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Ana Ocegueda
Ana Price
I love to party. I enjoy getting tattoos, drink, and all that fun shit. I have none.
Ana Palma
Ana Pikalo
Ana Padilla
Ana Pop
Ana Parker
Ana Perez
Ana Piedra
Ana Paula Oliveira
Ana Puji Rahayu
Žana Pn
Ana Pedrina
Ana Paz
Ana Pasten
Ana Proc
Ana Proc
Ana Paula Freitas
Ana Pimentel
Ana Perez
Ana Quinones
Ana Quinones
Ana Quinteros
Ana Rosa
Anara Amore
Ana Rodriguez
Anarchist Johns
I love to make people laugh..and I love to play pranks..I am a ReBeL at heart. I follow no rule! Life is no fun when you follow the LeAdEr..I love the strip clubs, driving crazy..tattoos, hot, WILD men...willing to do ANYTHING for ME...because I am WILLING to do AnYtHiNg in return....I love art, music, knowledge, intelligence, and PaRtYiNg... My only idols are people who love me despite who I am. Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Leaving Las Vegas...Any movie about PrIsOn...Shawshank Redemption...any movie about our HEROES (and Heroines) in the MILITARY..Tears of the Sun..Behind Enemy Lines...Apocalypse Now...Full MeTaL Jacket...I love the law..and the courtroom, good movies like that include Philadelphia, A Time To Kill...many more..
Anarua Gaye
Ana Rodriguez
im a very romantic person very sweet and very open... holla....muahzzz friends.....
Ana Rand
Ana Ramirez
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodrigues
Ana R
im a 25 yr old mother, and i currently live in jacksonville. i have been here for about 4 months now. im here to meet new people and chat.
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes
Anar Knight
Ana Romero
Ana Roman
Anarchy8288 Paintball Team
Anarobi Augustine
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Richard Bautista
Ana Regala
Ana Rossy Càrdenas Mc
Anarciso Manigos
Ana Rohma Mae Fernin
Ana Rika Harder
Ana Rojas
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Ramz
Ana Reyes
Ana Rivera
Anarea Gabriel
I am very positive person. Dear, you can see it in my eyes! Do you agree that eyes are the mirror of our souls and can tell almost everything about you? So..what my eyes say to you ?? I am a kind, tender, romantic girl, who desires to meet her special one and to build a happy, strong family. My friends tell me that I can become a very good wife and mother, because I value family relations so much. I like children. Also I enjoy meeting people and making friends. Communication with interesting people opens a lot of new and interesting things in my life. I am a creative and intelligent person who is very pleasant
Anarky Larebelde
little self promotion, i am DJ AK25, find my shit at and just recently made all my music free to download, literally hours of music, all at the cost of a click of a button, u just cant beat that music, video games, movies, and all of that fun stuff Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes horror, comedy, action, suspense/ that order
Ana Rosa Delgado
Ana Romero
Anarea Colins
Anare Inosi
wanna know me contatct me at just wanna be simple everyone in this world be hind eneny lines
Ana Ruiz
Anarice Mayers
Anass Semlali
hello everyone im Anass my freinds call me marco like the famous bass player markuss miller^^ i love music i m bass player in a 3 band progmetal band flamenco band elctro rock band i Study data processing specialy relation between user and programmes,i like to be alone in naturre i enjoy my freetime by clubbing having a great sex jmmy hendrix joe stariani markus miller vicctor wooten jaco pasturius james hetfield johnny deep thom hanks alpaccino russel crow rocco syfredi lol i like the most hisotory films Omar al mokhtar with anotony queen galadiator troy king arthur alexander the mumy i hate titanic and leonardo dicaprio
Ana Serna
Anastasia Matthews
comedy movies
Anas Anit
i am 23 i am married for 5 years now and we have two sons they are 5 and 3! i love my family so much and my neices are my whole world as well as my husband and sons! i am a dork everytime i am around them i just act like a kid and have fun lol hanging out with family and friends!! signing and dancing around! being a dork!!
