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Sir Hawk FnD 1st Knight of Dru's Status
Been about 3 years so figured I'd see what's changed
5 dayscomment
2 weeks to learn my new job or noone gets paid
Oct 29, 2013comment
Just a few more days and i''ll be on a plane across that little pond called the atlantic
Sep 7, 2013comment
So tired:(
Feb 24, 2013comment
what a boring weekend this is turning out to be
Nov 10, 2012comment
How is it still only tuesday, needs to be friday already
Nov 6, 2012comment
Thanks for the drinks Lakira
Nov 4, 2012comment
could do with some drinks
Nov 4, 2012comment
don't wanna go back to work thursday
Oct 30, 2012comment
Oct 28, 2012comment
awww, not VIP anymore:(
Oct 26, 2012comment
Woot!! A whole week off:D
Sep 30, 2012comment
wow, apparently i have now been on fu for 3 years. Time flies
Aug 23, 2012comment
Have a great weekend everyone
Aug 10, 2012comment
WOOT! First gold of the Olympics for Team GB
Aug 1, 2012comment
The London olympics is finally here
Jul 28, 2012comment
Its my birthday, come love on me
Jul 25, 2012comment
Happy Brithday to me:)
Jul 24, 2012comment
Thank you Mr Tax Man
Jul 21, 2012comment
Can we just skip to friday already?
Jul 18, 2012comment
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