did you figure out the answer? It was Thunder! Here's two more, PM me the answer and no cheating! Good luck everyone! ........... (1).... I am taken from a mine, from there I am shut up in a wooden case never to be released. Yet everybody uses me. what am I?......... (2)..... Two camels were facing in opposite directions. One was facing due East and one was facing due West. They were in the desert so there was no reflection. How can they manage to see each other without walking around or turning around or moving their heads?
Nov 4, 2017comment
I make noise, yet you dont see me make it. I alarm for good yet sometimes for worse. I have companion, what am i? Remember, pm me the answer, Don't leave it here. No cheating. Do you really want to win and never know if you have a brain? First three correct answers win $5,000,000 fu bux! Only one as a warm up, more later! Ready? Set, GO!
Nov 3, 2017comment
Have you ever had a day when the world is just right and you feel like all is perfect and right? Yeah, I'm happy! Hope you are to! Huggles and Kisses! Play nice!
Nov 2, 2017comment
HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND FAIR SAMHAIM EVERYONE! Be safe, have fun...much love hugs and kisses!
Oct 31, 2017comment
HAPPY. HALLOWEEN. EVERYBODY! Be safe, watch those kids and save me some chocolate! Love you, hugs and kisses!
Oct 31, 2017comment
I spoke to soon....but I am getting out of the hospital this week. Just a slight delay. Everyone have a fu-tastically wonderful week! Lots of love, hugs and kisses for you!
Oct 30, 2017comment
WooHoo!!! Getting out of hospital Friday or Saturday!!! Never mindid find a place to stay soback to camping...still, happy to be out of here!!! Love you all, hugs and kisses!
Oct 26, 2017comment
Still searching for a home for five weeks,. Maybe less...anyone in Arizona want a temporary roomie? Could save my life, it will allow me to get some needed medicines...hugs everyone!
Oct 22, 2017comment
Oct 21, 2017comment
Anybody in Arizona want a roommate for five to six weeks? I have no choice but to just not take the antibiotics and to go back camping unless I find somewhere to be to take the meds.
Oct 19, 2017comment
I'm still in the hospital... Bored, being sent to an acute care rehab hospital for six weeks of IV antibiotics and wound care. They claim I'm really sick but it's a money thing, at $1000 a dose for just the one drug...I say a new roof was needed, lmao, Cover me with spider webs! Love, hugs and kisses!
Oct 16, 2017comment
I'm back! Now to wait to hear how long it takes to leave, lol. Thanks to everyone for healing prayers, thoughts and wishes. I have the cream of the fubarian crop in my family and friends list! Love, hugs to you!
Oct 12, 2017comment
Surgery went well, bleeding like crazy but Doc says good. Vein and artery study Wednesday then second surgery on Thursday. Love you all, hugs and kisses! Please, Open your hearts and homes , if you are able, to our California neighbors... Blessings to all that are in flames path.
Oct 11, 2017comment
I'm having surgery tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday, it's a two partner! See you all when I wake up! Hugs, love ya!
Oct 9, 2017comment
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