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Wow, after over ten years here on fubar, guess what just happened? I am officially Fu-Engaged! If you haven't met him, he is "Kilted Scot", and I just know that you will adore him as much as I do! No, this isn't a joke, lol, someone actually believes that I am worth keeping around, lol. Have a great week, luvs to everyone! Hugs!
4 dayscomment
I am so sorry for being AWOL since November 15th. I have been offline. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for my birthday gifts and wishes! I will be working on sending individual thanks to each of you! I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that no one has gotten injured during shopping during the "Black Friday" sales fiasco's! As we ready ourselves for Christmas, I hope that everyone has a safe and joyous December! Much love to all, you are the best friends that a person could ever wish for! Big hugs and kisses to you all !
Dec 2, 2016comment
Wednesday, November 16, 2016, My Birthday! Yay!!! Happy Birthday to me! Anyone up to taking me on a world tour to complete my bucket list? Okay, anyone interested in buying me a hostess cupcake and sticking a candle in it? See, I can be happy anywhere and doing almost anything! Love to you all, Hugs!
Nov 15, 2016comment
A huge Thank You to our Veterans, Past, Present and future! For your service, your sacrifices, your dedication in the face of danger you risk yourselves so that people you don't know can live a life of freedom here in the greatest country in the world! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love you all, hugs and kisses!
Nov 11, 2016comment
Donald, Trump is our new President Elect. On January 20, 2017, will we hear President Trump announce, "President Obama, you are fired!"? We will see! Whoever you voted for...have respect for the office!
Nov 9, 2016comment
Oh my Gawd...the crime rate in Phoenix is about to jump way high, it's a sad day in Arizona with losing Sheriff Joe after all of these years. Now a sheriff that is not even allowed to have a gun, beats his wife and is bet friends with the guy that owns the polling machines in Maricopa county. **sigh** This is a very difficult election day all the way around. Now to wait to see who will be President...early counts looks like Trump will be President, should be interesting.
Nov 8, 2016comment
God told man that He would place good women in all the corners of the world for man to find...then He made the Earth round and laughed, laughed and laughed some more! See? God does have a sense of humor! And you wonder why I'm so hard to find, silly, I'm right here, in the corner! Luv ya! Hugs and kisses!
Nov 5, 2016comment
It's November! My favorite month! Love to everyone, hugs!
Nov 2, 2016comment
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Be safe, have fun and if you are drinking, please don't drive. Watch out for the little goblin's trick or treating! Love to you all, hugs!
Oct 31, 2016comment
I'm home! Happy Halloween everyone,. Be safe out there no matter what you are doing to celebrate, hugs!
Oct 29, 2016comment
We're trying for sending me home on the 26th. Only problem is that the ramp is broken, electricity is off and they don't want to release me unless it is safe for me to go home. I can't fix things from a hospital room so it's a catch 22. Damned if they can send me to a nursing home, I'll, I'll escape first! Everyone have fun , hugs and kisses to you. I still need to get bombed some more but no hurry...I actually prefer that people do the pictures one at a time, and tell me how they like them. Bombing is to fast! Mmuuuuaaaahhhh!
Oct 20, 2016comment
I don't know how to get them, but I have spiders and I want more! lol, I love Halloween! However we get spiders and webs, I want more, someone share with me how to get them! Love you all, Hugs and kisses, lets do a Halloween Orgy!
Oct 16, 2016comment
Hey all...My tablet is dead, my brand new charger refuses to charge it. Found this computer in the day room here in rehab but don't want to use it much. So, until my son brings me a new charger in a few days, I won't be here. Miss you, love you, Hugs!
Oct 15, 2016comment
Over the past ten years, I've learned so much about people. "Friends" that are so close when you are here together, suddenly disappear when you are I'll or injured, gone or even in the military. Then there are the real friends, the ones that make contact in some way darn near every day, even if you cannot answer. Most of the time, even if I end up in ICU, I find a way to answer. That handful, you know who you are and I will name you later, you are the ones that I treasure. I just might delete every one else, including the dweeb that thought it would make him legal to fu-marry me! LMAO! Great, right?!? Love you guys! hugs!
Oct 13, 2016comment
I am out of the hospital, in the Healthcare South facility out near Shea and 92nd Street in North Scottsdale. Not sure what all I will be doing here or how long I'll be in here. Room seems nice and am waiting for the nurse to come in and check me in. I will update everyone later on. I haven't even checked messages yet! Hugs to all, later!
Oct 11, 2016comment
Things aren't going to well, heading back to the hospital tonight. Remember, I can't do fu at the hospital so if you want to talk, tjp.nana58@gmail.com or Facebook... Search for Tanya Peltier. Hugs and Luvs!
Oct 7, 2016comment
**UPDATE** HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! My spirits are lifted with each message I received. The end of my stump is crushed and there are two fractures in my femur and my hip is jammed. There is a lot, a whole lot of pain. With all the fu-luvins I get on here, I will be able to deal with it all and heal quickly! Big hugs and kisses to each of you!
Oct 1, 2016comment
I can't sent everyone a pm so here goes, hope you all read it. I had a really severe fall, messed me up bad, Pretty positive that I shattered something in my leg, possibly a fractured hip. I'll let everyone know what the doctor's say, expect I'll be admitted since my surgical incision tore open,. My doctor is going to be pissed! Love you, hugs and kisses. Can't log on in the hospital so if you want to talk... tjp.nana58@gmail.com or Facebook, look for Tanya Peltier, Hugs, love ya!
Sep 29, 2016comment
"In order to deviate from the norm, one must have at least a passing acquaintance with the norm that one want's to deviate from!" Frank Zappa from, The Real Frank Zappa Book as taken from my own memory banks, lol. Hugs and Kisses everyone.
Sep 21, 2016comment
I'm lost and I've gone to look for myself. If I should show up before I return, tie me up and hold me down until I return. Remember...maturity is for those to young to know better! (hey, Evil, that was for you, hehehe!) Hugs y'all, have a great Sunday!
Sep 11, 2016comment
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