Anastacia Crowe
Anastaisa Beaverhousen
Anastasia Starcher
im 15 years old and i was born in massachusetts i love to laugh and have fun and i love to party im a sophmore i lived in phx az for 4 years and recently moved back 2 MA. i like pplz who have a sense of humor and like to have fun and share da same intrests as me so holla at me lol ♥ i love to have fun and i luv to dance i like sports and party in im 15 years olds and i live in massachusetts u can check out more pics of me at or kk holla at me ♥
Anas Taint
Anastasia Zau
Ana Santos
Anastasia Mcdermott
Anasia Campbell
Anastacia Berthelot
Anastasia Lucero
Anastasia Servais
Hey everybody, my name is anastasia buuuut you can just call me stace, I recently had a baby his name is Christian Zechariah (Dont ask) Anyway, he is my everything! Im currently single and working full time running a daycare, but Im looking for a new job...if you wanna chat my AIM is bubberboo42626 oooor my Yahoo ID is sweet_baby_cakes_719 :) Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags
Ana Starkis
Anastacia Beaverhousen
Anastasia Mason
Ana Sanches
Ana Sofa Estarlish
Get your layout at Name: Ana Sofa Estarlish Telles Age: 26 Nationality: Spanish Hometown: Oviedo, Asturias Height: 5'0 Weight: 115-125 Hair: Black with reddish highlights Body type: Ask Chrissy. Eyes: Alm
Anas Kogok
hey .. how r u all ? i'm 18, funny and lovely boy i want to make friendship around the world boy and girls ;) music, football, internet and study kill bill, the grudge and silent hill
Anastasia K
I am me, first and foremost. I am true to myself. Im an uber goober, I love photography. I am a smartass. I am brutal. I am a ball buster. I am honest. I am what one would call a real human being. Don't give me bullshit about how you think I should be. You more then likely wouldn't able to handle my response. Don't preach your bullshit religion to me. I have my own god, and it's really no concern of yours how much I talk to him and what it is about. Do I ask you how many times you've fucked your mom? Ok then. If you're going to talk to me, have some intelligence. Even Corky could hold a conversation. Can you? Wow I sound like a real Cunt ^^ there. But I'm actually a nice person with a big heart, I just don't take bullshit easily. I'm not judgemental. I'm not hypocritcal. And I don't waste my time on those who are. If you want to get to know me, then I welcome you. If not then.....
Anastasia S.
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Ana Sarah
Anastasia Summers cum talk to me there or on AIM AND YAHOO CHATS AS NYMPHOANASTASIA i would love to get to know you and make fun new friends! i love to party and have fun when i am not in school i am online and on the phone i got out and dance all the time and i love to meet new people! talk to you soon!
Ana Sofia Miranda
I am...... 1. BLUNT... don't ask a question if you can't handle the truth! 2. a sucker for a six pack 3. a nice person... if I like you, and a bitch if I dont 4. outgoing... my girls and I are up for just about anything 5. Drunk... most of the time... jk; ) only weekends 6. FUN! going out just isnt the same without me there ... is it girls? 7. SEXY .... have you seen this ass?? oh ya and last but not least... **conceited THE MIRROR IS MY DRUG OF CHOICE!!! ***AND PLEASE DONT MESSAGE ME SAYING MY PICS ARE SCANDELOUS I KNOW THEY ARE! I WAS THERE!!! AND JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SCANDELOUS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM GOING TO SEND U THE UNRATED VERSION SO DONT ASK!!!!!*** ALSO...WOULD LIKE TO CLEAR UP...THAT ISSSSS MY ASS!!! ABSOLUTELY 100% MINE!!! IF U DONT BELIEVE ME... TOO BAD FOR YOU... YOU ARE A HATER... GO AWAY! oh ya...AND...IF U ADD ME DONT BE CREEPY OR U GET UR ASS BLOCKED! LOL THANKS FOR COMIN OUT THO! CHEERS!!! My Favorite Quotes: Dont Hate Me Cuz Yo
Anastasia Mckinney
I will be having a baby in December!!! Me and my husband is so excited we can't wait!!! We are due on December the 7th and we are so over flowing with joy!!!
