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Melisa will be fine, we hope, so far so good. The blessings are that she has a top notch neurologist. Thank you so much for your prayers. I have the best friends on the Fu! I have some things to take care of so you won't be seeing me for a while. Seems that I've really made a mess of my life and need to fix it. Loves to everyone. Don't forget me, hugs!
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Thank you for your continued prayers. I love you all...Sorry for neglecting you, I'll catch back up soon! Hugs, Smil e, they're contagious!
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So far so good, it isn't a tumor in her head, now for the MRI to check for an aneurism! Your prayers are helping! I love my friends and family! I'll put up another riddle soon! Kisses and hugs!
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Okay people, we have a winner! Monday thru Friday are the week, (weak) days! ......................... Today, instead of a new riddle, I am asking for prayers, good thoughts or whatever you believe in, for my granddaughter, Melisa. She had an eye exam today and the eye doctor sent her immediately to the hospital because he found swelling and blood behind her eyes. They suspect a tumor and/or aneurism. I am asking for a total healing for her. Thank you so much for helping her! I love you all, hugs!
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Here's a quickie! Not that I like quickies, but I'm not thinking too hard today! Remember, pm your answer, don't answer here. First three correct answers get prizes...good luck! Hugs! .....................................***What are the weakest days of the week?*** .......................And the race is on, let's see who has smart brain cells! lol
Jan 16, 2017comment
A woman goes to her mothers funeral. While there she meets a man that she has never seen before, she falls in love immediately! After the funeral she looked everywhere and could not find the man. A few days later, she killed her sister!.................... Why did she do this? ...................Remember, pm me the answers! Have fun!
Jan 15, 2017comment
Had an amazing winner! the answer was "tomorrow"... here is another...be sure not to answer here, message me the answer and collect your prize!........... ***More precious than gold, But can never be bought, It can never be sold, But its earned if its sought, Though it be broken, It can still be mended, At birth it can't start, Nor by death is it ended*** Good Luck, Hugs!
Jan 15, 2017comment
I never was, Am always to be, No one ever saw me or ever will, And yet I have the confidence of all who live and breathe, What am I? Here is the new riddle! Remember, don't put your answer here! PM me with your answer! If no one has it by Wednesday, I'll leave a hint! Good luck and earn your prize! Hugs!
Jan 14, 2017comment
Think of a person who lives in disguise Who deals in secret and tells naught but lies. Tell me what's always the last thing to mend, The middle of middle and the end of the end? And finely tell me the sound often heard during the search for a hard to find word. Now string them together and answer me this, Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss? .............................................................................................. This is a riddle for you! Solve it and send me the answer to each part plus the riddles answer! DO NOT POST THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! There are prizes! Winner will be revealed next Saturday and a new puzzle will post on Sunday! Have fun, good luck and hugs!
Jan 7, 2017comment
Think of a person who lives in disguise who deals in secret and tells naught but lies. Tell me what's always the last thing to mend, the middle of middle and the end of the end? And finely tell me the sound often heard during the search for a hard to find word. Now string them together and answer me this, which creature would you be unwilling to kiss? .............................................................................................. To start the year off to a rousing bit of fun and waking up your brains...I have a riddle for you! Don't cheat, don't google and please, don't put your answer in the comments...whoever gives me the answer, will get a prize, the answer and winner will be revealed on Saturday, the 14th day in the new year, 2017! So, to help me to know who still is in possession of a well oiled brain, you must answer all three questions as well as the fourth and final question. Sort of like when you had to show your work during a math test in elementary school. If I get a good respon
Jan 7, 2017comment
*~*SUCCESS!*~* Today marks my third week without a single drop of wine or alcohol of any kind and walking 3 to 4 miles each day. I've stopped eating meat, cheese, bread, cake or anything sweetened. The change in my body has already been fantastic! I look great, feel great and my whole outlook is more positive. I plan to make this my new lifestyle....zero alcohol, eating a healthy diet that is completely vegan, gluten free and sugar free! Most importantly is my two hour work out, every day even on the weekend! *~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~* I don't know who's status this is, but it said to copy and paste........lol. *~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~*~~~~* I have a special treat for everyone on Sunday! Be sure to check back here on Sunday!.......Love to you all, Hugs!
Jan 6, 2017comment
Hello everyone! It's 2017... I'm glad that you made it through the weekend! I have a question for everyone.......while I was out today, someone called and asked for me. Phone said New Jersey. I don't give out my number but I need to ask..please if it was you, let me know! Thank you! Hugs!
Jan 2, 2017comment
Dec 31, 2016comment
Hello everyone! Gotta go get supper so I'll be back in a couple hours! Feel free to talk amongst yourselves until then! Unless you prefer to do something more fun!?! lol. Hugs!
Dec 30, 2016comment
This is the last week of 2016...Did you keep your new year resolutions? Better get busy!!! Please, as plans are made for new year's Eve...Make plans for alternative transportation...I don't want to lose even one of my friends! I love you all to much! And remember...Friends don't let friends drive drunk! I will be staying home cooking a pot of Hoppin' John, another pot of Gumbo and a big cast iron skillet of southern cornbread...No, not Johnny cake...Real cornbread! Want some? Lol. If you want the recipes, let me know, I love to share! We will be sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows! Love to all and have a safe and happy new year! Hugs, Kisses and laughter to you!
Dec 26, 2016comment
A Very Merry Christmas and a Joyful and Happy Yule to all of my friends! I love you all and I wish for you to have love, joy and peace this weekend and always! Hugs!
Dec 24, 2016comment
Yep, just called off the "fu-engagement"... I prefer being single....I know where I stand and besides, there are oh so many wonderful men on here!!!! Merry Christmas everybody! Love you bunches, mmuuuuaaaaahhh! Big Santa Hugs!
Dec 22, 2016comment
Looks like my Fubar ID name will be changed for Christmas! Change can be good...it's all good! Coming into Christmas Weekend, I hope Santa grants everyone's wishes! If he doesn't, come ask me, maybe your wish is one I can grant! Don't forget the reason for the season! Love you all, hugs and kisses!
Dec 22, 2016comment
BEWARE! IF YOU DON'T RETURN POKES WITHIN A COUPLE DAYS, THEY GET DELETED! I had about thirty pokes that I was going to return once I cleared my messages and gifts...when I went to answer them, the had been deleted! If you sent me one...please, do it again! Come back and poke me! I will poke you back again! Wish we had a few different choices though or could add a comment...that would be great! Everyone, have a really great week! Whatever the holiday is that you are celebrating this month...make it Happy, Merry, Blessed and Joyous! Lol. Hugs all, love ya bunches!
Dec 12, 2016comment
Wow, after over ten years here on fubar, guess what just happened? I am officially Fu-Engaged! If you haven't met him, he is "Kilted Scot", and I just know that you will adore him as much as I do! No, this isn't a joke, lol, someone actually believes that I am worth keeping around, lol. Have a great week, luvs to everyone! Hugs!
Dec 5, 2016comment
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