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God, elvis, my family. horror the more the blood and guts the better, sci-fi, romanace, action, and true crime stories.
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Barbara Walters, Faye Dunnaway, Mila Jojovich, Zoey Dechannel, Paul Tutle? The Messenger, Judas, many many will update soon
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I have been a single mother to a son for 16+ years. He has been my life since losing his dad when my son was just a baby. I went back to school to take a certified medical assisting course 39 years after graduating from high school. I have finished the the in-class studies, the externship, and graduated with honors. I made Dean's list 5 times from July, 2011 to June, 2012. Now it is on to find a job which has been difficult. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and have lived in the US for the 20+ years, mostly in Washington state. I am on here to make friends, male and female, and was not looking for anything romantically. I have found the man that makes me happy, Thank you Jim. Please show him the same love you show me, thank you. PROUD NAVY DAD RLFE DJ Chaotic Momma@ fubar Acrostic Name Poem by Interested in reading, crocheting/knitting, playing on the computer and hanging with people/friends on a cool website. I enjoy watching NASCAR and listening to music.
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I am an open-minded peson. I have a wonderful husband, an 8 year old son, and 4 step-daughters and one step-son. I enjoy getting to know new people and making friends. I love to read, be outdoors, nighttime, camping. I listen to country, oldies, classic rock. ************************************WARNING******************************************************* Any institution using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well. ************************************************************
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Am a people's love helping others and being around my family.i have one child he is 20 years old and am also a grandmother of a six month old Bentley the joy of my life.also I just finish school for nursing am now on my exturnshio and will be graduating in June.Am very proud of myself for finishing school every time I think about it I can't help but smile. I love dancing reading swimming and going out with friends and family-
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Didn't realize that I would end up having to announce this but, FYI... NO I DO NOT DO WEBCAM. The Gift of Truth Excels All Other Gifts ~Buddha~ Love to travel, music, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, film buff, devour books, coffee addict, Politics, Human and Animal Rights.
Caroline Garcia
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I am looking for a girlfriend to fool around with and let my husband watch or join in. I am Bisexual and looking only for women no men. sex farming sex reading sex aminals
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my daddy(r.i.p)jerry,george stait dead mans walk,lonesome dove,lil bit of heaven,hachi,country strong,all of the madea movies
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Carol Diaz
i'm new here!..don't understand wahhh!!!
Carolyn Lappe
Carol Holmes
I am an Army wife and an Army mom. I grew up under Air Force parents. My life revolves around my husband and my dogs they are my life. I have already been asked on here just how married am I well I will let you know this I do not step out on my man we have been together and married now over 12 yrs. We have been thru a lot together and I will do any and every thing in my power to come to the aide of my man. He is a disabled vet. I am on here to make friends and play the game I am not on here to flirt with the guys. When I friend and fan and poke you it doesn't mean for you to hit me up in the shout box or to send me messages. I am a very happily married lady to my Army man and I plan to keep it that way. If at any time I have to be away from my screen and ask my hubby to take over for me you guys watch out then you just might be trying to flirt with him instead of me and he will let you know he is on my laptop also, If you do not take heed and stop with the flirting then he will pro
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Carol Hilson
hello am Carol Hilson am 32years single i was born in beligum but i now live in colorado i found a lot of peace living her. i am a romantic honest woman with a heart of gold and i love to meet new people i will like to meet an honest man that i will be with for the rest of my life
Carol Danbury
Carol Vollmar
Carolyn Casas
Carolyn Johnson
Caroline Miller
Caron Rose
I go by Carrie, but my real name is Caron. I am 20 years old and living in Walker, MI with my aunt and uncle until I can get my own place. I don't work, I get disability so I don't have all the money in the world to go places. I have a dog and she is my world. I've had her since I was 9 years old. I am on here to make friends and flirt a little, but that is it. I am a BBW and I am also bubble gothic and proud to be both. I love music, horror movies and comedy movies as well. I am obsessed with Fall Out Boy and have been listening to them since 2003 and wanting to go see them in concert when I can. I am nice, caring, and kind, but piss me off and I become a complete bitch. I love teasing guys and flirting so watch out lol. If you want to know more just message me and I will reply when I see it. Singing, Fall Out Boy, reading, writing, drawing, fashion designing, Facebook, iPhones, iPods, music, song writing, and playing the piano God, Patrick Stump, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks Horror, Co
Caroline Elizabeth
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Carol And Chip Larsen
Married Couple in Dallas Texas. We have 4 wonderful adult children and 9 awesome grandkids. We are nudists as well as swingers. Our friend Sam, got us to join here. Chip is 60. I, Carol am 58. Nudism, Travel, Wine
Carolyn Gipson
Carolyn Bucklew Schrock
Carolyn Salivio
Carole Vincent
Newly Single Mother of 5. 4 living at home 18,16,13,10,and 7. Life is what it is!!!! I'm looking for fun. No I'm not looking for a father for my children They have one of those.. I'm NOT looking for a caretaker I pay my own bills and take care of what is mine... Now on to what i'm am looking for some one to make me laugh and smile no freaking drama.... Fun Yes please. I am a big girl don't like it keep going I am me and that it. anything that is scary HORROR and shoot-um up movies!!!!!