The names Anastasia. I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art. I'm the sadistic little girl who used to rip her barbie dolls heads off. Chances are I won't be interested in you or your penis, so don't bother asking. Oh and I won't "give you my msn" cause I know your just looking for someone to get naked so you can jerk off. I have twelve piercings, (earlobes x6, right helix, topnavel, nipplesx2, left nostril, right monroe). Art & music are my two passions. I'm in love with art in various forms (conceputal art, body art, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, singing, song writing, writing). I play electric guitar (B.C Rich Warlock, Bronze Series). I also have an acoustic guitar. I'm not a closed minded idiot when it comes to music. I listen to the things that strike my attention. The genre that strikes my attention most is METAL (deathmetal / goremetal / blackmetal / thrashmetal / heavymetal / powermetal). I also listen to alot of industrial and trance. I adore singing, even if
Anastasia Huynh
Anastasia Pereira
Anastasha Robbins
I am 22 livin wit the man of my dreams he is a good father to my son who is one now.. i culdnt ask for more Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds body{ background-image:url(; background-position:Top Left; background-attachment:fixed; background-repeat:repeat; scrollbar-track-color:000000; scrollbar-face-color:990000; scrollbar-highlight-color:FFFFFF; scrollbar-base-color:FFFFFF; scrollbar-darkShadow-color:FFFFFF; scrollbar-shadow-color:FFFFFF; scrollbar-arrow-color:FF0000; } Table, Td{ background-color:transparent; } table table table{ width:100%; background-color:990000; backg
Anastasia Ivester
Anastasia Kimbala
What's the fun in not being honest? If you don't think I'm sexy then that's okay, we all are who we are! I love people, but I'm here to have a good time. Please feel free to find me beautiful or not and I will do the same for you, xoxo.
Ana Sosa
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Anastasia Cooper
Anastasia Herold
Anastisa Keith
Lets see.... i am not real good at these things.... First of all I am a single mom that is tired of games. I live life for my kids. If i meant to be in Love he will find me. I love country music, rodeos, love to cook, read and play WoW.. (yes my one weakness) Anything else u can find out in due time
Anastasia Beaverhousen
Anastasia Cassella-young
Anastasia Add Me Plz
lets see i am 20 have a lil boy that means everything to me i am single at this timeSexy Comments & Profile Graphics layout powered by / MyHotComments
Anastasia Edmonson
Ana Sarah
Anastasia Gibbs
Anastacia Taylor
Anas Abdul Khaliq
Anastasia Doyle
Arabian blood gives passion and insidiousness Russian blood gives beauty Tatar blood gives unbridled temper Asian blood gives obedience When they three met, i was born So be carefull with such a wild mix... Dancing, driving, traveling. My other side of interests is death, vore, necro, sci-fi horror, vampires, monsters and other dark things. Also computer games from time to time. I like risks, and i'm a huge fan of contrasts...
Anastia No Awnser
Anastasia Gustafson
Anastasia Zamora
Hello everyone my name is Anastasia and I'm a model and an aspiring actress from Brazil. I am 25 and currently single. I love to travel and meet new people.I am very independent and I love to party and go to Casinos and have a good time! If you dont know much about Brazilian women, we love to party and have a great time. I am here to network and meet new people, friends,relationship or conversation is fine. I am from a diverse background and enjoy learning new things. *American boys are so hot to me,!!!!!! *Can I be your instructor and submit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I have so many exotic things I would like to teach you, are you willing to learn?
Anas Yan
Anastasia Westfall
Ana Stokes
I uploaded some sexy (nude) pics on my sexually explicit dating profile So Click here to see them (you have to login to verify your over 18) I don't harbor any ill feelings towards any man, but I have learned from my experiences.i LOVE LOVE weird al, and anything Disney.You can learn more about me by chatting with meBoring may even be ok, if it's interesting.But my Ideal job would for me to be a crimnal profiler.
