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1 day of presents 364 days of fun, I think I'll take my chances;)
Dec 4, 2013comment
if sex between two people is a twosome , sex between three people is a threesome and sex between four people is a foursome , how many of you are handsome?;)
Aug 6, 2013comment
isn't it Ironic that the Republican party has an elephant (strong and never forgets)as it's mascot and the Democrat party has the jackass (how fitting)
Jul 21, 2013comment
please check out my latest blog "What Can Be Said"and rate/comment on it
Jul 12, 2013comment
Arizona has idiots for jurors, they couldn't reach a penalty for a b*tch that brutally murdered a man, the holdout should be prosecuted
May 23, 2013comment
if anybody ever told you to speak your mind , you'd have nothing to say.
May 17, 2013comment
Aliens came to Earth in search of intelligent life, and by the looks of some of the people here a lot of you are safe.
May 11, 2013comment
Jodi Arias guilty 1st degree murder]\
May 8, 2013comment
you laugh ,I laugh, you cry I cry, you smile I smile . you jump off a bridge I'm gonna miss you sucka
May 5, 2013comment
scare the sh*t out of somebody today, stare at them and smile
May 2, 2013comment
from $2,000,000 to 10,000 in 3 days , wow this economy sucks
Apr 24, 2013comment
The Difference between stupidity and genius .... genius has its limits
Apr 23, 2013comment
R.I.P. Richie Havens
Apr 23, 2013comment
The difference between stupidity and genius.... genius has it's limits!
Apr 23, 2013comment
Due to recent budget cuts the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off!
Apr 10, 2013comment
in order to capture a woman Heart, you must first capture her attention
Apr 3, 2013comment
Attention ladies-one of the ten commandments say's thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife" lucky for you it doesn't say anything about her husband.;) have fun!
Apr 2, 2013comment
Just Wondering, ever wonder why all the bling on fubar are Polish
Mar 29, 2013comment
Attention Ladies: The way to a mans heart is not through the stomach, it's between the sixth and seventh rib from the bottom left side with a quick upward thrust!;)
Mar 24, 2013comment
a young boy asks his mom "What's the key to a long life?" his mother told him "Happiness" the young boy went to school the next morning and his teacher says to write a paper on "What you want to be when you grow up" the boy responded by saying "Happy!" the
Mar 16, 2013comment
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