Carol Manbeck-buckey
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i love the simple reality of life i like to be happy all the time i like cooking and traveling a lot with friends and families my general interest is meeting news friends and sharing ideas together.
Carolyn Singleton
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Caro Princess
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Fishing,fishing...and fishing. Anything outdoors, cooking
Carol Corrales
Carolina Thompson
Get Your Own Free Playlist.
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I am a 27 year old female college student working on my bachelors degree in criminal justice. I am in a relationship with an awesome guy i love alot and wouldnt trade him for the world. i enjoy writing, sports, and spending time with my love. sports, computers, video games, movies, spending time with my baby, cooking my amazing boyfriend Dan Lussier and his amazing family. we have had several good years together, cant wait for many more amazing years together. romance, action, comedy, medical
Carol Adkins
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Carolyn May
Who am I. I am a 41 nursing supervisor from GA. I am a loving and caring person, who is honest. I am also the mother of 3 wonderful kids, Emily 25 and rebekah who is 13 and garry who is 9. I am also the grandmother of a cute little girl Cassie. I hunt and fish and is the typical redneck woman, with sometime city slicker ways. I have been married 2's. My first marriage ended when my husband who was serving in the US Army was killed overseas. And my second marriage ended due to stress due to us having a special needs son.
Carol Tomlinson
Carol Rodriguez
Carol Pace
Carol Frasch
Carolyn Radabugh
Carol Stuart
Caroline Galuszka
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Carolyn Westphal
I'm 24 years old and from Iowa. This is my second time here and I can tell a lot has changed. Ok, enough babbling. Some things about me...hmm...well I love to read, meet new people and have fun. I am fresh out of college where I got my second, yes I said second, degree. Hmm, Not sure what else to say...**********further information pending*********** To many to list!!! This is corny but the only Idol I really have is my mother. She is the strong willed, independent, amazing woman I hope to be like one day. Through everything she still stands with her head held high making my and my brother's lives the best she could as a single parent. She is my idol, my best friend and my hero! I'm not going to list off all the movies I like so I will just give the genres...I love comedy, romance, mystery, musicals and such. I am a big baby when it comes to horror films so I don't watch them much...Unless I have someone to watch them with that will cuddle after. Some war movies are okay, documentaries
Carol Plummer
Carol Mccormick
Carol Weathers
Carol Trites
Carol Gulley
Country girl. honest easy going. i dont judge people im simple dont like people who lies not into drama no nudes no cam Football georgia bulldog fan. raceing dale jr. fishing. love the mountains walks
Carolyn Cap
I am a single Caring, faithfully, God loving woman. I'm Building Construction Engineer, I work for myself as a private contractor. I am very happy with my life , I like to meet a person who have a sense of humor. Because I like to make people smile and laugh. When they do I know I´ve brightened their day if only for a moment. I am looking for a good person who will be my lover, and my partner in all life I want someone to spend all my time with,sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit.
Caroline Davis
Caroline Goldenthal
Carolyn Ellis
Carolyn Mann
Carolyn Zyryi Dahl
Carolina Jolley
Carol Ryan
Carol Skelly
Carolyn Lappe
Carpet Muncher
I am a Carpenter ,20 yrs experience I'm capable of almost anything to from the floor to the ceiling except A/C don't do that,yeah since I was 15 lol thats why I'm not here during the day. There are some pix in my photos ,will be adding more as I get them. If you stop by and I'm not online I will return your luv as soon as I get the message or alert .I love meeting new people and making new frenz and I love lots of attention :) lol everyone does they just don't want to admit it. lol :D I love watching movies,having bar-b-ques.I am a little into football and baseball, and I also like to go fishing. But lets not leave out playin games on my pc and watching music videos. Get Your Sexy Name Get Your Sexy Name April Babies ************** Suave and compromising. Funny and humorous. Stubborn. Very talkative. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does work well with others. Very confidant. Sensitive. Positive Attitude. Thinking generous. Good memory
Carpree Betts
Well to start of I joind the Army in Augest of 06 and I'm now at FT. Drum, NY so if any body thats on here is around this area holla at me.... thers only 2 things that really interst me and thats Cars and Girls.......