Anastasia Mclaughlin
Anas Jamal Eddin
Anas Ahmed
Anastasia Basco
Anastasia Oneill
Anas Manasrah
Anastasia Jouny
Anastasha Brigette
Anastasia D
Anastasia Kavroudakis
Anash Anax Moeslim
Anas Ps
Ana Sandoval
Anass Ana
Ana Samantha Robles
Anastasia Wolf
Anas Ch
Anastasia Candes
Anastasios Peppas
Anastasia Copeland
Anastasia Bruce
Anashwar Balakrishnan
Anastasia Bizieff
Anastasia Goldwater
Anasabdulrashed Anasa
Ana Sir
Anastasia Brewington
Anas Almansour
Anas Al-barbarawi
Anastasia Maria
Anastasia Doherty
Anastasia Astahova
Anas Khan
Anastasia Cherepanova
Anastashia Cooper
Anasua Tarafdar
Anastasia Goldwater
Ana Stankovic
Ana Spurlin
Anastasia Riebs
Ana Sanchez
Anas Ibrahim
Anas Attari
Anastasia Smith
Ana Saldana
Hi, My name is Ana Saldana im 37yrs old. am a single mother of 3 kids and 2 grandsons. I get along with everyone,like to make ppl laugh, good listener, am a great person to have as a friend. if there is something u want to know just ask..... there r so many: 12 rounds, marine, underworld, bourne identity,taken, action, horror,comedy, drama.
Anas Yusuf
Anasua Tarafdar
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Anastasia Smitty
Anastasia Nunya
I am a Christian. So PLEASE nothing Morbid, bloody or Sexual on my page, NO SEXUAL POKES, comments or sexual talk. Unless you want an automatic Block. Hugs are ok, Winks NO. Save that for someone who wants it. FRIEND REQUESTS:NO BLANK REQUESTS OR IT WILL Be REJECTED NO SECOND CHANCES. When sending a friend request, put the words "Angel Wings" in it so I know you read my about me (under Interests also) if you don't take the time to read my about me than why should I take the time to accept your friend request. God bless. I'm NOT UR BABY,BABE,LOVE,SWEETHEART,SEXY,or any other term of whatever men use now a days. I'm ok with Scrappy that's it, unless u are lucky enough to know my name. No I AM NOT INTERESTED IN: YOUR CAM, SEX TALK, EMAIL OR ANYTHING ELSE. I'm here for friends and NO DRAMA. Save that for someone that wants it. I do have a life outside this site, so if I'm not on for awhile that's why. Have a lot going on in my life too. I might flirt in here, but it's in here onl
Anastasia Loscalzo
Anastacio Martinez
Anastianiathebest Sims
Anastasia Mueller
Anasua Tarafdar
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Anasua Majumdar
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Anas Saidi
Ana Sujadi
Anas Fadlulloh
Anastasia Blynks
Ana Skittle
Anasua Tarafdar
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Anastasia Ely
Anastasia Black
Anasua Tarafdar
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Anas Anasi
Anastacia Lim
Anastasia Beaverhousen
Anas Sh
Anastasia Banks
Anastasia Bonness
Anastasia Randall
Anastasia Sklavounos
Anas Kh
Anastasia Erickson
Anastasia Blain Mmfwcl
Anastacio Gomez
Anastasiya Slivka
Anastasia Reuther
Ana Salas
Ana Sanchez
Anastasia Hayes
I'm Tasi, 20 years old. Hm, where to start? I'm an army brat who still goes to school and therefore continues to travel with my parents until I have completed my goals. I can be too ambitious and tend to lose myself in my passions. Very stubborn. Open minded. Thoughtful, and caring. What I look for in a.. Hm, man... Honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, true to oneself and others, straightforward, funny, intelligent, humorous, outgoing. And other important principles I have yet to see in most men. And until I find those, I will not consider one a man but instead, a boy. Any questions, just ask. I do not respond well to messages saying " ur hot" I will just say thanks and move on with my life. Find something original to talk about, cause you never know how I will surprise you.
