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Welcome to fubar!

fubar = fun!

fubar has a little something for everyone. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, meeting new people or getting your game on, everything you do on fubar earns you  points which helps you level. When you level you unlock new features which allow you to have more fun. fubar runs on fubucks the common virtual currency which allows you to buy drinks for friends, play games and help other members on the site. Whenever you earn points for doing things on fubar, you also earn fubucks. The more points you accumulate the quicker you will level up and unlock new features. 

If you need immediate assistance, stop by the fubar Support Lounge and chat live, 24/7.


Browse the fubar bible for help by section.

Billing Questions

Top Questions

Points, Levels, and Profile Questions

fuBucks, Credits, and Special Abilities

fubar Mobile


Videos & Videochat


Abuse Reporting


Battle of the Bands

Browser Errors & Upgrades

Other & Random

Fame Meter


fubar's most commonly asked questions!

What is fubar?

Is fubar free?

How do points work on fubar?

What are fubucks?

What is Bling?

What are Credits?

What are Power Ups and Special Abilities?

Where do I find information about the Battle of the Bands?

What is the difference between fubucks and Credits?

What is the difference between Credits, Bling, Power Ups and Speical Abilities?

What are the different levels, points and unlocks?

What are achievements and how do I earn them?

What do the different colored names mean?

How do I upload a photo?

How do I customize my profile?

How do I add music or videos to my profile?

What is the fubar giftshop?

What is a salute and how do I make one?

How do I submit a salute?

What is my buzz meter?

How do I change my homepage style?

Where do I meet and Chat new people?

Where do I set up my share settings for facebook, twitter, myspace and fubar friends?

How do I find the lounges (chat rooms)?

How do I see what fubar user’s in my area are up to?

Where do I find fubar's hottest ranked members?

Where do I find the users who are the most Liked on fubar?

Where do I buy drinks?

How do I  send a round to everyone with fubucks

Where do I buy Bling?

How do I host a Happy Hour and be the center of attention?

Where can I play fuMafia

Where do I play Penny & High Limit Slots in the fubar Casino?

Where do I Video Chat privately or publicly?

How do I broadcast myself on Video Chat or tune into other user’s broadcasts on Video Chat

Where can I play Secret Admirer?

Where is the Arcade?

Email Support with Questions and Feedback! Please allow up to 2 days for a response.
Check out the fubar bible for an extensive guide to fubar FAQ's.
Live chat support. Chat with a REAL PERSON to get your questions answered.
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