Carpet Muncher
Ask, and I will tell.....
Im 23 just got out of the ARMY, so now i can finally enjoy life. Im a pool hall junkie and cant never get anuf of it. I love to go out and be out side just so i dont feel cramped up all the time. sorry thats all i can think of at the time its 4:30 and im tierd. just hit me up on aim are here if you want to know more. love dark music and heavy metal.
Carpe Diem
Wahtever u want to know about me , feel free to ask me.
Carpetman-hollywood Rhodes
I have a lil thing for vampires in books and movies for some reason. I'm a 27 yr old mommy to 3 and a wife to a cuckold. hmmm lots of things...
I don't know what to put here. Does anyone even read this? Lol harry potter series, the craft, stuff like that
Party girl....I work in a day care by day and party by night. I'm Bi, easy...going, laid...back, funny. Hit me up
Carrie Tipton
Umm... I enjoy spending time with my hubby and my son. I like to shop...gimme a break, I'm a girl. Like to go to the movies- enjoy horror and chick flicks. I also enjoy listening to music and dancing!! Like spending time with my best friend in the WHOLE world and her two kids. The Notebook Saw Saw 2 Ice Age!! The Wizard of Oz Fever Pitch
I am 26 years old with 2 children. My kids are 7 and 3. The oldest is a girl and the youngest is a boy. My son loves peeing outside and my girl likes to jam out to No Doubt's Holla Back Girl. My husband of 4 years is in Iraq serving his country so give it up for my babe. Reading, TV, Masturbation, Sex, Men, Hazelnut Capps. music, people.
Carrie Virtue
Carrie Sanders
HI My Name is Carrie, I am 16 turning 17 June 10th. I am around 5'5-5'6, I have a Daughter named Haleigh Alexous. She will be 2 November 8th. I am engaged to a Soldier, His name is PFC Daniel Allman. He is currently stationed In Germany right now. He comes home every once in a while. I get to talk to him all the time over the phone! We are gettin married the next time he comes home! I cant wait! I have Dark Brown Hair, Blue eyes, ((I Love My Eyes))!! I am a country girl, I love rebel flags, Country music, john deere, I Live out in the BoonDocks. If you ever see me i will always have a Dixie Outfitters shirt on! I Love All my friends, Especially Stephanie and Amanda and Crystal, They have done sOoOoOo Much for me! And Last of all I LOVE You Daniel Soo Much with all my heart. Be safe out there in Germany and whereever you go. And i'll see you soon, baby! Much Much Much LOVE to YoU!! I Like to go muddin, Shoot pool, Bowling, Drive/Ride around. Go to Wal*Mart!, Hang out with My Friends, Wa
Carroll Armentrout
Carroll Armentrout
Hey everyone my name is Carroll Armentrout i am 17 years old ill be 18 july 7th... hell ya... uhmm i have a boyfriend i been with for almost 2 years his name is Brian Coffman. and i love him to death i dont know what i would do with out him... and uhmm i live in Ashland Ohio, and thats about it about me that you need to know aight peace....
Carrissa Merrill
Hello everyone my name is Carrissa, I am 21 and I live temporarily live in Dover New Hampshire and will be living in Rochester New Hampshire. My Hobbies: My hobbies are, Computers/Technology/Engineering/Drafting, Boat/Sail, 4-Wheeling/ATV, Snowmobile/Ski, Roller Blade and more. Work: Trying to find a job somewhere in the Computer Aided Drafing field (Engineering). But right now I am working for Dover Marine located in Dover New Hampshire as a Parts and Serivce Rep. Career: Just about to finish College at New Hampshire Community Technical College (NHCTC) for an Associates Degree in Computer Aided Drafting. I love the outdoors, Specially the beach, and Tropical Islands! My most favorite Movie would be Jurassic Park. I also like a bunch of others as well, but I can not name all of them...
Carrie Johnson
like to have fun with friends looking for a girlfriend if anyone is interested
Carrie Brazell
I am a single mom of a beautiful 5 year old little girl. I work all the time. I love getting out and having fun. I am currently looking for a place for me and my little one to settle in. If you want to know anything about me just let me know.
Carrie Dianne
I ♥ The Phantom --The name's Carrie --My Parents are divorced --I love animals --Black Chucks rule!!!((I wear them almost everyday)) --I wear contacts((damn my eyes!)) --I have naturally curly hair((*hint* I use a flat iron)) --I am very nosey...tehe... --I am a BIG day dreamer --I ♥ my friends, they're always there for my when I need them and are very loyal to me... --I ((along with Allison)) put paperclips in the back pocket of my jeans Every thing! Literaly! I love music, I sing, act, dance, draw, play guitar, clarinet, drums, almost every sport, shop, hang with friends, talk on the phone, and well...pretty much everything! Kelly Clarkson, my parents, my friends, rock star, um moive star, um...that's it omg I've seen soo many it's too much to type better yet count!