Ana Sorto
Anasia Lightfoot
Anastasia Warwick
Anastalie Merisier
Anastacia Perriello
Anastasia Pellouchoud
Anas Ahmed Al Areefi
Ana S
I sing, extremely well. I am in the process of moving to another state because of a promising record label lead. I won't give the name yet because I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I work hard for what I have and I make good money, my advice to everyone it to go to college get a good job then pursue your dreams. If you do it the other way around well you are likely screwed. here are some examples of my vocals, don't be scared I never say things I can't back up and when I say I have a great voice, well you'll see... That one will link you to my profile and you can click on my recordings and chose which ones to listen to. This is my most recent one: ~Ana The above ^^^
Anas El Sherbaji
Anastasia Van Dam
Anastacio Piedra
Anas Bornlanta
Anastasia Payne
Okay, Im Anastasia ,but I won't go by it, I like Ana instead. I'm 18 and have the worst day to be born on (valentinesday). I'm Pansexual. Well I'm not one to be to moody around people I don't know. Even though I can't seem to handle my own problems, I'm really good with other peoples. Apperently I'm the fat chick that everyone thinks she wants to listen. Well most of the time yeah, now if I really care thats hard to tell. I dont tend to talk to alot of people as if they were a friend I must say there has been only handful of people out of my whole life so far that I feel like I can talk and they care. I tend to get bored alot. I didn't have a bad childhood. I'm a pretty honest up front to your face kinda person. I like to do my own thing I guess but this line feels so over used. Let's say when I go any where I like to make my mark the best I can. I can act a little crazy or hyper, mainly in the fact I'm a closet people pleaser. I like to make people smile even when I can't. I have a we
Anas Ameer Khan
Anastasia Suarez
Ana Sweet
Anas Hamka
Ana Simms
Anas Abdul
Anastasia Hall
pansexual,engaged,and living life one day at a time... magick,the occult,tarot cards,ouija boards. my little sisters. anything scary,or with big boobs
Anas Khan
Anas Abuhasheesh
Hey All Fubars...Fubarians ? LOl. You know what to do Rate.Like.Comment.Friend,Fan me. Whatever you please and i will return the favor when i can.I add everyone so dont be afraid and hit my buttons About Me: The Names Anastastia for the newcomers on my page and for my friends that had me already but didnt ask. Thats it. Im not going to sound cocky here because thats not me but, I think im a pretty chill chick.
Anastasia Cole
Anastacia Whalingh
I don't really have anything juicy or intriguing to tell or say about myself, other than the fact that in real life I am not that social, and that I am not shy but introverted, live in my own world, and I gravitate to certain people who throw off certain vibes. I sometimes get along with the people other people don't like or get along with. I am the kind of person who does not smile outwardly but can be beaming on the inside and certain perceptive people can sense this, which is rare and which surprises me. I would also say I am VERY often misunderstood. I don't have a lot of friends in real life. I find being around people to be draining and I recharge when I am alone. I am a loner by nature anyway. I am an animal lover and I have one black cat, a Bombay. I want 2 more black cats, because I want them all to match LOL! I like listening to music, watching DVDs, archery, readind about different subjects, working out, and weight training. I know all my pics are boring and I am unsmili
Anastasios Karagiann Karagiannakis
Ana Torres
Anathema Device
First things first, you should know that im rarely online. I never check this thing. Im a busy guy. Between looking for new work, looking for a new place to live, my horror punk band, i just dont have time. im easier to get ahold of on aim or myspace.- 1313 A.D. I am the Anathema Device, front man for Habeus Corpses ( I play guitar, bass, and sing. I write music. I drink. Im greasy as hell and a hardcore horror kid. i love rockabilly just as much as i love glam. I love music and films, i love hot rods, rat rods and street rods, as well as ordinary classic cars. My dream car is a 57 bel-air custom low rider. Im obsessed with zombie films and b grade horror films, and almost unnaturally obsessed with Joseph Poole (a.k.a. Wednesday 13). I like to hang out with people, drink alcohol, chain smoke cigarettes (preferrabley Camel Filters, but whatever). I like to go to shows. I like doing my hair, working with my hands, sewing, and making clothes. I like play
Ana Torres
Anatoliy B
Ana Th
Ana Torres
Anatol Dukanov
Ana Turner
Anatoly Kashpirovski
Ana Topalov
Anatol Dukanov
Anatanael Cruz Ramos
Anatalia James
Anathasia James
Ana Torres
Anatolio Contridas
Ana Tasya
Ana Thomas
Ana Tinajero
Anati Phaw
Anatalie Kelgin
Anatoliy Kretsu
Ana Tavarez
Anatolio Villanueva Castro
Anatin Sky
Anatolijus Chamanskis
Anatoliy Gulevatiy
Anauj Margni
Ana Ulloa
Ana Uran
Anaughty Lilsecret
Ana Vasquez
just an extreme girl from the extreme team of the EXTREME HOTELS!!! Surf, Skate Boarding, Kite surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Viles
I am 35 years old. I am from the Phillippines Islands. I am a singer. And a mother of 5 children. I am married. I like to chatt with others.
Ana V
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Ana Vga
Ana Venjarski
Anaverr Murdah
Ana Vazquez
Ana Velazquez
Ana Vela
Ana Vela
Ana White
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Ana Wanta
Anayeli Rodriguez
~~~im kind of short and have a big azz and im in the the middle of black and white ~~~* *
Anayah Williams
just ur normal teen redneck anything fun and crazy God and my momma scarry,funny,basicly any kind
Ana Yeli Cervanntes
Anayenzi Flores
Anay Farrel
Anayo Akubueze
Ana Yurong
Anay Jyoti
Ana Yudha
Anayrí Ayala
Anayancer Rodriguez
Anaya Tallah
Anaya Williams
Anaya Sampson
Anaya Bhandari
Anayeli Carrillo
Anaz Askn
Ana Zuniga
Ana Zamudio
Anbar Anbarsiddike
Aníbal Tecun
Anber Jacobson
Anbioris Abreu
Ancarlo Flores
well hey am easy going kind of guy like to party and do what i have to. i like going to clubs and just about anything. looking for friends and what ever else well letz all just have fun cuz thats how i am like to have alot of fun
Anca Blahblah
Ancarlo Levasseur
Anca Williams
I am a british born turned 29 on the 12th of april 2008, my dad is a british man while my mom is an African American, More I could say about me for now and what am looking for in a man,I am looking for a partner in life. I want a best friend and a lover to share quiet moments .. am a very enthusiastic, outgoing, independent person.I am a very shy and find it difficult to communicate with a man but, once you get to know me you will see that I am unique in many ways. In short, I am a person who strives to place other's needs before my own and people/relationships are very important to me. I believe that true loves means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them. I am comical yet serious and believe in learning from life's trials instead of letting them get the best of you.I believe that my ideal match would be a selfless, caring, serving, loving, and compassionate man. He would embrace his partner. i looking for good man loving caring hoest
Anca Sarateanu
Anca Rizea
Anca Pop
Anca Florea Anka
Ancerus Midnight
Ancella Kristanti
Ancella Rowena Giselle Meijkens