Carrie Nearhoof
I am 24yrs old i have 2 beautiful children who are 6 and 1. i am in a commited relationship and not on here looking for a man!!!!!!!! I am a really cool person ( i am just as me) i love to go clubbibg and hang with my gurls!!!if u need to know anything else just ask!! Oh yeah i am pretty hot for a fat gurl ( had to put that for u anniekins)
Carrot Nets
hahaha grew up here in california. love it here. probably moveing soon. i HATE my hair....its really blonde. love me, love you back im really hyper alot. and i just got this. and i dont no wtf it is....but soon ill find out :]. im one of those people that remember everything. and i do love to sing and eat.
Carrie Morgan
Carrie Kubik
Carrie Lorey
Carrie Johnson
I'm very open minded and out spoken. I can be goofy at times but I know when its the time and place to be goofy. I tend to be sarcastic. My language could be described as vulgar but I find swearing to be hilarious so when I do it hardly ever in a negative way. I'm a very passive person altho I do have my breaking points (but physical lashing out only happens when i'm attacked physically... self defence and even then I dont react if I know I can't take the person LMAO) Laughter is my defense mechanism. I tend to be a very logical person a lil over analytical about things. I like to be organized. I hate clutter. Decorating wise, I prefer clean lines solid colors and little to none on the knick knacks. I like symmetry as well, prefer things to be balanced and even. I have a few pet peeves. I hate complete silence and repeative sounds like a clock ticking. Another one is stupid people in general... theres a lot of them out there. Something that will annoy me real quick is people
Im 19! Im Australian, I Live In NSW On The Central Coast.. I Love Shopping =) Going To The Beach In Summer.. Mainly To Sunbake N Hopefully Tan.. Love Hanging Out With Friends When I Get A Chance =) Going To The Club =) Also Enjoy Time Alone N Space Sometimes.. Everyone Needs Alone Time, N I Love It When I Get My Own Time =) I Love My Boyfriend Damian =) Hes Beautiful =) N My Family =) Theyre Beautiful Too =) My Biggest Idol Would HAVE To Be My Dad.. He Can Handle Anything.. He Can Do Anything And He Is Always So Strong About It.. Celebrity Wise.. Id Say.. Brittany Murphey.. =) Shes Adorable And I Just Think Shes The Best =) Dunno What Shes Like In Person But In All Her Movies Shes Come Across As Such An Awesome Chick =) I Love Jake Gyllenhaal So ANY Of His Movies.. Donnie Darko.. Thats The Best Of His =) Im A Girl So.. Dirty Dancing Is My Number One All Time Favourite.. Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, The Break Up, Just Friends =) Theyre All Good.. Comedy, S
My name is Carrie im 20 years old i am married to a wonderful man named Joel we now have our own apartment and are very happy together!!! I like to go out hang out with friends and party... I love going to concerts and then there are those days i just like to hang out at my apartment and lay around all day!!!!
lets see... i'm 23 with three kids. all little toddlers. wanna know more jst ask me ummm... to many interest to really even list right now... specially since i'm really tired
Carrie Walker
Carrie Williams
I'm '5ft 4" slim build with blonde hair. I have blue eyes, and some say I have a great behind!! I came out to Southern Cali for a modeling career. If any body can hook me up, holler!! I like to go to the beach and surf. Afterwards I go clubbin! If you cant handle a down to earth pretty girl, then pass on the friend request. Anymore questions??? ASK ME!!!!!! I'm just a girl trying to have fun! :) I'm new to the area, so i'm looking to meet some friends to party with. If your in San Diego, put in a friend request, and maybe we can hook up. Remember, i'm a "good" girl. . . .:)
Carrie Mceachern
Carrie Stone
Well not sure what everyone wants to know but ill say alittle and see what you all think, i have one kid and another on the way have been married almost two years. I love out doors activites, such as football, basketball, fishing/hunting, campingect. I enjoy talking to new people. im not afraid to try new things if its reasonable and sounds fun.
Carrie Hall
I am a 38 year old massage therapist. I am going to school now to learn more about holistic healing. I love to do karaoke and people tell me that I'm actually good at it. One of my favorite passtimes is collecting movies, I only have 724 right now! I like to read, go to movies, ride horses, do crafts (stained glass, cross stitching, and crochet), hang out with friends and just generally have a good time.