Hoi. Ik ben Ancella Meijkens, een elegante, charmante travestiet van 55 jaar. Gek op rijgcorsetjes, mooie lingerie en hoge naaldhakken. Ik ben bijna 2 meter lang en op hoge hakken ben ik dus nog 15 cm langer. Slank ben ik ook, en daardoor heb ik nog een heel goed figuur voor een dame van 55. Lange benen met mooie kousen of pantys, korte rokjes en hoge naaldhakken, dat is mijn kledingstijl. Maar ook stijlvol en decent gekleed gaan hoort bij mij. Maar altijd sexy en supervrouwelijk. Zoekt u dat ook, kijk dan eens op mijn weblog. Soms date ik met stijlvolle heren die weten dat een dame als ik graag onderhouden wordt en dat ook kunnen waarderen. Verder ben ik erg netjes en hyginisch. Ik rook niet en ik gebruik geen alcohol. Tatoeages heb ik niet en ook geen piercings. Ik loop altijd op hooggehakte pumps en ik show graag mijn lingerie. Bondage en soft -SM vind ik heerlijk. Ik ben wel een luxe meisje. Geen harde onaangename dingen, maar liefst een heel strakke bondage op een goed bed, zach
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Andarra + iiM FABULOUS bitCh ♥ ♥ ♥ && when it cums down to it , I let them think what they want ... if they care enuff to bother with what I do , then iiM alreadii betta than them_ #FACT *** mixed Hispanic, black white and native american and arabic Not to sound like a rude bitch but I can be a rude bitch ;) I'm stuck up ... Because I've got the ability to be such ¤ I give everyone a clean slate when I meet them pero u fck me over , I fcks up ur face :) Side note I am probably the biggest Evanescence and Amy Lee fan you could ever meet. I can answer any question. Call Me Andi =) IN THE END..TALK TO ME I LOVE NEW FRIENDS AND II WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER UR NAME AND I WILL ALWAYS SAY HI!,,BUT ONCE YOU RE ON MY SHIT LIST..YOU BETTER TRY REAL HARD TO GET OFF. ~KARMA'S SNOWFLAKE ~SINCERE SIGNATURE~ADAMZ ANGELZ + + Meeting new friends at GCU!i walk, i sing,
Andarra Romeo
My name is Andarra. But Everyone calls me Andi. I am a Christian ♥ God is My Father ♥ Invader Zim is like...MY LOVE ♥ EVANESCENCE IS MY FAVORITE BAND ♥ Amy Lee is my Idol/celebrity crush) I TALK ALOT, I'm loud and weird Music is my Life. I'm easily annoyed. Yes I like woman.. doesn't mean I'm going to "date" one ever again LOL I'm a beautiful bitch. ♥ I LOVE HORROR AND COMEDY films. I'm mixed..Cajun, Black, White, Arabic, Hispanic, and Native American. Ultrasound Technion Major Yóuniham Miye ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Andari Jamalina Pratami
Allah SWT & Muhammad SAW Indonesian. Simple Girl. Black Lover. Paris and It's Eiffel is my future. Doctor/Accountan/Writer wanna be. Scout Organization Keisha Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Ayat-Ayat Cinta, Prince of Persia
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Get free graphics at! Im just a simple guy from Sweden ;)
Ander Fosho
Anderson Rozario
Hey!! My name is Andi! My friend told me about this lostcherry site so here I am! I love making friends! It's so good to be loved and admired by lots of people! LoLz! I basically know everyone in my neighborhood and my school, so it's time to extend my network to other parts of Texas (my hometown!!!) and other countries! So hit me up and if you wanna befriend a friendly and nice *ahem* young lady like me!!! Any age group, nationality, race is fine, as long as you're not some weird stalker of some sort! hohoho... So umm... a little more about myself! I'm a fun-loving, adventurous, cheerful and bubbly person! I love to smile! If you look in my photos, I'm usually smiling!!! I think that, and my large friendly grey eyes, are my best features! I have a large ego and self-esteem, and I enjoy being in pictures. I think I look cute and sexy! If you don't think so, go and get your eyes checked. LolZ!!! I have been told that I look young and innocent, but I'm really naughty and kinky! heh
Andee Lee
Hi. Im in california at the moment but will be moving to kentucky very soon.I am a myspace nut. My page is I am single and might be looking for someone if you are the right person. Must be open minded, a smoker, and don't want kids. Laybrith, All I want, Donnie Darko, dark crystal, and many many more.
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You have been marked on my profile map! Click to zoom-in. Welcome and thanks for takin your time to drop by! So I'm a student of life, experiences and all the emotions it brings. I believe that we as humanbeings have infenite possibilities at all times, its just a matter og realising ones potential. I believe that whatever you put your focus and energy into is what you attract into your life good or bad at all times. Its your life, your choice, take it, don't fear it, live it and take it as it comes. There's nothing new under the sun so take what you wish, love what you can, and seek knowledge within when you don't know what to do. I'm very straight forward and don't BS more than I have to :-)and live life to experience every little detail of my being, in every dimension. I'm a capitalistic spiritualist, (works out great for me) So if your up for some chit chat about anything, but with some strong point of view from a differen
Anderson Yazzie
Anders Wennerblom
Ack. I'll do all of this later...
Ande Wright
I am 20 i mess with my dog ,work, and try to go out om the weekends if I dont have to work some excitment woo hooCourtesy of MsTags.comMySpace Backgrounds at i like to do alot of things too many to name I watch any kind of movie
Anders Jensen
Get free graphics at! AquariusYou are very random, changing moods everyday. You are very genuine, and you like to do a lot sexually. When you find something that you like, you like it a lot and want your lover to like it too. Ideally you like to find a partner who is as into sex as you are. You want a lover who is just as independent as you are and you like an equal amount of give and take in the sack. Sex matches: Aries, Gemini, Libra Take this quiz at Are You A Nympho? NymphomaniacYOUR ARE COMPLETELY DRIVEN BY SEX BE CAREFUL OR IT COULD COMSUME YOUR LIFE!!! Be very careful with how you deal with sex and make sure your not letting it take over. ....or just come over at five? Take this test
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Andee Barnett
Me..Me..Me..what do I know about me...Well im super down to earth but also very open minded...I try my best to keep things honest and very earthy...I LOVE going anywhere bare footed...long warm nights...sunsets and rises...anywhere I can go swimming....Im a Moma to the most amazing monkey faced kid on the one true heart...her smile melts my problems away no matter how big or small...ive lived all over...been almost everywhere in the states...I have amazing friends that keep my crazy little world ah spinnin...Im always up for late night convos or early morning phone calls...I LOVE the smell of the first bon fire in the fall and fresh cut grass in the spring...anything else you wanna know ask.. :).. Im a simple chick...dosnt take much to keep me happy...its a proven fact im always making something for and pretty girly stuff is my favorite..I dont sell them...its a good feeling to give people things you've made just for them...I hav
Andew Edwards
Alright my peoples so the time has come for me to do my tour in Iraq, i'll be over there for like 6 months, maybe more if shit hits the only means of staying in touch is email which is ~~~> i'm not gonna have no celly so if you wanna keep in touch email me, luv you all!!! Hmmmmm, well I'm not going to tell you everything about me right now cuz that wouldn't be any fun I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Passaic,NJ..I'm currently serving in the Armed Forces*Navy* I've been in for 2 years and its been a pretty interesting 2 years at that..I'm stationed in Virginia but i'm always driving back home to Jersey on the weekends,until I find a good reason to stick around Norfolk..hmmmmm..I'm pretty much a easy person to get along with, outgoing, open-minded, always trying to enjoy my life when i can cuz you never know when it could all be taken away from you...hopefully i got your attention,if not than thanks for checkin me out. Remember
Anders Jensen
Anderson Miller
I am single parent I am a bartender I collect vinyl records my kitchen is decorated with chili peppers
Ande Love
Anderw Zee
Music Video:WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (by Guns N' Roses)Music Video Code provided by Video Code ZoneMusic Video:NOVEMBER RAIN (by Guns N' Roses)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Anders Wilhelmsson
00andew Mclovin
I am laid back and love to chill. Meeting new folk is a plus for me. I mainly hang out with my friend James when we is not working. Write me if you wanna know more about me come on now don't be shy... I like to drink, watch movies and hang out with my friends. And oh yeah drink lol. And meeting new people thats why I am here obviously lol. Funny ones and scary ones. And well pretty much all movies cause I love them sooo much!
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