Carrie Marshall
Carrie H
The greatest man to ever bless my life my dad.... May he rest in peace To walk in the shadows and be someones guiding light for their darkened road ahead, to whisper in their ear it will be alright, to catch them when they fall, to encourage them when they feel so small, to be their muse and inspire and them, to let them shine while you stand behind... friends and ink lovers want more ask Check me out on InkedNation! check it and join just put my url its an awesome sight especially for ink lovers You Are 16% Pure You've been a very bad girl or boy... And you probably enjoyed every minute of it. How Pure Are You?
Carrie Walls
So I'm always up for talking to new people or people I knew in a pat lifetime, but have recently IM me on AIM @ cupid21483......USE IT!!!! or else I'll beat you with a wet noodle, I'm totally serious....don't look at me in that tone of voice. P.S. I LOVE HOT CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love animals, music, movies, hanging out with my friends and family, going to clubs and museums and concerts...(last year Black Eyed Peas came to my school for Spring Fling and this past summer I went to see Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker)....I'm up for almost anything if it amuses me. Again, if i list all the movies i like, i'd run out of room. i'm a big romantic comedy fan, i love old black and white movies, LOOOOOVE anything with Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, angelina jolie (b/c lets face it, shes fucking hot as all hell....yea i'd do her, though i think roc would want in on the action) and Susan Sarandon in it. the only genre i'm iffy about is Horror, i like to sleep at night. find
Carrie Grande
Ok well I hate Tryin to discribe myself but Ill try. Well ill be 21 next sunday july 16th, Finally!! Im a single Mom of my 2 beautiful kids. I have a daughter angelina who is a lil over 2 years old , and I have a son, Talan, who is 8 months right now. The 2 greatest things to every Happen to me. Im in the process of gettin a new apartment, and i love the new place, its kicks soooo much ass!!! I dont have alot time for "fun" Im with my kids 24/7. But I guess my fun consists of MUSIC cause thats about all that keeps me sane. And my friends, i adore everyone of them. And eventually now that im almost 21 ill enjoy going out, lol. I am single at the moment. But I do have some very special people in my life right now.... Hmmmm, well thats all about me right now, lol...what about thing else you wanna know...ask me!!!!
Carrie King
nothing to tell but.. nice shoes wanna fuck? i like to fuck.. plain and simple me anything skanky
Carrie Flythe
Carrie Amo
Carrie Whatsmyface
you tell me what you think of me and ill put it in this start getting to know me!!! irish dancing, computers(like getting on the computer), tv, some video games, FRIENDS!!!...and some other stuff that i dont want to think of cause my brain already hurts...bye
Carri Brooks
Carroll Hinkle
i enjoy camping swimming hiking overall just about anyhing outdoors
I am me any questions ask:) love and light Everything :)
Carrie Embree
Carrie Lauren
Carrie Embree
Carrie Cassidy
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Carrie Barnes
Carrie True
New to this shit. Jus curious really. Your average run of the mill stonnie chic. Love to chill n listen to some good music. I rather chill at home and do my own shit then hit up a club. Thats fo sho. When I go out tho, I go to the layed back stonnie bars. My friends are awsome. They crack me up. I love a clown. I dunno. Hit me up if you wanna know more. And if I figure this shit out maybe I can reply. Lol.
Carrie Knapp
Carrie Manning
i like sleeping and eating... watching tv. i'm pretty normal i guess. i'm just like every other non-conformist emo teenage brat, so that makes us all conformists. have you ever thought about that? we aren't so cool now, are we? i like kissing and cuddling and holding hands and being in love. love is like oxygen to me. but you know... right now i don't think my love loves me anymore. so life pretty much sucks. i don't really have any idols. a few of my friends, i guess. the green mile, moulin rouge, donnie darko, chicago, fear and loathing in las vegas, rent
Carrie Mcgill
Well I am new to Lost Cherry, wanted to find a new site to chill on. I am 5'1" dirty blonde hair, green eyes, 100 lbs. I am in the Military, and currently looking for a new job... so in the mean time I am just chillin around, being bored and pissing around on the internet. I am lesbian and in a relationship and quite happy with who I am with. But other than that, I am pretty easy to get along with. I am told that I am a huge goof ball and I know how to make any situation fun. I am pretty easy going and I don't like drama. I love the outdoors and night time so you more than likely are going to catch me on here at night rather than during the day. I am a huge tomboy... I am the kind of girl that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. I am really not into shopping or the things that normal females do. I am not a big party person, but on rare occasions I do attend them. I am more the type to go out to the bar and do some dancing and go home with my girl. I am not looking for anyt

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